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Here's 6 Colon Cancer Symptoms Most People Ignore

Colon cancer Symptoms, Cancer is a disease that is dreaded due to being one of the main causes of death in the world. Based on the data of WHO, approximately 8.2 million deaths caused by cancer. And colon cancer rectal or colon is one of the biggest causes of death that occur every year. ( Read more : colon cancer test and cheap small business health insuranc )

Colon Cancer Symptoms Most People Ignore

When the first patients with colon cancer most are those who are old, now, recent findings published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute says, those who are in the productive age, the 20s and 30s, not escape from colon cancer. The obesity epidemic seems to be trigger the rise in the incidence of this among young adults.

A lot of people who do not feel comfortable talking about their body parts, so it often happens, people are late to know the existence of the cancer. In fact, the earlier You detect the symptoms of cancer, the greater the chances Your healing.

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Here are the symptoms of colon cancer which should not be longer You ignore :

1. Bleeding
Warning signs the most common of colon cancer is rectal bleeding, said Dr. Alfred Neugut, a medical oncologist and cancer epidemiology at Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health.

So, if You see blood during bowel movements (the TUB), immediately visit a doctor. The blood can be bright red or maroon color which is dark.
Usually bleeding because of colon cancer a lot more than caused by hemorrhoids or wound in the area.

“Often people dismiss rectal bleeding in a very long time,” said Neugut. He added that the bleeding can be intermittent, so it may be that when this happens the bleeding, then heal by itself, however a few weeks later, the blood appeared again. You may think there's nothing to worry about, in fact it is a sign that You need to worry.

3. Anemia
The colon that bleed, resulting in the loss of iron dannutrisilainnyadi Your body. People may not realize that they lack the blood cells, but a routine blood test will reveal the anemia, or You do not have enough healthy red blood cells.

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Colon Cancer Symptoms Most People Ignore

4. Abdominal pain
The Tumor could cause a blockage so as to make Your abdominal pain or cramps. How not to comfort Your stomach, depending on what is going on in Your stomach. The pain can be a sign that everything can not pass. You may also experience nausea and vomiting, and abdominal distension.

5. Changed Bowel habits 
Usually You can every day defecation, but the recent frequency change, known, or even increase. It's a sign of the possible presence of colon cancer. Especially if You also feel the desire or the desire to waste water, but after testing the results can not get out. Condition is usually triggered by the presence of dirt that size and its diameter change. The changes that need to be considered also is the constipation which is accompanied with stomach cramps.

6. Weight down without reason
You don't do the diet but the weight drops drastically, becoming a sign of the presence of colon cancer or cancer of the anything. Ha this happens because of cancer change the way Your body uses food and preventing You to absorb the nutrients.

When should You start doing the test?
Screening should start when Your 50 years old, or if You are at high risk of developing colon cancer. Especially when You have a family history with cancer or other risk factors.

There are various methods of screening available, so talk to your doctor spesialisatau dokterahli gastroenterology about the test that is right for You.

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Colonoscopy is a screening that is most commonly used, said Neugut. You can also choose a flexible sigmoidoscopy, which is basically a short version of a colonoscopy; or fecal test, which can detect blood in the stool or Your DNA that might be shed by tumors of the large intestine.

Here's 10 Early Stage Cervical Cancer Symptoms And Prevention

Early Stage Cervical Cancer Symptoms rarely seen, may not even cause any symptoms at all until the cancer cells spread to surrounding tissue. Therefore it is advisable to do a Pap smear to detect cervical cancer and can continue handling precancerous. Cervical cancer is a type of cancer that occurs in the cells of the cervix which is located on the part of the uterus connected to the vagina. The Human papillomavirus or HPV is the cause of most cases of cervical cancer, which is one of the sexually transmitted disease that is highly contagious through sexual intercourse and/or direct contact of skin to skin in the genital area. ( Read more : colon cancer test and cheap small business health insuranc )

Here's 10 Early Stage Cervical Cancer Symptoms And Prevention

Symptoms early cervical cancer generally not seen any signs of anything. The symptoms will be visible when the cancer has already spread in the surrounding tissue. Symptoms can appear such as:
  • Vaginal bleeding that is irregular is the most common symptom of cervical cancer. The bleeding may occur between menstrual periods or after sex. Bleeding can also occur in women who are already menopause, and this condition is a sign of the presence of cervical cancer or other serious conditions.
  •  In addition to vaginal bleeding, vaginal discharge that is watery and mixed with blood can also be a symptom of cervical cancer. In addition, vaginal discharge can also have a foul odor, clear-coloured or tanned.
  • Pelvic pain or when the sexual intercourse.
Most people infected with HPV do not experience any symptoms. But, some types of the HPV virus exist that can produce symptoms that look like genital warts or cancer.

