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Modafinil Pill : Best Sleeping Pills Over The Counter

Modafinil pill is a drug used to treat some types of sleep disorders. Several sleep disorders the specialized sense of excessive sleepiness in the daytime and sleep apnea. This drug is also used to treat sleep disorders workers who are familiar with the systems time working shifts (shift work sleep disorder). This drug works by changing the amount of a substance in the brain that control the need to sleep or wake up. Modafinil helps patients with sleep disorders to stay awake and prevent the occurrence of sleep attacks suddenly for patients with narcolepsy, especially when patients are in public areas. However, this drug can not be used to replace the adequacy of the time of sleep and rest daily. People with this sleep disorder still requires handling advanced with the doctors to overcome the disorders of his sleep.

modafinil pill

These drugs do not cure sleep disorders and may not get rid of the drowsiness You overall. Modafinil does not replace sleep. This drug should not be used to treat tiredness or to postpone sleep in people who do not have sleep disorders. It is not known how modafinil works to make a person awake. Allegedly, this drug works by affecting a certain part in the brain that control sleep/wake cycles.

The drug is currently only on offer for adults.and the dose of Modafinil for the children not yet FDA-approved. Reports side effects of dermatology that serious and the problem of psychiatric has made the Advisory Committee Pediatric the FDA gave a special warning regarding the use of modafinil in children be added to the label of the manufacturer; use only if the first treatment and the second not successful and not risky. Children less than 30 kg: 200-340 mg once daily. Children more than 30 kg: 300-425 m.

What kind of side effects that can be experienced because of Modafinil?

Get medical help if You experience signs of this as of an allergic reaction: hives; difficult breathing; swelling of the face, lips, tongue, or throat.

Stop using modafinil and contact your doctor immediately if You experience any of the following symptoms :
  • Fever, sore throat, headache, and vomiting with a high body temperature, skin rashes, peeling, and redness
  • Bruising, tingling, severe, numbness, pain, muscle weakness
  • Bruise or bleed easily
  • White patches or sores inside your mouth or of Your lips
  •  Hallucinations, thoughts or unusual behavior
  • Depression, anxiety, aggression
  • Chest pain, heart rate irregular
  • Headache, dizziness
  • Feel nervous or restless
  • Nausea, diarrhea
  • Difficult sleep (insomnia)
  • Dry mouth
NOTE : Not all people experience such side effects. There may be some side effects not listed above. If You have particular concerns about side effects, please consult with your doctor or pharmacist.

modafinil pill

Warning , this Drug is banned to give to :
  • Women who are pregnant, breastfeeding, and baby is not recommended to consume this drug.
  • Children under the age of 18 years is not recommended to consume this drug.
  • Patients with arrhythmias, hypertension, or other disorders of the organs of the heart.
  • Never suffered from depression and bouts of restless.
  • Have a history of personality disorders such as bipolar, low confidence, psychosis (assess reality with fantasy patients), and mania (feeling happy is an exaggeration).
  •  Patients who are sensitive or have allergies to the content of the drugs or certain foods, preservatives, dyes, and animals.
  • Patients with disorders of the kidneys or liver.
  • Have a history of drug abuse or drink alcohol.
  • Patients who are undergoing other treatments at the same time, including therapy, supplements, herb medicine, or complementary medicine.
  • See your doctor immediately if an allergic reaction or overdose while using modafinil.
Some other symptoms that are not too common are vertigo, skin rash, itching, shortness of breath, fever, back pain, sweating, and difficulty moving muscles or difficult to move. Please stop using this medication and tell your doctor if You feel the above symptoms or other symptoms suspected associated with modafinil.

Miralax Pills, Uses, Dosage and Side Effects

Miralax Pills is a laxative (laksansia) used to cope with difficult defecate (constipation) because the stool hardens and builds up in the area of the rectum, the feces hard and large-sized (mega colon), and felt a tremendous pain in the area around the anus during straining. Before deciding to use the drug miralax it would be better, if You first learn the indications, contraindications, dosage, side effects, and other important information below. Miralax Pills is a class drug-free and available in pharmacies in the form of a tube of 5 ml containing sodium lauryl sulfoasetat 0,045 g, sodium citrate 0,450 g, PEG 400 0,625 g, sorbitol 4,465 g, sorbic acid 0.005 g, and pure water 6,250 g.

miralax pills

Miralax is one of the brands of laxatives (laksansia) which is available in pharmacies. This drug is used to relieve constipation, and disorders of defecate. In addition, it can be used also in the preparation before the examination of the large intestine. Laxatives or laksansia is a substance that can stimulate the peristaltic movement of the intestines as a direct response against the intestinal wall. Laxatives or laksansia can be classified based on the pharmacological properties and chemical, ie such as the following :

1. Laksansia Contact (Substance Stimulant) Laxatives of this type are composed of materials such as sennae foliolum, bisakodil, phenolphthalein, rhei radix and oleum ricini which stimulates directly the intestinal wall resulting in increased peristalsis and dispensing the contents of the intestine quickly.

2. Laksansia Osmotic Laxative this type consists of inorganic salts of ions of divalent such as, magnesium sulfate, sorbitol, mannitol, glycerol, and lactulose which works by soften the stool and enlarge their volume as a mechanical stimulation upon the walls of the intestine.

3. Laksansia Magnifying the Volume of a Laxative which consists of substances membranes such as agar-agar, methylcellulose and CMC and and substances of vegetable psyllium, and bran.

4. Laksansia Lubricant and Emollientia Laxative consisting of sodium lauryl sulfoasetat, sodium docusenat and liquid paraffin. Substance sodium works by soften the stool by increasing the penetration of water into it, while the paraffin lubricate the forwarding stool and works as a lubricating material.

Drug application miralax by means inserted into the rectal orifice that functions to improve bowel movement and help empty the contents of the intestine without mengiritasinya. The drug is easy to use and in just less than 30 minutes is already at work in the body both in adults and young children.

Miralax work with three how to work at once, namely, sodium lauryl sulfoasetat that works by lowering surface tension of stool so that the stool is easily wetted, sorbitol absorbs water into the large intestine or the rectum to soften hard stool, PEG 400 that will lubricate the rectum so that the stool is easily expelled. Of 3 the mechanism is exactly miralax will facilitate a defecate.

miralax pills

Indications and Uses miralax

Based on the explanation about the mechanism it works, then these drugs can be used for:

  • Constipation of rectal and sigmoid. 
  • Constipation in pregnancy. 
  • Constipation habitual. 
  • Transitorik in children, fekaloma and skibala. 
  • Preoperative preparation (parturition, gynecological, surgery of the anus). 
  • Preparation anoscopy and rektoskopi.
Contraindications Please note! Not all people may use this drug, miralax should not be given to people with the following conditions:
  • People who have allergies or hypersensitivity to one or some of the material contained in the miralax. 
  • People with hemorrhoids acute. 
  • Patients with inflammation of the large intestine
Side effects miralax 

Although it has been proven to be safe and there has never been reports of side effects, but in some people miralax may be able to potentially cause side effects as the following: Sensation of a little pain sometimes can be felt. Some people who have an allergy to miralax may be symptoms such as redness on the skin. The use of excessive and in the long term can cause diarrhea and in severe conditions can result in lack of fluids.

Warnings and cautions 

Before and during the use of this drug, pay attention to the following things :

  • Laxatives are only used if really needed (only for short-term use). 
  • Do not use on patients with acute hemorrhoids and someone who is suffering from inflammation in the large intestine. 
  • Avoid use if known the presence of an allergic reaction to one or some of the material contained in the Microlax. 
  • Before use please note the date of the expiry date indicated on the packaging. 
  • Before use make sure that the dosage of the drug is still wrapped up well and has never been opened.
  • miralax has been proven safe to use on young children, pregnant women, nursing mothers and people with advanced age. If you want to be sure You can consult with the doctor.

