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Causes and Solutions How to Cope with Pain in Breast ?

Causes and Solutions How to Cope with Pain in Breast ? Breast Pain often cause concern. Is it dangerous and what causes it is There any way to overcome the pain in breast ? Consider the following explanation. Breast pain or mastalgia can be felt in the upper part of the outside of the breast and radiates to the armpit and arm. 

Causes and Solutions How to Cope with Pain in Breast

Don't need to worry excessive when experiencing pain in breast, because it is not necessarily indicates that You are affected by breast cancer. In addition, breast cancer also usually have other symptoms, not only in the form of pain.

Pain is commonly complained of is a sharp pain or feel tight in breast. Pain of this kind is usually felt only a few days for example before or during menstruation, during one week or more in one month.

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There are several causes which generally trigger pain in breast, in which :
  • The menstrual cycle
  • Generally breast pain related to the menstrual cycle are felt three days before the menstrual period and improve after menstruation is finished, although the intensity of pain can vary every bulanny
  • Inflammation of breast
  • Generally, mastitis experienced by the women breastfeeding that causes breasts feel sore and swollen due to inflammation. Infection in breast as in breast abscess can also cause pain in  breast.
  • Lumps in breast
  • Lumps that are benign (not cancer) can arise in breast, which trigger the pain in breast. An example of this disease is a fibroadenoma.
  • Injury to other parts of body
  • Pain in breast can be caused by injuries of other parts of body, such as muscle injury around the chest, shoulders, or back.
  • Drugs
  • Some types of medications such as hormonal birth control, antidepressants, antipsychotics, and drugs for treating heart disease possibility can cause pain in breast.
  • The size of breast
  • Women with larger breast size may experience pain in breast, and the pain can be felt up to the neck, shoulders and back.
  • Unhealthy eating patterns
  • A diet that is high in fat and carbohydrates may be risk factors for the emergence of pain in the female breast.
  • Breast surgery
  • Pain after breast surgery can be felt longer in some women.
Causes and Solutions How to Cope with Pain in Breast

How to Cope with Pain in Breast

About 30 percent of women experience improvement of breast pain cyclic after three menstrual cycles and without treatment whatever. But the truth is, pain can recur back. Treatment to overcome the pain in breast need to be adjusted with the cause.

There are a few things You can do to relieve the pain in the breasts without drugs, among others, using appropriate bra size, reduce foods that contain saturated fats, reduce intake of caffeine, and quit smoking. You can also use a warm water compress or cold.

If necessary, You can take painkillers such as paracetamol, ibuprofen, or aspirin to help relieve the pain. However, for women under the age of 20 years, avoid the consumption of aspirin as it can increase the risk of Reye's syndrome. When taking the drug, pay attention to the package label for dosage and how to use it.

If You are pregnant or are planning a pregnancy, consult first to your doctor before taking any medication. Breast pain that is severe or lasts continuously until more than three weeks, it is recommended be consulted to the doctor.

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Alert Special Conditions

Although breast pain is generally not dangerous, however there are some special conditions that make You should immediately consult to the doctor, such as :
  • Change the shape or size of the breast.
  • Discharge accompanied by blood from the nipple of the breast.
  • A rash around the nipple or nipple changes shape.
  • Swelling or lump is accompanied by pain in the armpit and not in accordance with the arrival of the menstrual cycle.
  • Seem dimpling or surface of the breast, which seems as interested in the breast tissue.
  •  Symptoms of infection such as swelling, redness or feeling of heat of the breast that is accompanied
Pain in breast is a natural thing to happen, especially before the menstrual cycle. However, beware of the pain that accompanied by additional symptoms, or lasts a long time. Please consult these conditions to the doctor. ( Read more : colon cancer test and proton therapy for prostate cancer )

Medela Breast Pump : Offering A Variety Of Excellent Features

Medela Breast Pump, For You mothers who are in the process of breastfeeding should read our article. Breast pump equipment that must be owned by the nursing mothers in general. Activities expressing milk routinely done by the nursing mother, which is usually done several times in one day. When You can not give milk directly to the baby, due to several reasons such as work, then the Breast pump will greatly help You to express milk to be stored for the baby.

Medela Breast Pump : Offering A Variety Of Excellent Features

This is now available Breast pumps with various options, among which Breast pump manual and electric with a variety of brands. To facilitate You, the young mother who wants to buy a Breast pump but have yet to understand its features and functions, here we will review how to choose a Breast pump and give recommendations 10 pump breast milk is best.