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Common symptoms of Cervical Cancer : 
  1. The fluid that came out without stop of the vagina with the smell of a strange or different than normal, pink, pale, brown, or containing blood.
  2. The pain every time sexual intercourse.
  3. Changes in menstrual cycle without a known cause, for example menstruation more than 7 days during 3 months or more, or bleeding in the amount of very much.
  4. Trouble urinating due to blockage of the kidney or ureter.
  5.  Change in bowel habits and a small.
  6. Weight loss.
  7. Swelling in one leg.
  8.  Pain in the bones.
  9.  Loss of appetite.
  10.  pain in the lower abdomen and pelvis and pain in back or waist, this is caused due to swelling in the kidneys. This condition is referred to as hydronephrosis.
Symptoms of cervical cancer can not always be clearly visible, even there is a possibility of the symptoms do not appear at all. Often times, the appearance of symptoms occurs when the cancer has entered the late stage. Therefore, performing regular inspections is very important to detect cancer cells early.

After the initial symptoms appear, usually to be followed by other symptoms are more severe such as: pelvic pain, difficulty urinating and large, weight loss, body feels weak, until the swelling of one or both legs.

One of the signs of symptoms of cervical cancer other is mentrusasi not normal. Generally bleeding is normal in the vagina has a schedule that is regular. Abnormal bleeding from the vagina, including spots is a symptom that is often seen from cervical cancer. This usually happens after sex, outside the menstrual period, or after menopause. Please see your doctor to do the examination if there is bleeding that is not normal more than one time.

Yet there are ways to prevent cervical cancer, but some of the following ways You can do to reduce the risk of experiencing cancer of the cervix.
Here's 10 Early Stage Cervical Cancer Symptoms And Prevention

Cervical screening or pap smear

A Pap smear is the best way to identify changes in the cells of the cervix the early stages. Symptoms early cervical cancer can be detected by seeing if there are abnormal cells in the cervix or the cervix. By detecting and removing cervical cells that are abnormal can prevent cervical cancer. A Pap smear is recommended for women aged 25-49 years every 3 years once. While for women aged 50-64 once every year. For women over the age of 65 years must perform a pap smear if since the age of 50 years have not done this procedure.

In addition to the pap smear, examination of HPV or the HPV DNA Test is also suggested to determine the presence or absence of the HPV virus that can cause cancer in the cervix. This examination is recommended to be done on women aged 30 years and above.

Do safe sex

The majority of cervical cancer associated with infection of the human papilloma virus (HPV) which can spread through unprotected sex. For example, changing partners and sexual activity at an early age. The use of condoms can reduce the risk of spread of infection with this virus. HPV can also be transmitted through sex penetrative such as the presence of skin to skin contact in the genital area or use of sex aids interchangeably.

Cervical cancer vaccination

Although the HPV vaccine can reduce the risk of cancer of the cervix, but does not guarantee You will not experience cervical cancer. You are still advised to undergo a pap smear to detect cervical cancer. The vaccine is recommended given the girls age 12-13 years and repeated every 6 months for 3 times of administration.

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Avoid smoking

Smoking can result in You can not fight the HPV infection which is likely to turn into cancer of the body. Know and learn the ways to quit smoking and consult Your doctor.

Do not wait until the symptoms of early cervical cancer appears, please do a pap smear if You feel at risk for infection with the HPV virus. If other symptoms appear related to the health of Your uterus, don't hesitate to consult your doctor.

You Should Know About Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Breast cancer awareness month, Breast cancer is still one of the most common cancers in the Uk, with one in eight women is diagnosed as having the condition. In the month of October being Breast Cancer Awareness month 2018 which makes the women have to be more aware of this disease.