Oxygen pills : Brain Enhancement Pills, Prevent Vertigo, Migraine and Stroke

Oxygen pills - Factors intake of less healthy foods certainly very influential to the work of blood circulation, especially the circulation of blood to and from the brain. If the blood circulation to the brain is not smooth as clogged by bad cholesterol or glucose then negative consequences will occur such as vertigo, migraine and even stroke up to our body part. necessary for its main purpose is to facilitate the circulation of blood to and from the brain. And also accompanied with regenerate the brain cells, rejuvenating the cells of the brain will greatly help the performance of the brain in order to be more optimal.

Oxygen pills

But of course the rejuvenation of the brain cells also need to be coupled with exercise-exercise routine that can improve the intelligence we like to read books, memorize something and also do a game that drains our mind such as for example a Sudoku game. As muscle cells are often trained will be more powerful and contain, so did our brain cells more and given nutrition tools and getting trained then it will be more able to work much more optimally again.

Is the supplement brain vitaBrain are made from 100% natural herbal ingredients namely Gotu kola leaf (Centella Asiatica). The content of the benefits from the leaves of Centella Asiatica is really very extraordinary, such as to accelerate blood circulation, lowers bad cholesterol, and also to improve the memory of our brain. The leaves of Gotu kola is also recognized by the united nations (WHO) as one of “The Most Healing herbs”.

well, the first thing that must be considered is whether the supplement is derived from ingredients=ingredients natural (herbal) or of various chemicals. Many circulating in the market of brain supplements are made from ingredients that are not natural aka chemicals. Instead of not good, it could be the supplement of chemicals such there is the efficacy of the positive. But of course that is made of materials experience better. Do does not have side effects? all supplements or drugs of course have side effects but as far as it is consumed according to the dosage recommended certainly will not cause a big problem later in the day.

Oxygen pills

 How To Increase Oxygen In The Blood

People who experience hypoxemia (blood oxygen level is low) usually shows symptoms such as shortness of breath, restless, disorientation, headaches, high blood pressure and bluish skin. Here are some important nutrients that can increase oxygen in the blood:

1. Iron
Anemia occurs because iron levels in the body low and menyebabkna reduced levels of hemoglobin, i.e. the carrier of oxygen in the blood. This could lead to hypoxemia.

The University of Maryland Medical Center recommends foods rich in iron such as meat, poultry, fish, nuts, green leafy vegetables, whole wheat bread and pasta that are enriched in iron to treat anemia. Thus can also increase the levels of oxygen in the blood.

2. A low-fat Diet
Some studies reveal that foods high in fat can lead to insulin resistance and sleep apnea (disruption of breathing during sleep).

Sleep apnea can be associated with the risk factors of hypoxemia. For that, eat high fiber, low fat diet with emphasis on fruits and vegetables can help increase the oxygen levels in the blood.

3. Fruit and vegetables
An article published in Cancer Active revealed that the acidic environment in the blood can lead to reduced oxygen levels and increases the risk of certain cancers.

The consumption of alkaline water in the fruit and vegetables that are rich in potassium and magnesium as bananas, potatoes, tomatoes and green leafy vegetables, can help reduce acidity and treat hypoxemia.

Fruits and vegetables, according to, also is a high source of antioxidants such as vitamin C and vitamin E, which protect blood cells the oxygen-carrying against the harmful effects of free radicals.

4. A Diet low in sodium
According to a study published Hypertension, foods low in sodium can result in increased oxygenation of the kidney through the blood. A Diet low in sodium is to reduce sodium intake to less than 2000 mg per day and increase fruit and vegetables, beans, peas, nuts and seeds.

Best 3 HGH Pills For Sale : Human Growth Hormone Pills and Supplements

HGH pills for sale : human growth Hormone (or HGH) is a member of the family of endocrine hormones. This family includes the hormones such as testosterone, estrogen, melatonin, and DHEA. The production of HGH and other hormones decrease with age. While all of these hormones have anti-aging, only HGH far beyond the scope of the other hormones to prevent biological aging and also to reverse many symptoms of aging and even certain diseases of aging.

HGH is known as the endocrine hormones are the most abundant of which is produced by the pituitary gland. Human growth hormone is released at a rate that peaked during the mid-twenties, when young people grow.

HGH Pills For Sale

Decreased production of human growth hormone is directly associated with certain signs of aging such as wrinkles , gray hair, decreased energy and sexual drive, erectile dysfunction in men and menopause in women, increased body fat, heart disease and blood pressure problems, weak and brittle bones, and much more. Although HGH can't stop the aging process altogether, human growth hormone can significantly alleviate the physical signs and restore energy levels, bone strength, hair color, condition of Your skin, treat insomnia , and for most people, a mass increase of young muscle while reducing body fat.

Best HGH products : HGH pills for sale that we recommended are :
  • GenF20 HGH
  • HGH Energizer
  • 3 GenFX

Human Growth Hormone

human growth hormone also called somatotropin. This is a protein hormone containing 190 amino acids (protein) that is produced by the pituitary gland. There are 2 main HGH benefits, both of which are very vital for the human body as active as You'll see below.

One of the major benefits of HGH is its direct effects on other kinds of cells. Human growth hormone binds to its receptor on target cells, then make a specific action. For example, one of the targets of HGH are fat cells, so they have human growth hormone receptors. Once bonded there, the human growth hormone causes them to break down triglyceride and suppresses their ability to take up and accumulate circulating lipids, which means HGH can prevent the storage of fat.

If we talk about HGH - human growth hormone, what do we mean by growth? Yes, growth usually means something getting bigger. This does not mean that the human growth hormone needed to grow and if You take HGH supplements, You'll add some height. However, human growth hormone does not stimulate the synthesis of cartilage cells, resulting in bone growth.

HGH is also produces muscle growth. stimulate human growth hormone both the differentiation and proliferation of muscle cells, stimulates the absorption of amino acids and synthesizes protein in muscle tissue. This is where human growth hormone's ability to influence overall muscle

The benefits of HGH

HGH plays an important role for the growth of children and for metabolism in adults. Scientific research has found that decreased levels of HGH cause the unwanted effects of aging. In the last 50 years, scientists have studied human growth hormone and find a lot of positive HGH effects for the mind, body and energy levels.

HGH Pills For Sale

If there are so many positive HGH effects, there is a question: how to increase HGH levels? The first idea is the HGH derived from human pituitary glands of deceased donors. This operation is made HGH incredibly rare and very expensive. HGH was administered as a supplement only by injection - that was the only way known to get human growth hormone back into the blood stream. Fortunately, further research has developed another way to release HGH: specifically formulated HGH supplements that the pituitary gland itself direct the body to produce and secrete their original, youthful levels of HGH.

Scientific research has discovered the amazing effects of HGH the following:
  • The effect of anti-aging up to 20 years
  • The reduction of body extra fat and cellulite
  • An increase in muscle
  • Improvement of sexual satisfaction and sex drive
  • Increase energy levels
  • Insomnia treatment
  • The increased ability of memory and emotions stable
  • Improved appearance of the skin
However, You should not think that all the effects of HGH come in one second. You should take the HGH supplement for at least 3 months to see the effects of HGH major:
  • First month: Improved stamina, better sleep, feel refreshed when you wake up, increase energy levels, attitude is optimistic and emotional, good sense of humor, no signs of depression and anxiety .
  • Second month: Improved muscle tone, nail growth, increased strength, weight loss , sexual function enhanced, less skin care problems, better digestion , and better eyesight, especially night vision.
  • Third month: muscle size and increase strength, no signs of hair loss or female hair loss , overall male enhancement or female enhancement , less pain, improvement of mental processes, the recovery of the wound fast and less muscle soreness, reduction in PMS symptoms, body flexibility , and alleviation of some menopausal symptoms.
  • Fourth Month: The but more consistent improvements of the same, as listed above.
  • Fifth Month: weight loss Impressive, greater skin elasticity, healthy appearance, complete acne treatment , and reduction of wrinkles.
  • Sixth Month: blood Pressure normal, cholesterol level lowered, all other body systems continue to improve.
HGH Side Effects

If You choose a product from the list of HGH supplements on the above, there should be no side effects or known drug interactions. HGH supplement is manufactured at GMP certified laboratories, that is, pharmaceutical quality labs of the highest standards in the United States. Check with Your doctor if You have or suspect You might have certain conditions which can be influenced by HGH supplements.