Medela Breast Pump : 

1. Medela Freestyle Breast Pump
Medela Freestyle Breast Pump, has a variety of excellent features that make it very idolized by the young mother active. Using technology that combines 2 methods of pumping, electric pumping quickly a few minutes at the beginning to stimulate the breast milk out followed by pumping more slowly after the breast milk is stimulated. The result proved to be effective to produce the amount of breast milk a lot more with time of pumping is short.

If You love the pumping of the soft, You can skip stage pumping faster by pressing the button. A Breast pump is lightweight so easy to carry, You also can pump 2 breasts at once to save time because it has the features of tube 2. Battery Breast pump durable and can be used for some pumping session in a day, You don't need the hassles of looking for the plug.

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2. Medela Harmony Light Manual Breast Pump

Products Medela is already no doubt his name among breastfeeding mothers, is recognized as the product pump breast milk quality. Unfortunately the price of which can reach millions of dollars relatively expensive for the young mother. But now Medela Harmony Light comes with the package a more economical price, Breast pump manual comes with a competitive price but still high-tech.

Pressing the lever of the pump affect the results obtained, whether for the stimulation or pumping. If You want to stimulate the breast milk, press the lever of the pump section with a short, if you want to pump up the more gently you can start pressing the lever the back. For You who want to have a Breast pump quality at a price that is quite economical, have this product immediately!

How to choose a breast pump

To choose a Breast pump, You need to consider various things including the frequency of pumping, quantity of breast milk, and Your skin type. Choose a Breast pump that best suits Your needs by considering the following things.

A. Select a breast pump based on the frequency of use and quantity of breast milk :

Pump breast milk in general are divided into 2 types, namely manual type and electric. You need to choose a Breast pump by considering how often the frequency of its use and the amount of breast milk you.

1. Pump breast milk manually, for quantity of milk and use occasional
If the quantity of breast milk not too much and frequency to express milk only occasionally, then type Breast pump, manual fitting for this use. By using this type of pump, You can also control the strength of the suction power of the pump on Your breast as well as pumping speed.

Breast pump manual also convenient to use if You want to use it in conjunction with the time of breastfeeding Your child. Your baby can suckle on one breast while You are pumping breast milk on the breast next to it. Because the manual, then Your baby will not be disturbed by the sound of the engine of the pump of breast milk.

In addition, Breast pump manual lightweight and easy to carry wherever You go. Only, the price maybe not cheap enough. If You will be using more than one time in a day, we suggest You buy a Breast pump electric.

2. BREAST pump electric for quantity of breast milk that many
Breast pump electric have the advantage of easy to use. Unlike Breast pumps manual rely on Your hands to pump, the electric pump will not make Your hands sore. Hence mothers who have a quantity of breast milk that a lot, we recommend to choose the electric pump. You only need to press the button to start expressing milk.

To save You time when expressing milk, then You can also use a electric pump that can pump breast milk simultaneously in the left breast and the right. The electric pump also tends to be faster in use, so it is very efficient. Only disadvantage is the price which is usually more expensive compared with the manual pump.

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Medela Breast Pump : Offering A Variety Of Excellent Features
B. Select the bottle container breast MILK large
The size of the bottle container breast milk differs depending on each manufacturer, You should check out the size of the bottle container breast milk before You buy a Breast pump that You want. In general, the bottle container breast milk complement Breast pumps is the size of a baby's milk bottle, that is 120 ml to 160 ml. On some products, bottle container her milk there that are less than 100 ml.

For the amount of breast milk-its not too much, then the size of the bottles on the Breast pump will not be much of a problem. But for those of You who have the amount of breast milk very much, You need to consider the size of the bottle container Breast pumps before you buy. Make sure the size of the bottle enough to accommodate the Breast milk You every time You pick the hairs out.

 C. Select material that is soft to the funnel of a BREAST pump
When choosing a Breast pump, note the pump breast milk directly touching Your skin. Special for this section, choose which is made of a material that is soft for example silicone. Some young mothers sometimes have sensitive skin, especially on the part of the nipple, which is also sometimes blisters because of frequent feeding Your baby and milked simultaneously.

Part of a funnel that touches the skin is on some of the products a Breast pump, sometimes made of plastic material which is less comfortable when used. Wherefore choose a good material for this part is very necessary, for Your comfort when expressing milk. ( Read more : colon cancer test and cheap small business health insuranc )

D. Select easy-to-clean

Breast pumps should always be clean and hygienic when it will be used. Therefore choose a Breast pump that is easy to be cleaned and sterilized.

For the use of every day, of course You want a Breast pump that is easy to use and clean. Breast pumps generally consist of several parts separate, including the pump handle, funnel, bottle container breast milk, valve and so on. Of course the more parts on a Breast pump, then it will be the longer time required to clean it.