This cancer usually strikes women over the age of 50 years. However, it is also possible for young women suffering from tumors or cancer of the breast. In fact, men rarely have cancer of the breast. ( Read more : colon cancer test and cheap small business health insuranc )

You Should Know About Breast Cancer Awareness Month

however, if the symptoms of this disease early enough is known, treatment can be very affective. That's why Breast Cancer Awareness Month is considered so important. Breast Cancer Awareness month comes to ensuring that women know how to check for lumps in the area of the body, and encourage them to find suspicious lumps.

The causes of breast cancer include age, a family history that has previously suffered from breast cancer, to diagnose it first, height, excess weight or obesity and the use of excessive amounts of alcohol.

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There are two main types of breast cancer, namely non-invasive (called carcinoma) found in the ducts of the breast and invasive breast cancer which is the most common and growing lining the ducts of the breast.

Types of breast cancer and other more rare include invasive breast cancer, lobular, breast cancer inflammatory and paget's disease on breast. When breast cancer spreads to other parts of the body, this is known as metastatic breast cancer or secondary. The first is usually not spread beyond the breast, while the latter can.

What are the main symptoms of breast cancer ?

About 90 percent of breast lumps are non-cancerous, although there is a new lump should be checked by a doctor. Other symptoms include, 1. Nipple discharge 2. Changes in the size or shape of the breast 3. a lump or swelling in the armpit 4. Redness appeared on the skin of Your breasts 5. Rash of the nipple 6. Nipples becoming sunken into the breast.

How breast cancer is diagnosed and treatment measures?

Diagnosing breast cancer usually involves removal of the beginning with a general practitioner, which will include the examination, and referral for a mammogram or ULTRASOUND at the hospital. If necessary, a biopsy can be done.

The actions of a mammogram is usually performed in older patients, where the breast tissue is less dense, and includes X-Ray on the breast. Women aged over 50 years are often dimintaa undergo breast cancer screening every three years because of the risk of breast cancer increases with age.

You Should Know About Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Treatments for breast cancer include surgery, chemotherapy, and radiotherapy. Sometimes, hormone treatments or biological are also used. Breast cancer secondary usually can't be healed so it is often a treatment done only to prevent the spread of.

Can breast cancer be prevented?

It is still unclear what causes breast cancer so it is difficult to know whether there is something that can be done to prevent it.

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However, the doctor recommends to maintain a healthy weight, exercise regularly, and make sure You don't drink too much or eating too much saturated fat. The reason doctors believe excess weight as a risk factor because the body will produce more of the hormone estrogen.

7 Natural Home Remedies For Hemorrhoids Treatment

Natural Home Remedies For Hemorrhoids Treatment, hemorrhoid often be a disease that affects many people. what does a hemorrhoids feel like ? hemorrhoids or Hemorrhoids relapse, blood vessels in the anus can become inflamed, swell up to cause the pain. In addition to the pain is excruciating and makes the sufferer restless, some people feel embarrassed to say that they have hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids is a disease or disorder in the anus, in which the lips of the anus or phinchterani experience swelling and sometimes accompanied by bleeding when straining. ( Read more : colon cancer test and cheap small business health insuranc )

Natural Home Remedies For Hemorrhoids Treatment

Various of hemorrhoids cream, ointments, and the drug suppository are available at the drug store without requiring a doctor's prescription. Suppository is a type of medicines that are inserted directly into the anus. Drugs of this kind can be used to relieve swelling or discomfort felt by the patient. Do not use drugs on top of more than one week, unless the doctor recommend it !

Hemorrhoids can be caused by various many things, one of them due to the straining (ngeden) too hard, too much sitting, up can occur due to hereditary factors. One way to treat hemorrhoids is to use a medication from a doctor, or how the last is the removal of hemorrhoids through a surgical procedure. However, is there a natural cure for hemorrhoids sufferers? Let's consider some of the explanations below :

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Natural ingredients to cure hemorrhoids

1. Apple cider vinegar

Using apple cider vinegar is one of the how to treat hemorrhoids that were encountered. The way is by soaking a cotton swab in apple cider vinegar, then apply gently to the area of the hemorrhoids. Repeat this process until the inflammation disappeared and the pain subsided. You can also mix water with apple cider vinegar while rinsing the anus when You shower.

2. Aloe vera

Aloe vera is a plant that contains a substance anti-inflammatory properties. With the taste of the gel is cool, aloe vera can also be cure hemorrhoids naturally soothes and relaxes the inflamed blood vessels while reducing the size of the haemorrhoid.