HGH supplement in a low dose, safe-administration forms (like tablets, cream or-the-shape under the tongue) which is approved by the FDA on the market under the Dietary supplement Health Legislation and Education in 1994. The FDA oversees this category of HGH supplements, and does not take action in cases where dietary supplements are proven to cause undue harm to consumers, this means You have the assurance of FDA scrutiny.

Why HGH supplements

Initially, human growth hormones were only available in very expensive injections of HGH derived from donors ' pituitary glands. HGH can not be absorbed into the bloodstream by other methods except for injection, because it is too difficult to pass through the walls of the digestive system, for example. However, a new generation of HGH supplements use natural formula of the new to trigger and stimulate the pituitary gland to produce and secrete more HGH itself. This means when You take HGH supplements, You do not drink or eat human growth hormones, HGH goes into your body through the glandular system - just as when You were in your 20s.

Overactive Bladder Control Pills, Diagnosis and Treatment For Urinary Incontinence

Before you specify bladder control pills , you should know about the Thursday in the following reviews. Bladder overactive or overactive bladder is a problem on the storage function of the bladder causes a sudden urge to urinary. This urge may be difficult to stop, and a bladder overactive can cause a discharge of urine by force (incontinence).

The urinary system consists of :
  • two of the kidneys
  • two of the ureter (the tube that connects the kidney with the bladder)
  • bladder
  • the urethra (the tube that carries urine from the bladder out of the body)
There are many muscles that are also involved in the process of urination. This creates many areas for potential problems. The health of the bladder and kidneys, blockage, and muscle problems can all lead to bladder overactive.

Bladder Control Pills

How umumkah bladder overactive ?

Overactive bladder for millions of people around the world. According to the National Association of Continence (NAFC), one in five adults over the age of 40 affected by bladder overactive or recurrent symptoms related to urgency and frequency. Eighty-five percent of the people are women. In addition, one in four women experience urine leakage at one time or at any other time.

However, this can be overcome by reducing Your risk factors. Make it a discussion with your doctor for more information.

Signs & symptoms

What are the signs and symptoms of bladder overactive?
  • With the bladder overactive, You can:
  • feel the sudden urge to urinate that is difficult to be controlled
  • experience urge incontinence—the urine directly out forcibly after the urge urge to urinate
  • more frequent urination, usually eight or more times in 24 hours
  • awakened two or more times at night to urinate (nocturia)
  •  even though You may be able to go to the toilet just in time when You feel the urge urge to urinate, frequent urination unexpectedly and urination the middle of the night can disrupt Your life.
Although this is common in people of advanced age, bladder overactive is not a normal part of aging. If Your symptoms make You depressed, consider behavior strategies and options to address them. Available treatment that may be able to help You.

If You experience any signs or symptoms mentioned above, or have any questions, consult the doctor. The body of each person reacts in a different way. Always better to discuss what is best for Your circumstances with the doctor.

The cause of bladder overactive

The cause is not fully understood. The bladder muscle (detrusor) seems to become overactive and squeeze (contract) when You don't want it. Typically, the bladder muscles relax while the bladder is filled gradually. When the bladder is stretchable gradually, we get the feeling of wanting to urinate when the bladder has been half full. Most people can hold it easily for a while after there is a feeling that until the time is right to go to the toilet.

However, in people with the syndrome of overactive, the bladder muscle seems to send the wrong message to the brain. The bladder can feel full than it actually is. Of the bladder to contract too early when not very full and when You don't want it. This can make You suddenly want to go to the toilet. As a result, You lose a lot of control over when Your bladder contracts to urinate.

In most cases, the reason why bladder overactive is not known. This so-called syndrome of the bladder overactive. Symptoms can worsen in times of stress. Symptoms can also worsen because of the caffeine in tea, coffee, soda, and therefore alcohol, etc.

In a number of cases, the symptoms of bladder overactive occurs as a complication of the disease related to the nerve or the brain such as:
  • after a stroke
  • Parkinson's disease
  • multiple sclerosis
  • after spinal cord injury
In addition, similar symptoms can occur if You have a urine infection or stones in Your bladder. Actually, these conditions are not classed as a syndrome of the bladder are overactive because the cause is known.

Risk factors bladder overactive

As you get older, You are more likely to get bladder overactive. You are also at higher risk of getting the disease and disorders, such as prostate enlargement and diabetes, which may contribute to the problem of bladder function.

A lot of people with setbacks the cognitive—for example, after a stroke or in Alzheimer's disease—affected areas of the bladder overactive. Incontinence resulting from such a situation can be overcome with the schedule of consumption of fluids, waste water timed and driven, outfits that absorbs and program bowel movements.

Some people with bladder overactive also have problems control bowel movements; tell the doctor if You have this problem.

Bladder Control Pills

Medicine and Treatment

If You don't have the urge urge to urinate, the doctor will check to make sure that You do not have an infection or blood in the urine Adna. The doctor may also want to make sure that You are fully emptying the bladder when urinating. The doctor will look for clues that may also indicate factors associated. Examination of this possibility included:
  • medical history
  • physical examination focusing on the abdomen and genitals
  • a urine sample to test for infection, traces of blood or other abnormalities
  • neurological examination focused that can identify problems or abnormal reflexes
How to treat a bladder infection effective and safe

1. Drink more water 
Why did this solution help? Because the water can eliminate bacteria in the bladder so that the infection can be healed more quickly. Water also makes the urine more dilute so that the pain when removing it so reduced. If his urine is concentrated and dark colored, it will be more painful when removing it, especially when suffering from bladder infection.

Another case with a urine dilute that the color is more bright, it usually won't be too hurt. Therefore, patients with bladder infections it is recommended to drink at least 8 glasses of water per day. In addition, the consumption of caffeinated drinks such as coffee, tea, and soda should also be limited, because the substance can irritate the bladder more.

2. Urination regular 
urination routine can help eliminate the infection because it makes the bacteria out of the bladder. On the contrary, the action of holding your urine actually causes the bacteria evolved multiple times in the bladder. Couples intercourse intimpun it is recommended to urinate after. The reason is because sexual activity can push bacteria deeper into the urethra (in both men and women).

Urination after intercourse can remove bacteria from the urinary tract so that there's no chance for germs to remain and cause infection. Well so that you can urinate regularly, then You need to do advice no.1 last, and immediately went to the bathroom, so the ‘call of nature’ came.

3. Taking antibiotics 
Antibiotics have the ability to kill the bacteria that cause the infection. Hence, when You feel the symptoms mentioned earlier, immediately consult to the doctor. Let the doctor diagnose whether the cause of the symptoms are really due to urinary tract infection, or due to other factors such as sexually transmitted diseases, vaginal infections, or other disorders. So already detected the cause, then appropriate treatment can be done.

You are advised to immediately see a doctor if symptoms last experienced more than 2 days, or if gets worse. This indicates that You need antibiotics to treat a bladder infection. Their age is ripe, pregnant, or suffering from serious diseases such as diabetes, should also immediately see a doctor if you experience discomfort when urinating.

About how long her treatment, it all depends of the type of medication prescribed and patient's overall health condition. Important for the patient to spend all the antibiotics even when symptoms are already gone. This is to ensure that harmful bacteria are completely gone from the body.