If the pump has parts that are difficult to clean, then You need more effort to clean after every use. Therefore we suggest You to choose a Breast pump that does not have too many separate parts and choose that each part is easy to clean.

In addition, we also suggest You to buy the product pump breast milk is that its spare parts are sold separately. If one spare part is missing or damaged, then You can replace it.

Breast pumps should always be washed and cleaned immediately after use. Hence You need to carefully choose the product that all of its parts are easy to be cleaned and disinfected. There are also Breast pumps which can be washed using a machine dishwasher. Of course the use of the machine the dishwasher will be easier for You.

In addition, each product has a way to disinfect different. Anyone can use the microwave, there to be boiled, and there is also the need to use disinfectant soap special. Hence consider the method and how to clean each product pump breast milk before You buy it.

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Medela Breast Pump : Offering A Variety Of Excellent Features

E. Select the product that is able to stimulate the breast MILK to come out
Breast milk is not an automatic out only with You pumping it with toned. At the time the baby suckles, the general suction of the baby in the beginning will stimulate breast milk out, if the milk had come out smoothly, then the baby suck it out with a regular rhythm.

Likewise with the Breast pumps, pumping strong in the beginning sometimes it will not directly stimulate breast milk to come out but instead it will make You uncomfortable and may cause pain in Your breast. For that, choose a product that is able to stimulate the breast milk to come out with a method such as the baby breastfeeding to comfort You.

The advantages of using BREAST pumps
 One of the advantages of using Breast pumps is that You can provide a supply of breast milk to Your baby at any time even when You are away from Your baby. For example if You work in an office and have to leave Your baby at a family member or baby care place.

Even for babies who have allergies on certain foods or drinks, Breastfeeding will not cause allergies in Your baby. In addition, You can also involve the baby's father in caring for the baby, for example by giving breast milk through a bottle to Your baby.

As additional information, if breast milk squeeze does not want to be directly consumed by Your baby, then You can keep it in the refrigerator or frozen. Use the bottles to freeze breast milk that is generally sold separately.

In addition, Your baby still has the immune system weak, hence the Breast pump and bottle container breast milk should always be kept clean so as not to contaminated with bacteria and germs. However to clean and disinfect any time may be difficult for You. Therefore we recommend You choose a product that can be disinfected by microwave or sterilizer to make Your life easier.

Here's New Cancer Treatment Most Potent Without Surgery

New Cancer Treatment Most Potent, During this time we know that cancer can only be treated with chemotherapy. However, this perception seems to be removed and disposed as far as possible. Why ? Because there are actually a natural remedy to kill cancer cells that power ten thousand times more potent than the chemo therapy. This natural remedy is a plant that people familiar, Soursop fruit & Soursop Leaves.
Here's New Cancer Treatment Most Potent

But why We don't know ?

Because one company's secret World of research findings on this close the lid tightly, they want to fund research on out are very large, for many years, may return in advance plus generous benefits by making Synthetic Graviola tree as raw material for medicine and medicine in sell to the world market.

Concern, several people died vain, pathetic, because the malignancy of cancer, while giant companies, drug makers with a turnover of billions of dollars close the lid tightly secret miracle graviola tree.

Low tree, in Brazil named Graviola, in Spain Guanabana, English soursop. In Indonesia, yes Soursop.
The efficacy from the fruit and the leaves soursop gives effect anti-tumor/cancer is very strong, and medically proven cure all types of cancer. In addition to cure cancer, soursop fruit also acts as anti bacterial, anti fungi (fungi), effective against various types of parasites/worms, lowers high blood pressure, depression, stress, and normalize the nervous system that are less good.

One example of how important the existence of Health Science Institute for peoples america is this institute unmasked the secret of this magical fruit. Astonishing fact is : far inland amazon forest, grow a magic tree, which will change the way you think, your doctor, and the world about the healing process of cancer and hope to survive. No one can promise more than this, for timies to come.

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Research proves magical tree and fruit can be:
Attack the cancer cells safely and effectively naturally, Without nausea, weight loss, hair loss, as happened in chemo therapy. Protect the immune system and prevent deadly infections. Patients feel stronger, healthier during the treatment / healing.

Increased energy and improved physical appearance. Source of this shocking news comes from one of the largest drug manufacturers in America. Graviola fruit in-test in more than 20 Laboratories, since the 1970s until the next few years. The results of the test of extract (essence) of this fruit is effectively selecting the target and kill the bad cells from 12 different types of cancer, including cancers: Colon, Breast, Prostate, lung, and Pancreas.

