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8 Natural Home Remedies For Restless Legs

Natural home remedies for restless legs, restless legs also Known as the Disease Willis-Ekbom or Syndrome Wittmaack-Ekbom, restless legs syndrome / restless leg syndrome (RLS) is a disorder commonly affecting the nervous system of the body. Abnormalities in the nerves is characterized by a strong impetus, which is usually difficult fight, to continue to move your legs, such as the name of his illness.

However, in some cases, the urge to have to move this is not just limited to the feet only, but also for the hands, head, and also loss. In some cases that is rare, patients experience similar symptoms in the limbs that no longer exists due to amputation.
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Natural Home Remedies Restless Legs

People who feel these symptoms felt by moving the legs (or other body part) such encouragement can be eliminated for a while. This sensation connected with sense of itching, tingling, or a sense of something moving creeping in the body. Some patients report that the impetus is even more true when they're trying to sleep or when you're relaxing, studying, reading, or when they want to do something with quiet.

Research shows that patients who experience such conditions also experienced the movement of the limbs of the arms and hands of their own during sleep (a condition also known as abnormalities of the movement of the limbs, periodic). The existence of this abnormality usually indicates a person is experiencing restless leg syndrome.

RLS is considered as a disease spectrum, in which some patients feel mild annoyance, while some patients experience with the level of a more severe until it becomes abnormalities of sleep disorders (which can affect patient's life seriously).

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The Cause Of Restless Legs Syndrome

Many researchers and health experts argue that restless legs syndrome is caused by lack of iron. 20% of patients who experience this condition proved to have an iron content of 50 microgram per liter iron, although more than 70% of patients have an iron content which is more than enough in the blood.

RLS is usually associated with a variety of conditions, problems, and other diseases, such as deficiency of magnesium or folate, sleep difficulties, diabetes, Parkinson's Disease, Celiac Disease, varicose veins, fibromyaglia, uremia, and arthritis rheumatic. Research shows that pregnant women are also susceptible to experiencing this condition.

Some of the common causes of restless legs syndrome are:

ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder - a Disorder of Hyperactivity): Research shows that there is a close relationship between abnormalities of hyperactivity and restless legs syndrome, because of the inability of a person produces a substance dopamine, a substance neurotransmitter that will stimulate the some other substances in the body such as substance epiferin (adrenaline).

The researchers found more than 40% of ADHD patients also experience restless leg syndrome, and more than 20% of patients with RLS have ADHD (or the symptoms).

 Some drugs: Research shows that some kinds of medications such as antihistamines, antiemetics, drugs sedative/hypnotic, antidepressant medications, anticonvulsant, and antipsychotic drugs can cause restless leg syndrome. In patients already detected experiencing RLS, the consumption of these drugs can aggravate the occurrence of the symptoms of this syndrome.

Genetic factors: Many patients RLS also have family members who have a similar condition, and research shows that restless legs syndrome can indeed be decreased.

The Main Symptom Of Restless Legs Syndrome

Restless legs syndrome can begin to be felt from the time of childhood, where the symptoms may develop or remain the same over time. In a survey conducted by the Foundation Restless Legs Syndrome for its members, more than 40% of respondents stated that the syndrome that they experienced already appeared before they reach the age of 20 years.

One of the most common symptoms are uncomfortable sensation in the legs, which can also be felt in some other parts of the body, such as on the stomach and on the arms. This discomfort is usually followed by a very strong urge to move the legs or arms, which for the patient, can make these urges disappear and make the patient feel comfortable.

Some patients describe the sensation with a wide range, from the pain, itching, a sense of something creeping, or as pricked many needles. In some cases, sesnsasi that can be felt in the form of numbness in the hands or feet. In general, patients have the sensation when they are speechless, or at rest, sitting, or lying down.

The symptoms are felt can vary, from not too ill to pain, and can also only be felt on one part of the body. Some patients reported that they did not feel sesnsasi in the legs and hands or body, but feel restless and there is a push to always move a particular body part.

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Natural Home Remedies Restless Legs

Move the parts of the body will create a sense of comfort directly, though only for a while. Some patients try to resist the sensation that is felt, but there are also who prefer to directly perform a physical activity, like cycling, yoga, and stretch the body. Many patients feel that wagged the leg quickly or move the legs to and fro can eliminate the perceived sensation. Medical experts reported that the activities that produce the sensation can be different on one person and other people.

Restless leg syndrome can also affect the ability of the patient's bed, especially if this syndrome occurs in at night. Many patients reported that the symptoms they feel usually feels worse at night, and worse when they are trying to sleep. However, RLS can also appear in the morning. In general, the majority of patients feel these symptoms when they are silent or in a relaxed state.

Health center in the United States are the 4 criteria that signifies the RLS. First, patients feel a strong urge to always move your legs or arms (though without any particular sensation in the arms and legs). Second, the perceived sensation can usually be lost by doing an activity. Third, the perceived sensation is usually worse when you are resting. Last, symptoms are worse at night time.

Here's How to treat restless leg syndrome (restless legs syndrome)

1. Take a dip
The sensation of tingling in the legs You feel can be caused by the nerves in the legs are pinched. At the same time, the pressure of the received foot will also choke the blood vessels that support the work of collection of these nerves.

Dr. Jessica Vensel Rundo of Cleveland Clinic Sleep Disorders Center recommend soaking warm water before going to bed as a way to treat restless leg syndrome. This is because warm temperature can dilate the blood vessels of the body, so that the heart can supply the flow of more blood into the legs to relieve the sensations of numbness and tingling.