4. The consumption of pain medication
If the infection is severe enough, then it can cause pain in the pelvic area even when sufferers are not urinating. Although the infection can be treated with antibiotics, but it takes 1-2 days for the drug to work. So to relieve stomach cramps, back pain, or other discomfort that is felt, You can take painkillers. You can buy painkiller such as acetaminophen (paracetamol), or ibuprofen at the pharmacy. But should pay attention to the rules of life.

5. Use a warm compress 
Put a warm compress over the abdomen or back can also relieve pain caused bladder infections. Warm compresses will relax tense muscles and improve blood flow.

6. Avoid wearing tight clothes 
Bacteria love to live in warm and moist environments. To prevent it breed more again, avoid wearing tight clothing especially in the area of the organ of intimacy, whether it's panties or jeans for example. Instead, wear loose pants made of cotton that are breathable, or skirt so that air circulation is increased.

In addition, some medications can also interfere with the process of storage and distribution of normal urine, and can increase the production of urine. Such drugs are:
  • Anti-depressant drugs.
  • Drugs for hormone replacement therapy (HRT).
  • Drug sedative.
  • Enzyme inhibitors modifiers angiotensin
  • Diuretic.
Your doctor may also recommend treatment to prevent a recurrence of a bladder infection, for example by drinking low-dose antibiotics every day. Treat bladder infections with medication alone is not enough. Ongoing handling should involve lifestyle and diet day-to-day.

Gout Pills, Treatment and Medications : How To Treat and Reduce Uric Acid

Before we explain about Gout pills reviews , we need to know about the disease gout. Uric acid or better known as gouty arthritis, is one of the forms of arthritis (joint inflammation). Common symptoms are a sudden pain, swelling, a sense of heat and stiffness in the joint area, especially on the toe of the feet, ankles and knees. This disease more often affects men. Gout is caused by urate crystals that accumulate in joints, causing swelling and urate crystals are formed due to high acid levels in the blood. The body produces acid, in the form of purine, a natural substance that can be found on the body and some types of food, for example meat offal, asparagus and mushrooms.

gout pills

Drug Uric Acid is very dependent on each patient's case. For the treatment, usually the doctor will prescribe anti inflammation for example ibuprofen or colchicine can help reduce pain of gout. Can also with allopurinol which serves to inhibit the formation of acids in the blood. Uric acid drug can be purchased at a pharmacy with a doctor's prescription.

Some of the preventive measures of the disease uric acid :
  • Should limit alcohol consumption.
  • Drink plenty of water and reduce sugary drinks.
  • Consuming lots of fruits and vegetables, limit the consumption of red meat, in this case the source of the protein can be replaced with low-fat milk.
  • Keep the weight and lower the weight if excess.
If not treated properly, gout can harm joints, tendons and other tissue even the risk of kidney stones.

Therefore, the doctor will usually give the gout drug to ease the symptoms as well as lowering high uric acid levels in the body. What gout drug that You can find in the pharmacy ?

Gout pills to ease the aches and pains :

1. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory (NSAIDS)

Drugs NSAIDS are the kinds of painkillers, pain, and inflammation. Examples of NSAIDS are ibuprofen, naproxen sodium, and indomethacin. All these medicines are given to relieve the pain arising due to the uric acid levels are too high. Usually the doctor will prescribe medication uric acid if symptoms are quite severe and acute.

Drugs NSAIDS have side effects that can harm the health, just have side effects with mild symptoms. However in extreme cases, You may experience symptoms such as, stomach bleeding, intestinal bleeding, and heart problems.

2. Colchinie

Colchinie (Colcrys, Mitigare) is also a type of painkiller that is often given by the doctor to gout patients. Gout drug works in two different ways, namely to treat the symptoms of the gout acute and prevent the recurrence of gout.

If You are experiencing the symptoms of gout such as fever and joint swelling are severe, then generally a doctor will recommend drinking Colchinie as much as 2 times in one time. While the dose administered to prevent the symptoms come again as many as one to two tablets a day. The use of Colchinie in the long term can lead to impaired kidney and liver function.

3. Corticosteroids

Gout medicines such as corticosteroids (Meticorten, Sterapred, Sterapred DS) will be given if drugs NSAIDS and Colchinie not be able to cope with the symptoms of gout tyang experienced by sufferers. Like NSAIDS and Colchinie, corticosteroids has a main function, namely as a painkiller.

Corticosteroids administered in pill form or liquid injections. Side effects that may arise from the use of corticosteroids is can increase the blood sugar levels, make the mood easily changed, as well as the risk to raise blood pressure.

gout pills

Gout medicines to lower uric acid levels :

1. Probenecid

The drug probenecid (Benemid) is given to help the body excrete uric acid overload through the urine. Someone who is taking the gout drug of this type recommended to drink at least 2 liters of mineral water per day to prevent the formation of crystals because uric acid. The use of the drug probenecid excessive can cause pain in the abdomen and impaired renal function.

2. Allupurinol

Allupurinol has a way of working that is almost the same with probenecid, which is useful for lowering uric acid by inhibiting the formation of uric acid in the body. The effect of saping that often arise in the use of allupurinol is abdominal pain, dizziness, diarrhea, and itching in the skin. If the symptoms of itching and the fever continues then you should refrain from the use of these drugs. Dosage of allupurinol which is recommended is one tablet per day.

3. Febuxostat

Febuxostat (Uloric) work by inhibiting the formation of uric acid that is usually given to patients with gout who already have the disease more than 40 years. Gout drug should not be taken concomitantly with 6-mercaptopurine (6-MP) or azathioprine. The use of febuxostat will cause side effects such as diarrhea, the body feels pain, and dizziness.

4. Pegloticase

Medication gout types of pegloticase (Krytexxa) will be given if the other drugs that have been given not powerful to overcome the disease. Usually uric acid drug is given to patients who experience disease uric acid chronic through the blood vessels. Someone who is allergic to pegloticase should not be taking the drug because it would endanger his life. 

It is important to follow all instructions given by the doctor in taking the gout pills. This drug usually must continue to be used during an attack of gout has not yet subsided, until two days after the attack subsides to prevent relapse.

If gout pills less able to relieve the symptoms of the disease of uric acid or You are not allowed to consume these drugs due to certain conditions, doctors may prescribe colchicine as a substitute which is also efficacious to relieve pain and swelling. Colchicine rarely gives rise to side effects. Side effects such as abdominal pain, nausea, and diarrhea usually occur if the drug is consumed in high doses.

In the case of gout disease with severe symptoms which could not be appeased with gout pills or colchicine, your doctor usually will prescribe a corticosteroid. In addition in tablet form, this drug can also be given the doctor in the form of injection to relieve the pain quickly.

When used in low doses and in a brief period of time, corticosteroids rarely cause side effects. On the contrary, if used in high doses and long periods of time, this medication may cause side effects, such as muscle feels limp, the skin is easy bruising, bone thinning, and weight gain.

Top 10 Muscle Building Pills, Best Protein Powder Supplements

Choose top 10 muscle building pills You need among the many products offered the market is definitely confusing. In fact, Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is not, or not yet, fully oversee supplements-muscle supplements circulating. So, You should consult with your doctor or nutritionist before You to be tempted to consume one of these protein suplemen pil. We will equip You with basic knowledge about mind-boggling terms that are sold by supplement-supplements muscle.

Top 10 Muscle Building Pills

1.Whey Protein

Whey Protein is a supplement that is very safe for consumption and can supply the body about 19-30 grams of protein per serving depending on the level of its purity. As we know that protein is the raw material for muscle builders. Whey protein is supplementation protein that is quickly absorbed by the body to build and maintain muscle mass. In addition, whey protein also contains calcium, magnesium, and various minerals that are essential to support the health of the body. Various studies show that whey protein is effective for programs to help the formation of muscle and weight loss through several different mechanisms.