Power works 10,000 times stronger in slowing the growth of cancer cells compared with Adriamicin and Chemo Therapy commonly in use. Unlike chemo therapy, this juice only selectively hunt down and kill cells evil and not harm/ kill cells healthy.

Research has been done in ekstensive on the tree is magical, for so many years but why we do not know nothing about this ? the answer is: so easy to our health, our lives, are controlled by money and power.

One of America's largest drug companies with a turnover of billions of dollars doing extraordinary research on Graviola tree that grows this Amazon jungle. It turns out that some part of this tree: Bark, roots, leaves, fruit flesh and seeds, over the centuries become a drug for the Indians in south America to treat: heart disease, asthma, liver problems (liver) and rheumatism.

With proofs scientific minimal, the company disbursed funds and human resources are very large in order to conduct research and various tests. The results are astonishing. Graviola is scientifically proven as cancer cell killing machine. ( Read more : colon cancer test and cheap small business health insuranc )

Here's New Cancer Treatment Most Potent

But the story of Graviola nearly ended up here. Why?

Under federal the legislation, source natural ingredients for medicines NOT / CAN NOT patented. The company faces a big problem, trying hard with a very large cost to make sinthesa/cloning of Graviola is to be patented so that the funds released for research and miscellaneous test could go back, and even reap huge profits. But this attempt did not succeed. Graviola can not be cloned. Company bite the fingers after issuing billions of dollars for research and various tests.

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When a dream to get a greater advantage gradually fade, research and test is also stopped. Worse, the company closed the project and decided not to publish the results of this research.

Fortunately, there was one of the Scientists from the research team can not bear to see these atrocities occurred. At the expense of his career, he contacted a company that usual collect natural material of the amazon forest for the manufacture of drugs.

When the expert research of the Health Science Institute to hear the news miracle Graviola, they began to do research. The result is very surprising. Graviola proved as the killer of cancer cells effective.

The National Cancer Institute began to conduct scientific research that first in the year 1976. The results proved that the leaves and stems of wood Graviola are able to attack and destroy the evil cells cancer. Unfortunately these results only for internal and not published.

Since 1976, Graviola has been proven as a cancer cell killer remarkable in trials will be undertaken leh 20 Laboratory Independence are different.

A study published by The Journal of Natural Products said that studies conducted by the Catholic University in South Korea, mentions that one of the elements of the chemical contained in the Graviola, able to select, differentiate and kill Colon cancer cells with 10,000 times more powerful compared with adriamicin and chemo therapy.

The discovery of the most striking of study Catholic University are: Graviola can select to choose and kill only the bad cells of cancer, while healthy cells are not touched/disturbed . Graviola not like chemo therapy who can not distinguish between cancer cells and healthy cells, then cells reproduction (such as stomach and hair) were killed depleted by chemo therapy, causing negative effects: nausea and hair loss.

A studY at Purdue University show that the leaves of Graviola can kill cancer cells effectively, particularly cancer cells: prostate, pancreas, and lung. After for approximately 7 years no news of Graviola, finally the news of this miracle broke, too, through information from institutions mentioned above.

Supply limited extracts of Graviola are cultivated and harvested by indigenous peoples Brazil, can now be obtained in America. Soursop has enormous benefits in the prevention and healing of cancer.

For the prevention of  It is advisable to eat or drink fruit juice soursop.

Here's New Cancer Treatment Most Potent

For healing Soursop fruit & Soursop Leaves :
  • 10 pieces of old soursop leaves (dark green) mixed into 3 cups boiling water and continue to evaporate and water to 1 cup only.
  •  Water 1 cup drunk to patients every day 2 times.
  •  After drinking, the effect he said the body feels hot, similar to the effects of chemotherapy.
Within 2 weeks, the result can be checked to the doctor. The leaves of the soursop of this nature such as chemotherapy, even more great again because soursop leaves only kill cells that grow abnormally and let the cells grow normally. While chemotherapy is still no effect to kill also some cells that are normal.

The full story about Graviola, which acquired it, and how to use it, can be encountered in Beyond Chemotherapy : New Cancer Killers, Safe as Mothers Milk, as a free special bonus issue of Health Science Institute.

For those who already feel the benefits of the tree of Soursop, can be shared his experience here. May be useful for the needy. If there are flaws in this thread, I beg criticism and suggestions for the good of this thread.