While the content arakuinon on the aloe, able to tighten the walls of the digestive tract and encourage intestinal contents out more software software. This makes it more dirt the stool in the intestines will more easily move prevent clogging which will cause the hemorrhoids.

3. Garlic

Garlic or allium sativum, it can also be a natural remedy hemorrhoids. Garlic is very rich in sulfur, among others, contains amino acids, minerals and enzymes such as allinase, peroxidase and myrosinase. These herbs also have anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, astringent and detoxifying.

On an amino acid called alliin, when garlic is crushed, alliin is converted into allicin by the enzyme allinase. Allicin jni responsible as antibacterial substances that are effective to eliminate the smell. Function garlic for hemorrhoids also can improve blood circulation, destroying various intestinal bacteria, and protect the blood vessels.

To treat hemorrhoids, garlic can be applied directly to the affected area hemorrhoids, or can also be eaten raw.

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Natural Home Remedies For Hemorrhoids Treatment

4. Sitz bath

Sitz bath is a warm bath by soaking the anal area in warm water. Soak 10-15 minutes, 2-3 times a day and do it regularly. Sitz bath can help reduce inflammation and swelling due to hemorrhoids. Make sure You dry the area of the anus right after each sitz bath. This is done to minimize the moisture that can interfere with the skin around the anus.

5. Mangosteen Skin 

Now, the fruit of the purple heart became warm conversation in various circles. Not because it tastes delicious and sweet, but mangosteen Skin that contains a lot of exceptional efficacy in health.

Have effective benefits in treating a variety of diseases including hemorrhoids. No wonder, a lot of encountered products for hemorrhoids medication made from the mangosteen Skin.

Now, You can make herbal remedies hemorrhoids yourself with how to boil mangosteen rind that had previously been in the dry first. The consumption of water decoction of the bark of the mangosteen on a regular basis so Your hemorrhoids can be gradually recovered.

6. Soursop leaves

Can be seen the use of a decoction of soursop leaves as an alternative treatment is being sharply increased. You know, the good news of soursop leaves can be used for herbal remedies hemorrhoids.

How to make it even easier, prepare approximately 10 sheets soursop leaves that have been washed clean. After that, the leaves are boiled together with 3 cups of water until boiling. Let the leaving water about two glasses of course. You can cure Your hemorrhoids by drinking a decoction of the leaves of the soursop is during morning and evening regularly.

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7. Kale roots

Did You know that kale is trusted since the first to help relieve the symptoms of hemorrhoids. And kale the most good to be used as herbal medicine the hemorrhoid that is on kale roots unplug. You can choose kale roots unplug it, wash thoroughly and then boiled until wilted. To apply, You can use the cooking water to use to wash and clean the anus are lumps hemorrhoids.

In addition to the presentation above, You can also present in other ways such as :
  • Take a few handfuls of kale roots, after that add 1 teaspoon fennel, pulosari ½ knuckles. Boil all the ingredients along with 2-3 cups of water until remaining 1 glass. Let stand briefly to cool slightly, strain and consumption of the herb is 2 times in a day.
  • Grab and wash a small handful of kale roots and boil together with 3 cups of water to boil and set aside 1.5 cups. You can consume half a glass every day.

Get To Know Symptoms Of First, Second and Third Degree Sunburn

Symptoms Of First, Second and Third Degree Sunburn, The degree of a burn is determined based on the depth of tissue damage caused by hot temperatures. It is important to determine the treatment measures and treatment according to the condition of the patient. Burns is a condition of damage to body tissue caused by heat, chemicals, electricity, radiation, fluid, steam, or flammable gas. And important for patients or doctors to know the area as well as the degrees of burns to assess the level of severity of the wound as well as determine the treatment and care of wounds the next.( Read more : colon cancer test and proton therapy for prostate cancer )
First, Second and Third Degree Sunburn

Get to know the Degree of Burns and the Symptoms

There have been several sightings in burns that commonly occur, among others, skin redness, skin blistering, pain or pain, flaky skin, the swelling, the skin looks white, or even scorched. The sighting of the usually depends on the cause and degree of burns.