Here is the function of Whey Protein :

A. Lowering The Fat Content
Researchers from the Minnesota's Applied Research Center found that people who diet by reducing calories accompanied by supplementation of whey protein can decrease the fat content of the body a lot more than just applying a low calorie diet.

B. Increase Muscle Mass
Adding muscle mass can speed up weight loss. This is because the body will burn more calories if the muscle more and more. The results of research experts from the University of Texas Medical Branch, showed that consumption of whey protein after weight training can enhance muscle growth by stimulating the formation of muscle protein.

C. Reduce Appetite
Add the intake of whey protein can suppress appetite, thus lowering the calorie intake and increase the burning of fat. A study published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism showed that after consuming whey protein, then the calorie intake we will be a little more than usual.

2. Creatine

Creatine is a combination of several amino acids specifically form its own function. The components forming Creatine is a glycine, agrinine, and methionine. The human body naturally produces Creatine better in the liver, pancreas, and kidney. Creatine is produced is drained by the blood to the muscles. So reaches the muscles, creatine is converted to phospocreatine (creatine phosphate), which contribute to the formation of fuel of the body known as ATP (adenosine triphospate).

The benefits of supplementation of creatine:
  • Helps the formation of muscle fat-free
  • Increase the volume of muscle cells
  • Increase muscle strength
  • Accelerate recovery after exercise
creatine Matrix that can resist the effects of water retention in our body, the product is quite rekomded creatine powder pure who have been tested for many years potent and safe. Many people assume the function of creatine is as a magnifying muscle, this is not wrong but less right. Indeed, the main function of creatine is to improve muscle power or stamina muscles, creatine is able to prolong the muscle contraction so that the performance of Your workout increases, the Creatine will increase ATP production, a substance that can increase the longer muscle contraction.

Side effects of creatine is water retention where cell and surrounding cells enlarged, well the effect of this enlargement is not permanent but only as long as You consume creatine, and still it is not clear whether the presence of this water retention will increase protein synthesis in muscle. Therefore I like to think of creatine as a performance enhancer rather than magnifying the muscles, but because it is very popular and many feel the result I enter here as well.

Use creatine is before and after exercise, usually begins with a loading phase wherein during 5 consecutive days of creatine consumed as much as 20mg or 4 teaspoons full a day. After that followed 2 tablespoons just a day before and after exercise each spoonful. And the use of creatine usually for 3 full months on the bulking or adding muscle mass. Today creatine is the purest in the world manufactured by SKW Tostberg in Germany with the trademark Creapure, and can find the logo Creapure for the best creatine powder is the purest in the world and also hygienic. 

Top 10 Muscle Building Pills

3. Glutamine

Glutamine is the most plentiful amino acids found in the body. More than 60 percent of skeletal muscle tissue are formed by glutamine. A study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition reported that growth hormone increased by 440 percent after using the supplementation of glutamine. Growth hormone can enhance the development of muscle mass and help the process of burning fat into energy.

Another study conducted at Louisiana State University Medical College provides 2 grams of glutamine to 9 healthy athletes in the morning, 45 minutes after breakfast. As a result, the growth hormone they increase up to 440 percent 90 minutes after taking the supplement glutamine.
L-glutamine is abundant in the body will prevent the shrinkage of muscles and help recovery. L-glutamine is used as a supplement post - workout.

4. Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA)

Supplementation another no less popular among fitnessmania is BCAA or branch-chained amino acids. BCAA consists of three amino acids namely leucine, isoleucine and valine. The third amino acid has the role by 30 percent in the formation of skeletal muscle in the body. As well as whey protein, BCAA can help the formation of muscles, help the recovery of muscle post exercise, and helps the transport of nutrients toward the muscle cells.

BCAAS also help improve the durability of the body when performing resistance exercises such as marathon, swimming, or cycling.

What are the benefits of taking BCAA supplements?

Prevents The Shrinkage Of Muscles
BCAA is very important to prevent catabolism (shrinkage) of the muscles at the time of recovery after exercise.

Helps Reduce Muscle Pain
BCAAS help to delay muscle soreness and muscle damage due to exercise in the long term. The less damage and muscle pain will make the recovery to be faster.

Help Dispose Of Body Fat
BCAA help You reduce body fat. BCAA also set up and maintain a sense of fullness of satiety, leptin, glucose, adiposity, and weight gain.

5. Nitric Oxide (NO)

Nitric Oxide or often also known as NO has the common name of nitric oxide or nitric oxide and nitrogen monoxide as the name of its systematic. Nitric Oxide is a chemical compound with chemical formula NO. This Gas is an important molecule in the human body. Muscle-ngepump-with-Nitric-oxide NO is an important molecule involved in many physiological processes and pathological in the human body both beneficial and detrimental. NO production are important in protecting organs such as the liver from ischemic damage.

But the results of NO production in sustainable level can trigger tissue toxicity directly and contribute to the vascular disorders associated with septic shock, whereas expression of chronic NO is associated with various inflammatory conditions and carcinoma including diabetes in children, multiple sclerosis, arthritis and ulcerative colitis.

How did NO work in the body?
Although is a simple molecule, NO is players the fundamentals in the fields of neuroscience, physiology and immunology. NO plays a role in various biological processes in the human body. NO is the gas form of smoke that is produced in the body and used by the body to communicate with other cells in the body. To produce this gas, enzymes in the body break down the amino acid Arginine. Production of NO occurs when the amino acid L-Arginine is converted into L-Citruline through a group of enzymes known as Nitric Oxide Synthase (NOS).

Top 10 Muscle Building Pills

6. Beta Alanine

Beta Alanine is a non-essential amino acid that enters the body through the foods rich in protein such as poultry, meat, and fish. Beta alanine can help the formation of carnosine by up to 60 percent. Carnosine is a protective intracellular very strong, which means it will help keep the pH level of Your muscles balanced by preventing the production of excess lactic acid when training or exercising.

Decreasing the pH level of the muscles below the optimal level and increased lactic acid can make the body lose the power and stamina when practicing. Beta alanine can prevent this from happening.

The advantage of using the supplementation of Beta Alanine:
  • Increase endurance during high intensity exercise
  • Increase muscle strength
  • Reduce fatigue
  • Lets You train harder and longer
  • Helps to increase muscle mass
7. Branched Chain Amino Acids. 

Branched chain amino acids, or BCAAs, allegedly can improve Your stamina during exercise and reduce fatigue in the muscles. The average supplement BCAAs contain leucine, isoleucine and valine, the three elements that play a role in the formation of muscle fibers. Supplements that contain BCAAs are usually sold in the form of pills or powder and can be consumed before or during Your practice.

one of the potent substances that can increase the production of Your muscles, caused because this product contains a precusor of hormone testosterone, this hormone in addition to providing the characteristics of the MAN or androgenic, it also makes the body to be anabolic, meaning Your body will meretensi nitrogen as much as possible to increase the formation of muscles of the body. Precusor that is expected once consumed Your body will convert this substance into a hormone testosterone real.

Generation prohormone the beginning of the famous in the category of ANDRO-X or NORANDROSTENEDIOL. But the last generation is the substance 1-TESTOSTERONE and the most advanced is Methyl-1 Testosterone, is 1-T in the form of Methyl that can be trusted to avoid the destruction of the active substance 1-Testosterone in the liver and maximizes absorption into the blood so that the effect of anabolism the maximum and approach the drug anabolic steroids are often misused by bodybuilders.

But keep in mind, that the prohormone is already BANNED in the United States and side effects of a prohormone is more or less similar with the side effects of steroids, especially if You exceed the dose that has been set. Side effects that most often arises is body acne and water retention. Although the effects of the average disappear after stop of use, but not everyone likes acne when discharging, and this also does not mean that all people who consume definitely acne-prone, because many also consume without side effects, to reduce the risk of acne You should do a low fat diet or a diet of ‘clean’ ala bodybuilding.