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Other Benefits Soursop fruit & Soursop Leaves
  • Treat back Pain: Boil 20 soursop leaves with 5 cups of water to boil and stay 3 cups, let cool then drink 1 times a day 3/4 cup.
  • Treating Baby Diarrhea: Squeeze the soursop fruit is ripe then strain to take water only, give/drinks at the baby as much as 3-4 tablespoons to heal.
  • Hemorrhoid medication: Squeeze soursop fruit is ripe and then take the water as much as 1 cup, then drink water 2 times a day, morning and evening.
  • Treating Ulcers: Take 5 to 10 sheets soursop leaves are still young then put in a place exposed to ulcers to ulcers dried up.
  • Can lower high blood pressure.
    Can cure anyang-anyangan: Take the soursop fruit as needed (discarded skin and seeds). Then boiled with water until boiling. Add brown sugar to taste. Drinking water 3x a day until anyang-anyangan suffered cured.

What Are The Symptoms Of A Yeast Infection ?

What Are The Symptoms Of A Yeast Infection ? Most people have experienced skin infections caused by fungi. Fungal infections of the skin can occur in all age groups, both men and women, and is a skin infection that is most common. Let's identify the causes and how to cope with the fungal infection of the skin.

What Are The Symptoms Of A Yeast Infection ?

Fungal skin infection is a disease is very often we meet, perhaps even we have ever experienced. Fungal skin infections are mild generally cause a rash on the skin. The rash is not dangerous, but can be itchy and annoying appearance.

Fungi are primitive organisms that live around our environment, such as air, soil, even water. Some types of fungi can live in the body of animals and humans. Most mushrooms reproduce with spores that can be dispersed in the air. That is why, a fungal infection most often affects the outer part of our body, like the skin and also nails.

Active people moving and sweating more often exposed to fungal infections of the skin, especially if you are not careful in maintaining personal hygiene. Diabetics also are vulnerable groups exposed to fungal infections of the skin. In addition , fungal infections of the skin are also frequently encountered in infants and toddlers who use diapers. But in general, anyone can be stricken with a fungal infection of the skin.

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Types and Symptoms of Fungal Infection of the Skin that Needs to be Known

The following is a type of fungal skin infection that most often found :
  • Dermatophytosis (ringworm). A rash on the skin shaped colored circles redness and itching. The red color in the edges more clearly, it looks like a ring, and demarcated. Ringworm can be contagious, but usually does not become severe. Can be found in the skin of the head, face, neck, or other parts of the body.
  • Tinea pedis or ringworm of the foot (athlete's foot). Symptoms include skin flaking and cracked at the foot, there the skin blistered and red, itchy and sore. This fungal infection found on the feet of sportsmen which are often wrapped by socks and dank. Generally arise on the sidelines of the toes.
  •  Tinea cruris (jock itch). Tinea cruris appears in the parts of the skin folds that lemab and warm, for example the buttocks, groin, and genitals. Part of the infected skin will seem reddish and itchy or sore. Often occurs in men ages teens and adults, or people who often wear tight pants.
  • Candidiasis of the skin. The infection is caused by candida fungus, and can appear on the body anywhere, but it's usually easier to appear in areas that are warm and moist, like the groin and armpits. The skin that is infected looks reddish and feels itchy.
How to Cope with the Fungal Infection of the Skin with Anti-Fungal Medications

The handling of the main fungal skin infection is with antifungal medicines, especially topical antifungal (topical), such as a cream or ointment. Antifungal medication works by destroying the fungal cell wall so that cell contents come out and the fungal cell death, or by inhibiting the fungal cells to grow and multiply.

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What Are The Symptoms Of A Yeast Infection ?

Some types of antifungal drugs commonly used to treat fungal infections of the skin :
  • Topical antifungal (topical) - applied directly to the skin, hair, or nails.
  •  Antifungal oral - in the form of a capsule, pill, or liquid form. Given if the fungal infection of the skin area and can not be addressed with topical antifungal drugs.
There are various kinds of medicines topical antifungal with a variety of shapes, brands and strength levels. But in general, the antifungal drugs contain clotrimazole, miconazole, nystatin, ketoconazole, or a combination of some of the content. On the packaging the drug can be seen the type of content of the drug in it and how much the composition of the material in the medicine, usually written in the form of percent (%). Make sure the content of the drug is quite powerful, but also do no harm.

Use of the drug in accordance with the recommendation made, do not exceed or is less than the amount of usage required. The drug must still be used for several days after the rash in the skin is lost, to turn off the rest-the rest of the mushrooms that are still left.