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Degree burns can be classified into three levels, namely level 1, 2 and 3. Every degree of burns is assessed based on the severity and damage caused on the skin.
  • Degree burn level 1 (superficial burn). Which burns that affect only the epidermis or outer layer of the skin. Clinically, the signs in the form of skin that looks red, dry, and painful. For example, the burns caused by the sun's rays. The burn rate of this one is not too alarming and can heal by itself.
  •  Degree burn level 2 (superficial partial-thickness burn). Which burns that occur on the epidermis and partially the dermis layer of the skin (deeper layers of the skin). Clinically, the skin will appear red, blisters, blistered, swollen and painful. Second-degree burns can be treated with several methods of treatment without surgery or surgery.
  •  Degree burns level 3 (full thickness burn). Tissue damage of all layers of the epidermis and dermis, or deeper. Clinically the skin appears white, rough, but also can look charred, and numbness. Surgery or surgery becomes the main option to deal with burns in these degrees.
Determination burns can also be classified into two groups, namely:
  • Burns minor consisting of the first-degree burns in any part of the body, including second-degree burns of a width of 5-7.5 cm.
  • Burns major consisting of burns level 2 on the hands, feet, face, genitals and other body parts with the width of the wound more than 5-7. 5 cm. Degree burns level 3 are also included in the group of burns mayor.
Compared with first-degree burns and second-degree third-degree burns are more at risk of complications such as infection, blood loss, shock, and even lead to death. Severe burns can also be the risk of causing hypothermia, and hypovolemia (abnormal decrease the amount of blood plasma).

First, Second and Third Degree Sunburn

Treatment and Care Based on the Degrees of Burns

The treatment of burns are determined based on the types or degrees of burns. First-degree burns can be treated with skin care products, like cream, aloe vera, antibiotic ointment, and painkillers. While second-degree burns can be treated with antibiotic creams, ointments, as well as medications that the doctor prescribed.

As for the handling on the degree of third-degree burns can be surgery and skin grafting. Severe burns and damage most of the tissues of the body require treatment in a hospital, such as antibiotic injections to prevent infection, as well as intravenous fluids to replace fluids lost when the skin is burned. Patients with degree burns level 3 may also require surgery, physiotherapy, rehabilitation, or even lifelong care.

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Make sure You don't treat burns with home remedies such as ice, toothpaste, butter, or eggs. In addition to not effective, how these can make the burn more severe. Also avoid gluing a cotton ball to burns, because of the small fibers of the cotton can stick to the wound and increase the risk of infection. Never once do home remedies to the wound with the degree of third-degree burns, go to the doctor to get intensive treatment. The reason, severe burns require medical care as soon as possible. This can help prevent the appearance of scarring, occurrence of disability, and deformity.

Rodent Fuber, Natural Methods For Treatment of Cancer

Rodent Fuber Natural methods For Treatment of Cancer, Cancer is no longer deadly, Cancer patients can have a life expectancy and survival rate longer with the discovery of plant “Rodent Tuber” ( Typhonium Flagelliforme ) as Natural home remedies for Cancer Treatment that can stop and treat various diseases of cancer and various diseases other weight. Plant a kind of taro with a maximum height of 25 to 30 cm is only grown in the bush that is not exposed to direct sunlight. “This plant is very commonly found as a plant decoration house,” said Drs. Patoppoi Pasau, the first person to find the efficacy of that plant . ( Read more : colon cancer test and proton therapy for prostate cancer )

Rodent Fuber Natural methods For Treatment of Cancer

This medicinal plant have been studied since 1995 by Prof Dr. Chris K. H. Teo,Dip Agric (M), BSc Agric (Hons)(M), MS, PhD from Universiti Sains Malaysia and also the founder of Cancer Care Penang, Malaysia. Institutions cancer care was established in 1995 it has helped thousands of patients from Malaysia , America, England , Australia , New Zealand, Singapore, and various countries in the world.

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About Rodent Tuber

Rodent tuber plant has its own traits for those of you who are curious about how the shape of this plant as to what the Following characteristics :
  • This plant has leaves are very oval with the ends of the leaves are tapered to a sharp and the length is only about 16 – 17 cm.
  • Single leaf colored green and are arranged neatly around the rosette. (Such as taro leaves).
  • The petals on the flower shaped very oval and its color is yellow. For the length of the flowers is 4 – 8 cm. The tips of the flower has a shape like the tail of a rat.
  • If you touch the plant directly without any safety then effect will cause the itching.
Rodent tuber plant widely processed into various foods, such as juice, chips, capsules and other natural herbal remedies. This time, Joann will discuss how to cultivate plants rodent tuber.