What is important is to consume a high protein and prohormone should be consumed with a dose of after the advice of with a certain time lag so that the level of testosterone in the blood stable and the body remains in the condition of Anabolic. Suppose that in 1 day recommended 4 tablets of 5 mg, then it can be consumed 2 eggs before workout, 1 point 2 hours after exercise and 1 item another 2-3 hours the next. If consumed before bed prohormone can interfere with the quality of Your sleep, so it is advisable consumed most last is the afternoon.

Top 10 Muscle Building Pills

9. Weight Gainer & Mass Supplements
Enhancer this weight indeed the main ingredient is a protein powder combined with a high carbohydrate and some minerals important for metabolism of our body. It is important that You pay attention to is the composition of carbohydrates and protein for this product. Know Your weight can increase due to:

Increases fat,
Increase muscle,
Increase water,

Factors a and b that typically occurs in people who consume weight gainers. The existence of carbohydrates is important if You want to add muscle, why? Because carbohydrates are the main source of energy for exercise, and have a muscle sparring, it means that if You consume enough carbohydrates then Your body will not mengkanibal muscles to be used as a source of energy, when gedenya if muscle encroached on constantly, gede bit of a meltdown again, gede bit of a meltdown again, tired of exercises doan but dont gede-gede.

In addition, the consumption of carbohydrates will make the body take off the insulin hormone, this hormone is very important for muscle growth because of its function as a transport for the substances of the food and especially the amino acids to get into muscle and do rekuperasi and regeneration so that Your muscles can grow and be repaired.

Well if weight gainers contain way too many carbs especially the kind of pure sugar, then if within 2 hours sugar is not utilized to exercise, the body through the liver will convert the glucose into fat and stored for inventory. Weve added weight, but the weight of the fat, and You are fooled, because if you want to add to the weight of the fat You drink enough Dancow mix the sweetened condensed milk 6 times a day definitely up the weight of You, to what buy gainers expensive imported? And also know that the volume of fat compared to muscle volume for the same weight, say 1 kilo of muscle compared to 1 kilo of fat, then the fat volume is much larger, so if You gain weight fat a kilo, Your body will look bigger than if it's got muscle 1 kilo.

But You choose which one? Gainers good to have the composition of the carb : protein : fat around 60% : 30% : 10%. If the sugar is too much, surely products are cheaper, because sugar is cheaper than protein, but as a result yes fat too much.

Consumption gainers the right is immediately after a workout to replace the sugar lost muscle and make the body immediately begins the process of anabolic. And for those of You who are in the period of the formation of the muscles, should be treated as a meal replacement 2 times a day, but remember, the gainers are not satiating and sometimes absorbed too quickly so that a lot of protein that is not utilized by the body, for this reason it is better You consume MRP or meal replacement that is designed indeed special as a meal replacement, with high content of fibrous carbohydrates (not sugar) and protein Casein which has properties time released.

10. ZMA
ZMA is a supplement that is specific, its content is combined high-dose among vitamin B6, the Minerals Zinc and Magnesium. A combination of all three based on research and has been proven by many users is able to improve testosterone hormone whose production is enhanced when You fast asleep. ZMA usually also contain substances to increase the quality of Your sleep, and off-label uses of its products usually add posts to PM, so ZMA-PM, meaning that ZMA contains substances melelapkan Your sleep, usually in the form of powdered valerian root or melatonin.

As You know, that rekuperasi and muscle growth occurs not while You are practicing, but when You sleep, and it is precisely at this time the body needs protein in large quantities, so a glass of milk with whey before bed, or a piece of chicken breast can increase anabolism while You sleep. And one serving ZMA can boost hormone during sleep, increasing the potential for protein synthesis and augmented protein simply before bed in the end the development of Your muscles to a maximum.

There are restrictions for a ZMA supplement, that should not be consumed berbareng with milk contains calcium, because magnesium and calcium mutually binding eventually reduce the effectiveness of ZMA alone. And ZMA should be consumed on an empty stomach right before bedtime, just follow the recommended usage of existing dibotol products.

Testosterone REVIEWS : Testosterone Pills, Tablets, Capsules, Injections and Gel

Testosterone is a steroid hormone the men which you can get by prescription in the form of Testosterone pills, Tablets, capsules, injections or gel. Not only plays a role in regulating sexual arousal, this hormone also plays a role in regulating many other things in the body. This hormone is effect on some of the factors that determine the health of You, like body fat, muscle mass, bone density, red blood cell count, and mood. Normal testosterone levels are around 300 to 1000 ng/dL. If Your results are below normal, then Your doctor will likely recommend hormone replacement therapy as injectable hormone testosterone alias testosterone injection.

Testosterone Pills Tablets capsules injection gel

Testosterone levels in men usually start down at the age of 30 to 40s. Some of the symptoms of testosterone deficiency, among others:
  • erectile dysfunction
  • changes in sexual arousal
  • decrease in the number of sperm
  • depression or anxiety
  • the increase in weight
  • a sense of heat radiating on the body
  • change the size of the penis and testes in some men
  • swelling of the breasts in some men
If You consult your doctor about Your condition, the doctor probably will ask Your medical history and perform a physical examination that is required. The doctor will also advise You to do a blood test to determine levels of the testosterone hormone.

In addition, You may be advised to check the levels of red blood cells You also since testosterone injections can increase the levels of red blood cells in the body. This action is done to prevent unwanted risks from the increase in red blood cells that are too significant.

Testosterone is a sexual hormone in men that is produced by the testes naturally. This hormone has several functions in the body of a man, such as:
  • Encourage the growth of hair on face and body.
  • Make the sound more heavy.
  • Help the development of the genital organs
  • Helps the production of red blood cells.
  • Helps the production of sperm.
  • Maintain the bone density.
  • Maintain sexual arousal.
  • To maintain fertility.
In addition to a few of the advantages that have been mentioned above, testosterone injection can also improve the composition of Your muscles. In general, men have less body fat than women. It is influenced by testosterone that regulate the distribution of fat and keep the muscles in Your body. When Your testosterone levels is reduced, You will probably realize that Your body fat increased, while the size of Your muscles is reduced or weakened. Injectable testosterone can help overcome this, just hormone therapy may not provide significant results.

So, don't just expect from hormone therapy if You want a body more muscular. Testosterone therapy can increase muscle mass but does not increase muscle strength.

Testosterone Pills Tablets capsules injection gel

The risks and side effects

Testosterone injections can help many patients with testosterone deficiency. But that does not mean this injection is safe for all men. It is important for You to tell the condition of Your health before starting testosterone therapy. You may need more stringent supervision if you have heart disease, sleep apnea, or number of red blood cells. You also should not receive testosterone injections if you suffer from breast cancer or prostate cancer.

Testosterone injections can also increase Your risk of developing some health problems, such as:
  • disorders of the liver
  • heart disease such as heart attack and stroke
  • blockage of blood vessels
  • worsening of pembersaran prostate or benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH)
In addition to health problems, also keep in mind that this therapy will require no small cost. Testosterone therapy is not akand can cure the cause of the testosterone deficiency, but only increase the levels of this hormone to the normal state. Therefore, You should do it regularly if you take treatment options.


1. Testosterone is an illegal drug the Hormone testosterone is included in the drugs that are legal, especially of this hormone is very important for men. What's illegal is when this hormone is used without a doctor's prescription. Even so, many sports organizations have strict rules about the use of drugs or supplements containing testosterone because it can affect the performance of the athletes. Athletes who violate may be subject to sanctions. 