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Topical antifungal drugs are sold freely in pharmacies and shops, and can be purchased without using the prescription. If after the use of topical medications for 1 to 2 weeks there is no improvement, immediately went to the doctor for further treatment. Don't forget to tell the doctor regarding other medicines You are currently taking, to avoid the side effects that may be caused due to interactions between drugs. ( Read more : colon cancer test and cheap small business health insuranc )

How To Avoid A Fungal Disease Of The Skin

Keeping the skin clean is the key to prevention of fungal infections of the skin, especially if You are active, love to exercise, or often do an outdoor activity. Here are the things that You can do so is not attacked by yeast infection :
  • Take care of the cleanliness of the skin. Use the soap at bath time.
  • Immediately dry the skin if wet or sweaty.
  • Change underwear and socks every day.
  • Rack shoes in the open air and keep the inside of the shoe not damp.
  •  Don't exchange disposable towels, clothes and clothes with other people.
  • Use clothes that easy to absorb sweat at the time of exercise.
  • Avoid using pants that are too tight.

Vitamin D Deficiency Symptoms In Adults And Child

Vitamin D deficiency symptoms, Vitamin D deficiency can result in inhibition of the growth and strengthening of bones in children and in adults . Two of this health disorder can be overcome with the rays of the sun as our body is able to produce vitamin D naturally through sun exposure.

Vitamin D Deficiency Symptoms In Adults And Child

Vitamins of this type is actually produced by the body from exposure to sunlight. However, this can be a problem when it is excessive because ultraviolet rays can lead to certain diseases. ignoring the intake of vitamin D can increase the risk of high blood pressure and diabetes by two and a half times.

In addition, a source of vitamin D can be obtained from these kinds of food, such as fish, fish liver oil, egg yolk, as well as products wheat and processed milk. The usefulness of vitamin D, among others, maintain the growth of bones, muscles, and stabilize blood pressure. On some other research found the benefits of vitamin D is able to relieve the disease of fibromyalgia and slow down the progression of the disease multiple sclerosis.

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The Risk Of Vitamin D Deficiency

In many cases, vitamin D deficiency do not manifest any symptoms. On vitamin D deficiency mild, some people can feel fatigue and aches all over the body. In a condition that is already severe, children and adults who have experienced a lack of vitamin D can experience abnormalities in the bones and joints.

Vitamin D deficiency symptoms in adults
  • Baby vitamin D deficiency weight category is characterized by a deficiency of calcium can lead to disorders, such as seizures, rigid muscles, and difficulty breathing.
  •  Children with deficiency of vitamin D generally have impaired growth in the form of the bones of the skull and the feet soft. The shape of the foot look curved or bent. This condition can be pain in the bones of the foot, muscle pain, and weakening of the muscles called rickets.
Vitamin D deficiency symptoms in Child
Meanwhile, the symptoms due to vitamin D deficiency in adults at the level of light can lead to fatigue, vague pain, and feeling less healthy. Whereas, due to a deficiency of vitamin D in severe conditions for adults can result in osteomalacia. The disease is characterized by the appearance of pain while holding heavy loads and a weakening of the condition of the body so that patients have difficulty getting out of bed, difficult to climb the stairs, or how to run a stagger.

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A number of studies associate an increased risk of some diseases result from a deficiency of vitamin D namely :

1. Heart disease
A study found that vitamin D deficiency is associated with a number of cases of heart disease. This relation is based on the findings of 70 percent of patients who undergo coronary angiography detected experiencing a shortage of vitamin D.

2. Prostate cancer
Research in 2014 found a link between low vitamin D levels in the blood with prostate cancer aggressive in men of pedigreed European-americans and African-Americans. Vitamin D levels were studied in 667 men aged 40-79 years undergoing prostate biopsy. The result of the participants experiencing a deficiency of vitamin D are more prone to suffer from prostate cancer compared with men who levels of vitamin D in their blood cells are normal, especially in men of African American descent.

3. Schizophrenia
Different research in 2014 shows that a person who is in need of vitamin D at risk diagnosed with schizophrenia up to two-fold. Schizophrenia is a brain disorder severe characterized symptoms, such as hallucinations, the desire to withdraw from society, talk began to inconsequential, difficulty concentration. Although not yet able to be treated fully, schizophrenia can be treated through a treatment, such as behavioral therapy-cognitive therapy is a psychosocial, as well as education that involves the family and support group.

Basically, vitamin D deficiency can be prevented through the fulfillment of nutritional value of food day-to-day, but if this step is still not sufficient, please talk to your doctor to determine the dosage, schedule an appropriate examination, in accordance with the conditions, age, and level of severity caused by a lack of vitamin D. ( Read more : colon cancer test and cheap small business health insuranc )

Vitamin D Deficiency Symptoms In Adults And Child
Common symptoms that Your body actually vitamin D deficiency and be a signal to multiply the nutrients :

1. Excessive sweating
One of vitamin D deficiency in the newborn is forehead sweating. According to Holick, this also could be a harbinger for adults.