Rodent tuber plant will be very much found in rainy season. If in collecting the leaves of the rodent tuber in a fresh state then the dose can be reduced up to 30 gr / manufacture.

Substance healers are found in the tuber than in the leaves. If you will be using is a rodent that is already dry, avoid using for the leaves that have been dried.

Simply grab the tuber. Because of the effectiveness of the leaves of the rodent tuber that has been dried already reducing and low in the treatment of cancer.

Rodent Fuber Natural methods For Treatment of Cancer

How to make the juice rodent tuber is the following :
  • Take the Rodent tuber plant that is still fresh, as many as 50 gr to its roots.
  • Choose a part that can be utilized and waste is not necessary, as the leaves are worn out, yellowed, decomposing ends of the bulbs, etc.
  • Wash with running water until clean.
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After finished selecting the plants that will be used as the juice, then go to the next stage :
  • mashed the leaves that have been selected last with a stone mortar until soft or really pulverized. Remember, to avoid the use of the tools made of metal, especially the easily corroded such as aluminum.
  • Give water to taste.
  • Then, squeeze and strain
  • Juice / water Rodent tuber is ready to drink.
The Dosage Of The Consumption Of Rodent tuber

Always pay attention to dose, if for healing cancer, do not overdo it in taking it and should always be with a dose or doses that have been there, such as :
  • 3 x a day with 50 gr of taro plant and taken every morning, noon, afternoon / evening with a period of time consistent.
  • Drink water or juice last ½ hour before meals. For those who have disorders or diseases ulcer then drink ½ hours after a meal.
  • For pregnant women that abortion is less than 4 months are prohibited to drink Juice / water juice of Rodent tuber.
Benefits Of Rodent Tuber
  • According to the research that the content of the form of a free role is very important to reduce the risk of developing the disease degeratif such as cancer, diabetes mellitus, and heart.
  • Improve the system for immunity so as not susceptible to and contracting the disease.
  • The content of anti implasi on Rodent tuber serves to treat the swelling that occurs on the skin.
  • Against the growth and development of cancer cells in the body, due to the presence of ribosome inacting protein in rodent tuber plant.
  • Blood circulation in the body.
  • The roots of the plants rodent tuber efficacious to relieve throat irritation due to cough.
  • Reduce side effects of chemotherapy.
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Rodent Fuber Natural methods For Treatment of Cancer

Side Effects Of Freshly Squeezed Rodent tuber

There will be a side effects for those who will consume the juice or the juice rodent tuber, like felt a little itching in the throat section. To cope / deal with itching this can with the ingestion of sugar or honey. For those who suffer from diabetes are advised to swallow the salt as the antidote to the itching.
  • Juice / water juice Rodent tuber should not be stored more than 3 hours duration. Why? Because the water will be easily oxidized to be broken.
  • For it is not advised / recommended to make the Juice / water juice Rodent tuber with the scale of many that aims to be taken several times, but make it water freshly squeezed juice / juice only for a drink.
  • The provision of hot water in the manufacture of Juice / water juice can reduce itching device. But keep in mind that don't boil the Rodent tuber plant because it will reduce the efficacy so that the water / juice from Rodent tuber is not effective or efficacious again.

Here's 7 Lung Cancer Symptoms and Signs

Here's 7 Lung Cancer Symptoms and Signs, Lung cancer is one deadly disease that affects many people. Often patients with lung cancer late aware of the appearance of symptoms of the disease and diagnosed when it has already entered an advanced stage. Therefore, it is important for You to know the symptoms of lung cancer early stage, to be addressed early on.

Lung cancer occupies the first rank as the highest cause of death due to cancer in the world, namely 1.7 million deaths in the year 2015 according to the World Health Organization (WHO). One of the causes of high mortality rate is due to the difficulty of diagnosing the symptoms of lung cancer early, so that many cases of lung cancer diagnosed when it has entered the advanced stage which is difficult to handled.( Read more : colon cancer test and proton therapy for prostate cancer )
Here's 7 Lung Cancer Symptoms and Signs

Signs and Symptoms Of Lung Cancer Early Stages

Not easily aware of the existence of the symptoms of lung cancer in the early stages, because most of the symptoms of this disease is not typical and is often similar to other diseases, such as tuberculosis, pleural effusion, pneumonia, bronchitis, and lung abscess. 