2. Testosterone is the steorid, and steorid dangerous. Yes, testosterone is indeed steorid, but not dangerous. Anyway we naturally met by a variety of steorid. According to Morgentaler, the word "steroids" is actually related to the molecules which is supported by four carbon, such as estrogen, progesterone, cortisol, also cholesterol. Meanwhile, in the world of sports, steroids stands for anabolic steroid hormone which means in particular working to build muscle and bone, like testosterone. 

3. Testosterone lead to abusive behavior and can't be controlled Yet there are facts that prove testosterone leads to aggressive acts, violence, or the behavior of the uncontrollable other. On the contrary, men with the hormone testosterone that low is precisely the irritable, and this condition will improve after the levels of quality of evidence up. 

4. Testosterone cause prostate cancer the latest Research shows that men with high testosterone levels precisely the risk is smaller for prostate cancer. 

5. High Testosterone levels cause baldness In general, men who experience baldness have testosterone levels equal to men whose hair is still bushy. Baldness, according to Morgentaler, usually passed down genetically.

Testerone Pills Tablets capsules injection gel


  • Please be careful in using this drug for patients with kidney disorders, heart disorders, high blood pressure, liver disorder, diabetes, epilepsy, migraine, and cancer.
  • If You are too often experience an erection, tell your doctor. Stop treatment in order to avoid injury.
  • Inform your doctor if You are currently using other medicines, including supplements or herbal remedies.
  • Tell your doctor if You will undergo certain medical examinations because of the use of these drugs may affect test results (for example in a test antidoping).
  •  If an allergic reaction or an overdose, consult your doctor immediately.
Testosterone can be useful if You are indeed actually experiencing a shortage of testosterone. Consult the doctor to know that the hormone injection is the right solution for Your health problems. If You do indeed suffer from testosterone deficiency, Your doctor can help you decide if this injection is safe for Your health condition.

If Your results do not indicate low testosterone levels, but You still feel that You are experiencing the symptoms of testosterone deficiency, remember that adequate nutrition, regular exercise, and avoiding smoking may make You feel better. If this still can help You, talk back at the doctor.

Nature's Bounty Acidophilus Probiotic Pill, Capsules, Tablets and Powder

Acidophilus is the good bacteria in the human body that has been package in acidophilus probiotic pill , Capsules, tablets, powder etc. Bacteria whose full name is Lactobacillus acidophilus is indeed living in the digestive system, urinary tract, and genital area of humans without causing disease. Lactobacillus acidophilus can also be found in some fermented foods such as yogurt and dietary supplements. Lactobacillus is used to handle and prevent diarrhea, infection or skin disorder. Often also used to overcome the disease related to cholesterol and to boost the immune system.
acidophilus probiotic pill

There is Not Yet insufficient research to explain how the herbal supplements are working. Please discuss with an herbalist or Your doctor for more information. However, there are some studies that show that:
  • The addition of the bacterial flora normally can help digest food and absorb nutrients, such as vitamins, including fat-soluble vitamins and also protein. Acidophilus is a substance which also help digest a wide variety of lactose for patients with lactose intolerance.
  •  These bacteria can help the treatment of diarrhea, including the type of infection such as virus diarrhea in children and diarrhea in travelers. Usually also used to prevent and treat diarrhea associated with antibiotic use, and fight the foreign organisms that can cause diseases such diarrhea.
  •  Able to suppress infections caused by bacteria such as eczema (allergic skin), acne, and infections in the vagina. Can also to deal with the symptoms of diseases of the spleen, itching, as well as improve immune system. These bacteria work with how to fight and prevent the growth of bad bacteria.
  • Acidophilus helps control high cholesterol. The way it works is by binding to cholesterol exists in the digestive system on the surface of the cells, and incorporate them into the cell membrane so that cholesterol will not be absorbed towards Your blood stream.
  •  The possibility of other actions of Lactobacillus acidphilus is to prevent the recurrence of bladder cancer. Unfortunately, there has been no research to make sure this theory.
 Forbidden to consume Lactobacillus acidophilus without a diagnosis and advice of a doctor.for :
  • Women planning pregnancy, pregnant or lactating women and children, in particular infants aged under three months, it is not suggested to consume this drug without the knowledge of the doctor.
  • Sufferers of lactose intolerance.
  • Patients with diarrhea that has lasted more than two days or who have other disorders in the abdominal area.
  • Patients who have a weakened immune system is low.
  • Patients who have disorders of the reproductive system and urinary tract.
Acidophilus is a supplement of this herb can be available in the form of:
  • Capsules, tablets, chewable tablets, or powder
  • Dairy products (acidophilus milk, yogurt)
  • Liquids for medical purposes on the woman's genital (vaginal suppositories)
Each shape contains 500 million to 10 billion cultures of bacterial organisms.

acidophilus probiotic pill

Side effects that can be caused by acidophilus

Product supplement of acidophilus is usually well tolerated by most people. However, people who are sensitive to lactose will likely feel stomach pain or other side effects caused by products containing L. acidophilus. It is not caused by bacteria, but is caused by traces of the consumption of lactose that may be contained during the production process.

Common side effects include :
  • Bloating
  • Serious infections, bacteremia (patients with abnormalities of the immune system)
Not all people experience such side effects. Maybe there are also other side effects that have not yet written above. If You have more attention to certain side effects, consult with herbalist or Your doctor.

Dairy products are not recommended to be consumed by people sensitive to lactose. Products that contain acidophilus should be used during pregnancy and is allowed for children above 3 years. Supplementation of L. acidophilus for the first 6 months may increase the risk of allergy to cow's milk for some children. You must be careful when consuming it if You have a condition:
  • High fever
  • Digestive disorders
  • Disease short bowel
  • The problem of immune or lactose intolerance
  • Supplies orthodontic fixed (e.g. the stirrup), the problem of mastication, or teeth that are irregular. Acidophilus can cause cavities in people with this condition.
Side effects in form of serious allergy caused by the Lactobacillus acidophilus is a case that is rarely found. However this drug can increase gas in the stomach of the patient which will then be reduced so the body adapt to the treatment. See your doctor if this state lasts longer or the patient is experiencing other symptoms, such as fever, rash, dizziness, shortness of breath, and swelling of the face, throat, or tongue.

Benefits and Side Effects of Beet Root Pills, Powder and Capsules

Beetroot or Beet is a plant tubers that are widely used for the treatment of natural. Now this plant has in the extract into one package " beet root pills " .The benefits of fruit bits that can be consumed with boiled, steamed, baked, juiced, or eaten raw is also very much. But, a little is not the kind of fruits, but vegetables are colored dark red which grows in the ground. Beets contain potassium, magnesium, iron, vitamin A, vitamin B6, vitamin C, carbohydrates, protein, antioxidants, soluble fiber, and especially folic acid or vitamin B9. In fact, eating half a cup of slightly cooked already able to meet 17 percent of the total 400-600 micrograms of intake of folate recommended daily. In addition, beets also contain no saturated fat or cholesterol.

Beet Root Pills

What is the course content of the benefits and nutrition of the fruit bits ?

Fruit bits or fruit red beet is a plant kind of tuber which is colored reddish purple. Its shape resembles a potato as well as the benefits the fruit bits are also contained in the roots and stems. Usually the fruit bits are consumed with how juiced or processed into meal with a velvety texture.

Although the leaves can be cooked to be used as a vegetable, fruit bits is known tuber that contains a lot of health benefits for the body. The fruit of the beet contains high carbohydrates but fat content, calories and protein very low.

So it is very good consumed for those who are undergoing a diet program. The content of betasianin (purple pigment) and betasantin (yellow pigment) contained in the fruit bit is what makes the color becomes dark red to purplish. Because the color is concentrated, the fruit bits are also often used as a natural food dye.

This fruit is often found in American and british English, but if You want to buy it can be obtained at the supermarket. Let's consider the myriad benefits of fruit bits to the body on the explanations below.