So, if You sweat when the temperature and the activity is stable, may it be a sign of a nutrient that is lacking in the body, namely vitamin D.

2. Suddenly weak
Vitamin D deficiency can make You feel tired even though had enough sleep.

A study from the University of Tulsa find, athletes who are deficient in vitamin D in the blood is not able to lift heavy loads, run fast or jump far and high. This is because, vitamin D has benefits to make muscle is to contract.

3. Feel depressed
An international study found, vitamin D is associated with depressed mood and depressed.

Likely, this happens because vitamin D works in the area of the brain and have an impact on hormones such as serotonin and dopamine, which affect mood.

4. The pain and soreness that often comes up with random
"It's not too often, but some experience pain and pain in the bones is known as ostomalacia," said Holick.

Those who are diagnosed with inflammation of the joints may have a deficiency of vitamin D in the body. This is because the presence of pain in the joints and muscles.

5. Fractures
Bone mass will stop woke up in the age of 30 years. According to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, vitamin D deficiency can accelerate and aggravate the osteoporosis.

5 Metastatic Breast Cancer Symptoms You Should Know !

Metastatic Breast Cancer Symptoms, In diagnosing metastatic breast cancer, the doctor will pay attention to the size of the lump, presence of lymph node involvement, and the presence of the spread on other organs. The third benchmark will determine the stage of the cancer, which is divided into Stages I - IV. Stage I considered early stage and stages up to stage IV as advanced stage.

5 Metastatic Breast Cancer Symptoms You Should Know !

Metastatic breast cancer can happen to some places, such as on the metastasis of the regional. Metastasis regional is the spread of cancer cells to regional lymph nodes near the breast. For example, as in the lymph nodes of the armpits or collarbone on the neck.

Metastasis is the spread of cancer cells from the organ of origin, in this case the breast, to other places. Metastases can occur through several ways, like through blood flow, lymph flow, or directly. The role of metastasis is very important in diagnosing cancer and treatment of breast cancer.

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The symptoms of metastatic Breast Cancer can be feels lump in the armpit or the area of the collarbone. If the lump is enlarged so that impede the flow of lymph, it can cause swelling in the hands.

Metastases can also occur in distant organs. The spread of the most common is to the bone, lung, brain, and liver. Bone Metastasis is usually cause pain in the bones.

The spread of cancer cells in the lungs cause prolonged coughing, tightness, and chest pain. The symptoms of metastases in the brain are pain of the head, visual disturbances, and seizures. If the skin becomes yellow, embossed nausea, or loss of appetite could be a sign of metastases to the liver.

If it has already happened metastases in distant organs, breast cancer would be considered stage IV, regardless of the size of the lump in the breast. Stage of breast cancer this will determine the action to be performed. Therefore, the handling of breast cancer can be very different depending on each case.
Please know that breast cancer is not limited to the breast, but can spread to many places. This spread will determine the diagnosis and stage of breast cancer, as well as how the treatment of breast cancer.

5 Metastatic Breast Cancer Symptoms You Should Know !

Common breast cancer symptoms
Women need to be more vigilant and recognize the diseases that are prone to attack them, one of them is breast cancer. One step in prevention is to recognize the physical symptoms.

You probably know the signs of breast cancer the most common is a lump that appears in the breast or in the armpit. Even so, the lump was not necessarily determine that it is malignant or not.

As reported by MSN, Andrew Putnam, Program director of Palliative Care at the Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center and Georgetown University, said that sometimes a lump of cancer embedded deep in the breast tissue, and so dense, to not feel.

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Very important observe a few other symptoms are commonly encountered in patients with breast cancer. These five symptoms of cancer of the other breast can be seen women physically on his body.

1. Itching, pain and reddening
The symptoms of breast cancer is when there is a feeling of heat when touched, and the breast is inflamed. Compared breast tumor cases in general, these symptoms more indicative of an inflammation caused by cancer. The breast swell, pain, skin redness and scaly. when considered more, the color will turn into purple like a bruise.

In the next stage, he will become dimpled or changed its character as the skin of an orange. The pain is similar to pain during PMS, however the itch will show an allergic reaction and is not lost in just a few days. Cancer cells in the breast will quickly block the blood vessels that feed the skin, this is why it feels hot, and inflamed.