Symptoms that can appear in lung cancer early stages, among others :
  • Cough that is sustainable
  • Cough can be caused by conditions that are mild, such as flu or irritation of the respiratory tract. However, if the cough doesn't stop in time more than two weeks, so this could be a sign of other more serious diseases, one of which is lung cancer. Immediately consult to the doctor to get a complete examination including physical examination and supporting, such as a chest x-Ray.
  • Bloody cough
  • Chronic cough which is accompanied by a discharge of blood or phlegm mixed with blood, it could be a sign of lung cancer. To be sure, required further examination.
  • Experiencing shortness of breath
  • If You suddenly feel breathless when doing simple activities, this can be a sign of lung cancer early stage. Shortness of breath can occurs due to cancer cells blocking the respiratory tract, or the buildup of fluid around the lung so that the pressing of the lungs. However, the shortness of breath is not only glued in lung cancer. The emergence of shortness of breath during normal activities, can also be a sign of the symptoms of the disease of heart failure.
  • Pain in the chest
  • Lung cancer can also cause pain in the chest, shoulders, or back. Usually the pain is sharp, dull, continuous, or sometimes intermittent. Pain in the chest this can resemble the signs of heart disease, but chest pain due to lung cancer will usually feel heavy when breathing deeply, coughing, or laughing.
  • The voice becomes hoarse
  •  Hoarseness generally appear when You are experiencing inflammation in the respiratory tract. However, if the voice turns into hoarse suddenly and lasts more than two weeks, then You should be alert. It could be the change of this sound is a symptom of lung cancer. This condition occurs when cancer cells affect the nerves that regulate the vocal cords, thus causing changes in Your voice.
  • Wheezing
  • The sound of wheezing that accompanies You as you pull or exhale in adulthood can be a sign of certain health conditions, such as allergies or asthma. However, it is not recommended You take it for granted as a condition of asthma, because wheezing can also be a symptom of lung cancer. Immediately consult to the doctor if the wheezing is not lost after the treated.
  • Weight loss
  • Usually people who suffer from the disease of cancer, including lung cancer, will lose weight drastically. It is caused by cancer cells that use all the energy and nutrients the body. Therefore, don't ignore changes in Your weight, especially when it occurs when You do not change the eating pattern or lifestyle.
In addition to the symptoms which have been described above, there are also some other signs that may indicate lung cancer, such as fever, easily fatigued, difficulty in eating or swallowing, loss of appetite, the finger swells, and the appearance of suspicious lumps on Your body. For that, it is important for You to detect early symptoms of lung cancer early stage, in order to increase the success of treatment.

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Here's 7 Lung Cancer Symptoms and Signs

Disease Risk Factors Of Lung Cancer

There are many risk factors that can underlie a person suffering from the disease of lung cancer. Here are some risk factors that You need to know and avoid :
  • Smokers, both active and passive
  • Too often exposed to smoke can increase Your risk of developing lung cancer. Therefore, do not smoke and avoid people who actively smoked.
  • Exposure to radon gas
  • Natural Gas that is produced from the breakdown of substances uranium in soil, water, and rock this is one of the factors that can increase the risk of developing lung cancer.
  • Exposure to asbestos
  • A person who works with asbestos, such as in a mine or plant, is at risk of developing lung cancer. Especially if You are an active smoker.
  • Air pollution
  • Too long to be in a place that has high air pollution makes the risk of developing lung cancer becomes greater. About 5 percent of the cases of death due to lung cancer worldwide are caused by air pollution.
  • Heredity
  • If one family member is suffering from lung cancer, most likely You are more at risk of suffering from the disease. However, research shows that the connection to heredity and the emergence of lung cancer is also related to environmental factors in the family, such as smoking and exposure to pollution in the living environment.
After knowing the various risk factors of the disease of lung cancer, it is expected You are aware of the importance of quitting smoking and leading a healthy lifestyle start from now. By quitting smoking, You could extend life expectancy and lower the risk of developing lung cancer later in the day.

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Consult to the doctor regularly for routine health screening (medical check-up) is also an important step for early detection of certain diseases, including lung cancer. Early examination is recommended although there are early signs and symptoms of lung cancer. Early examination is particularly recommended for those who have high risk factors, for example heavy smokers who've been smoking since a long time, although this time already quit smoking.