The nutrients contained in the fruit bits
Inside the fruit bits can be found a number of nutrients the following:
  • Folic acid
  • Kaliumen
  • Fiber
  • Vitamin C
  • Magnesium
  • Iron
  • Phosphorus
  • Tryptophan
  • Caumarin
  • Betasianin
Beet Root Pills

The benefits of fruit bits

Lined the nutrients contained in the bits of making a vegetable that is often mistaken for the fruit has many benefits for the body. What are the benefits of the “fruit” bit?

1. Contains a lot of antioxidants in it
Antioxidants are compounds that help neutralize the entry of dangerous free radicals in the body. Antioxidants can also prevent the occurrence of oxidative stress and damaging good cells in Your body. In addition, some research has found that antioxidants can protect the body against many types of chronic diseases, such as heart disease, cancer and diabetes.

The benefits of fruit bits naturally, there are also on the high content of phytonutrients to fight disease, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. In fact, the fruit bits are considered to be one of the sources of the fruit that contains a type of phytonutrients, namely, betalain. Betalain is good to lighten skin color. He is also able to help protect some of the development of types of cancer and other diseases in Your body.

2. natural detox for the body (kidneys and liver)
The body can actually remove toxins (detox), this happens naturally to prevent You from poisoning. First, there is the detox organs of the kidney that serves to filter blood and produce urine.

Then there's the lungs that serves to expel carbon dioxide from the oxygen that has been inhaled. There is a skin that serves to push toxins and other harmful particles out through the pores. Furthermore, there is the heart also plays an important role in detoxification, i.e., by removing toxins and other harmful substances from the blood.

3. Can prevent hypertension
Has been proven to be real, drink the juice of the bulbs of the beets it lowers high blood pressure. The content of nitratnya which is also found in leafy green vegetables, lowers blood pressure. The results of research conducted by the Barts and the London School of Medicine and also the Peninsula Medical School suggest this cheap way to reduce hypertension. According to professor Amrita Ahluwalia of Barts & the London School of Medicine, drinking beet juice and other vegetables rich in nitrate content will maintain the health of the heart.

4. The heart and blood pressure
Beetroot is rich in nitrates. In the body, this substance will be changed into nitric oxide that is believed to lower blood pressure. In fact, there is evidence to suggest that beet juice can reduce blood pressure, although only slightly. In addition, the red pigment betacyanins in beets is thought to play a role in reducing inflammation associated with heart disease. But it takes evidence and more research to support the benefits of the “fruit” bit for the health of the heart and blood vessels.

To encourage the body release toxins, and fruit bits is able to help some of the organs, especially the kidneys and liver, to keep it working optimally. It is found from research in Poland.  This study examined a rat who was given the fruit bits, these rats before it has experienced damage to the cells in the body. After being given the fruit bits regularly, research published in the journal Phytotherapy Research found that these mice become more healthy.

These results are found on the body of the rats showed that the levels of the enzyme become better and detox organs in the body so the maximum works to remove toxins in the body due to the consumption of fruit bits. Do not forget also the consumption of a combination of beet juice, carrot and cucumber, is one of the best ways to cleanse the kidneys and liver from toxins that accumulate in the both organs.

5. Brain
Beetroot is rich in nitrates which will be converted into nitrite by bacteria in the mouth. Nitrites help open blood vessels (to widen the blood vessels), as well as increase blood flow and oxygen to places that lack oxygen. Drinking beet juice is allegedly able to increase the blood flow to the brain in the elderly and fight the progression of symptoms of senile dementia. But again, still needed proof and more research to support various statements about the benefits of the “fruit” bit.

6. Diabetes
Beets contain the antioxidant alpha-lipoic acid that is proven to reduce glucose levels, improve insulin sensitivity, and prevents the process of oxidation of cells in diabetics.

7. Sports and athletic performance
Beet juice could be expected to increase the intake of oxygen to the muscles during workouts. As a result, the body is able to exercise in a longer time, Once again, is thanks to the nitrate content in the beet. Bit believed can help patients with diseases of the cardiovascular, respiratory, or metabolic syndrome who have difficulty exercising because of the fear of being short. But remember if beet juice consumed should not be excessive. In addition, it still takes study and further evidence to support the above statement.

8. Inflammation
Beets contain choline which helps the muscle movement, learning, memory, and human sleep. Choline also helps maintain the structure of cell membranes, the transmission of nerve impulses, the absorption of fat and reduces chronic inflammation.

9. Cancer
The researchers believe if the red pigment betacyanins in beets can protect the body from development of cancer cells. However more research is still needed to support such a statement.

Beet Root Pills

10. Digestion
Because of the high fiber content, beets help prevent constipation.
The benefits of the “fruit” bit is indeed very useful for the health of the body. But that does not mean You can consume beet in large quantities. Eating too many beets can actually lower calcium levels in the body, damaging the kidneys, even aggravating kidney disease.

Fruit bits fruit is rich in fiber content which provides a 3.8 grams in one serving cup of fruit bits. The fiber content serves to help the food move through the intestinal digestibility. Fiber can also help soften the stool, so that it can make defecate You comfortable, healthy, and regular.

A study found that the intake of fiber in the fruit can make level defecate people who have a condition of constipation, or difficult bowel movements, so smoothly. However, not only that, other studies also shows that intake of fiber from fruit benefits beet is also beneficial for digestive health in other ways as well and can protect the conditions such as infection of the intestines, hemorrhoids and GERD or stomach acid.

When You experience digestive problems, nausea, pain, or diarrhea, can drink the juice of fruit bits mixed carrots with a tablespoon of lemon juice or lime juice. Drinking beet juice mixed with one tablespoon of honey in the morning before breakfast will help reduce bloating in the stomach.

11. lose weight

In addition it contains a lot of nutrition, beets contain a lot of fiber content but low calories. This is a source of great food, if You are undergoing a diet program or seeking to lose weight. In fact, each cup of beets contains as much as 59 calories and 3.8 grams of fiber, or the equivalent of h 15 percent of the fiber You need throughout the day.

When You consume fiber, the fiber will slow-moving the digestive tract. Fiber is what helps You to resist the hunger and remain satiety. According to one study in Boston, the intake of fiber by as much as 14 grams of sehar can reduce the intake of kaloiri daily up to 10 percent, you know. Not infrequently, also, the result weight You can slowly shrink to 4 pounds during the 4 months if regular consumption of the fruit bits and eat healthy food.

13. To overcome the problem of dandruff

To overcome the problem of dandruff on Your beautiful hair, try boiled made of bits with given a little, then rubbed and massaged gently into the scalp. Leave overnight wrapped in a towel. The next day, rinse and keramasla.

Side effects 
Although there are many benefits of beets, there are some things that need to be considered when consuming beets. Although rare, some people may be allergic to the fruit bits. If You are experiencing symptoms of food allergies such as hives, itching or swelling, discontinue use of the bits immediately and talk to Your doctor.

In addition, remember that beetroot is one vegetable that contains sugar is quite high. Consume one cup serving of beets can give a negative effect on the blood sugar levels rise. Then, it is not rare because of the sugar content is high, bits are usually used in the production of refined sugar, which is called “sugar beet” or “steam beet juice”.

Sugar of this type undergo a process of chemical which is quite high and can even damage or remove the content of the nutrients from the beet itself. So it's important to pay attention to the bit that is processed and consumed. Beet sugar made from beetroot extract are also be dangerous with the kind of refined sugar, such as white cane sugar or high fructose corn syrup.

Then how the bits are manufactured in cans? Bit of canned can be a good option if fresh beets are not available, but it is important to remember that the beet contains very little specific micronutrients, including folic acid and potassium. They may also a higher content of natriumnya. The tip, wipe the meat bit of canned with water before consuming it. This aims to eliminate the content of salt excess on the fruit bit can.