 2. Swelling or lump in the armpit
The armpit so the area often indicate breast cancer. Cancer of the lymph nodes is usually indicated by pain in the neck area and throat. Lymphatic fluid, flowing from the breast so that no lumps are formed in the area of the armpit. In fact, when felt with the fingers, you will feel like there is a lump that is hard and attached.

5 Metastatic Breast Cancer Symptoms You Should Know !

This can happen because the lymph nodes in the armpit very near the area with the breast, thus giving the possibility of showing the symptoms of breast cancer.

3. Upper back pain
Usually spine specialist will first look for signs of tumor when a woman had complaints of back pain by matching the presence or absence of other symptoms. Signs symptoms of breast cancer usually starts from pain in the upper part of the spine between the shoulder blades, pain muscle tendon and osteoarthritis of the spine.

This happens because the breast tumor develops in the glandular tissue of the breast, then spread to the entire chest area. The growth of the tumor is pushed backward toward the ribs and spine. The resulting pain can be felt in the back than in the breast. Worse yet, breast cancer can metastasize and become secondary bone cancer.

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4. Changes in the nipple
Changes in the nipple of the breast also be a sign of breast cancer. Usually, the nipples sensitive to the touch, but when experiencing breast cancer, the sensitivity level is decreased drastically. The skin of the nipple of the breast also become crusty, scaly and inflamed. This is because a portion of the tumor that grows attached to the skin that pull the nipple and cause irritation and infection.

5. Change the shape of the breast
Not all tumors of the breast characterized by lumps in the breast. There are times when the shape of the breast will undergo a drastic change. Breast cancer, the shape can be more oval, or drops down and sticking to one side. Note the shape of the breast carefully, whether the shape changed a bit strange? Need further examination if it does not go missing. ( Read more : colon cancer test and cheap small business health insuranc )

6 Bladder Cancer Symptoms And Signs Most People Ignore

Bladder cancer symptoms, Bladder cancer is a malignant tumor that occurs in the bladder. The bladder itself is an organ that serves to accommodate the urine before it is channeled out of the body during urination. Symptoms of bladder cancer is often difficult to be identified so that a lot of people don't know. This sign can occur in men and women. Although most common in the bladder, this type of cancer can grow deep into the muscle layer of the bladder and can spread to other parts of the body. ( Read more : colon cancer test and cheap small business health insuranc )

6 Bladder Cancer Symptoms And Signs Most People Ignore

Bladder cancer is a disease that often occurs in people over the age of 50 years. Men are more susceptible to bladder cancer than women. You can prevent bladder cancer by reducing risk factors. Please consult with Your doctor for more information.

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Here are the symptoms of bladder cancer below You should not ignor :

1. There Is Blood In The Urine
One of the signs of bladder cancer the most common is the urine bloody. However, many people consider this to include the normal problems such as urinary tract infections.

Therefore, the best way is to go to the gynecological examination immediately to find out more about the condition of Your health.

2. Pain During Bowel Movements
When You urinate and you feel a burning in the genitals, there is a possibility of the urinary bladder You experience the problem.This sign can occur in both men and women.

3. Often Waste Water
Frequent urination but when urinating very little, or only a few drops, this is a sign of a bladder infection and bladder cancer.

4. Leg Swelling Is Not Normal
When Your feet suddenly swell abnormally, accompanied by back pain is sudden, it may be a sign of bladder cancer.

Bladder cancer can make Your kidneys has encountered a problem and trigger a buildup of water in Your body. That's why Your feet are swollen.

5. Urine Change Color
Lack of fluids can trigger the urine change color to dark, but if you drink water in the normal amount but the urine remained dark and murky you have to be alert, There could be a problem conceived Your bladder.

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6 Bladder Cancer Symptoms And Signs Most People Ignore

Risk factors

Certain factors that increase Your risk of developing bladder cancer is :
  • Smoking
  • More than 40 years old
  • Often exposed to chemicals such as arsenic, chemicals in home dyes, rubber, textile, leather, paint
  • Never use drugs for the treatment of cancer the previous
  • Experience a bladder infection of chronic
  • Having a family history of having bladder cancer 
Medicine and Treatment

The information provided is not a substitute for medical advice. ALWAYS consult Your doctor. Patients with bladder cancer require surgery to remove the tumor. The Tumor can be removed with a colonoscopy (using a tube light that is inserted into the bladder).

The operation depends on the type and extent of spread of cancer cells. If the tumor is too large, may need to do the cutting of the bladder. After this operation is carried out, Your urine will be placed in a special place that is implanted in the body.

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The recovery of the patient can be done by giving analgesics, radiation therapy, and drugs anti-cancer (chemotherapy).