In addition to soaking, You can also put a warm or cold compress to relax the tense muscles due to such a syndrome.

2. Rise up and move
Silence will only further exacerbate the symptoms of numbness and tingling. In fact, the sensation of tingling can be more quickly overcome by the lifting pressure of the body part affected.

Then when the desire to shake a leg start up, please stand up and move for a minute to allow the blood supply back to normal, thus eliminating the sensation of numbness and tingling that complicate You.

If You are in a long flight or movie theater, choose a seat located in a side hallway so You more easily move to stretch the body.

3. Stretching the legs
Before sleep, relax or pull Your legs to stretch the muscles of the oto-calf. Practicing yoga or pilates can also help if done before going to bed.

4. Check and double check medications that You currently use
Some drugs, such as antidepressants, methamin, antipsychotic drugs, drug allergies and colds, to cure nausea can also affect the appearance of the disorder restless legs. Then, always check and double check all medications You use. Consult with your doctor about the possibility of changing the type of medication or decrease the dosage as how to treat restless leg syndrome.

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Natural Home Remedies Restless Legs

5. More active exercise
Diligent sports brings a lot of benefits no doubt. However if You are at risk or often experience restless legs syndrome, do not suddenly increase the intensity of Your exercise or sudden change of routine/type of exercise (eg, from the road the foot directly to change training to run a marathon). This can worsen Your condition or even make it vulnerable to relapse.

Preferably, set the schedule, duration, amount, type and intensity of exercise that is almost the same every day.

6. Limit your intake of caffeine and alcoholic beverages
The intake of caffeine and/or alcohol in high doses before sleep can exacerbate/trigger the appearance of symptoms of restless legs syndrome during sleep. because, both substances are stimulants that stimulate the brain and nerves, and be more active. Then, limit your intake of both are within the limits of reasonable or good to avoid altogether.

7. Follow a healthy diet
How to treat restless leg syndrome other is to make sure You eat healthy. Some people who have this syndrome are known to experience a shortage of iron and magnesium. Then, try to meet the needs of these two minerals every day with a menu of healthy food.

8. Fix Your sleeping habits
Having healthy sleep patterns can make You sleep more soundly and be free from interference. This is an easy way to get started :
  • Go to bed at the same time every night.
  • Wake up at the same time every day.
  • Finish eating and other physical activity 2-3 hours before sleep so You have enough time to digest.
  • Keep Your bedroom cool, dark, and comfortable place to sleep.
  • Don't play, save, or, to put the gadget electronic in the bedroom.

8 Hickey Remedies That You Can Try

Hickey remedies, Sometimes You and your partner too cool while doing physical contact, to not forget there is a result that little bit makes You confused, for example when kissing. A kiss can be done in the lips, face, neck, and even all over Your body.

However, the kiss is too intense and passionate and this sometimes leave a kiss mark or known as a hickey. This can interfere with appearance and make You ashamed. Don't worry, there are many ways to eliminate a hickey that easy enough for You to try in this article.
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Hickey Remedies

Do physical contact too passionate indeed legitimate You do, just try not to leave scars, yes. Although impressed trivial, the former kiss can make You embarrassed. Just imagine You have to meet an important client, but there is a kiss on Your neck. Could just be the client You have unkind thoughts about You because of the scars that kiss.

Former kiss can just make the skin into a bruise. Usually, the former kiss known as hickey's colored black, blue, or red. Bruising occurs due to rupture of blood vessels near Your skin, and the color of the hickey is blood trapped in the tissues under the skin. Slowly the color will disappear if the bruise has gradually healed.

In general, the former kiss will be more easy to appear as you age. When You get older, Your skin becomes thinner and loses some of the protective fatty layer. In fact, the fat tissue that can help You in overcoming the injury, such as bruises. In addition, women are more prone to bruising due to the kiss than the man.

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How to remove a hickey that You can try

For You who have a love bite is due to the activity of intimate last night, don't panic, here are several ways that You can do to eliminate the hickey :

1. A cold compress
This way is one of the most effective. How, You take a metal spoon and put in the freezer, after that download and paste it in the area of the skin that suffered bruises because of the kiss with a little pressure. Press it with a cold spoon to regulate the flow of blood in the area. To eliminate a hickey on the lips, just need to ice cubes and stick them on the lips.

Hickey Remedies

2. Aloe vera
Aloe leaf is a lot of benefits to the affairs of the skin, is no exception bruised hickey. How to, paste aloe vera gel on the skin area of the bruise. Let stand 10 minutes. This Gel serves to reduce the sensitivity of the area of the former kiss. This way can help to remove the hickey quickly.

3. Compress with a warm towel
In addition to using cold compresses You can also use warm compresses. This way is quite useful for the betta that is already there within 3-4 days and to be useful to lower the level of swelling and pain. The trick, take a clean towel and dip it in hot water. Directly put on the area that experience bruising because of the hickey by way of pressing gently. Do up to 4-5 times to remove the marks of bruises quickly.

4. Massage
Not recommended to do massage in while hickey is still new, because it will lead to pain. Do the massage after a few days. Massage slowly and gently. This will result in the circulation in the bruised area to be smooth. You can use almond oil and olive oil.

5. Toothbrush soft bristles
In addition to massaged using the hands You can also use a toothbrush. This way can easily eliminate the former hickey. Way rub gently on skin areas that experience bruising because of the hickey. This is an effective way to eliminate a hickey.

6. Peppermint oil
Peppermint oil that is applied gives the sensation of cold naturally. Can also use toothpaste because of the content of the toothpaste contained peppermint or mint as the main ingredient. How this will smooth the area at the bruised and will quickly remove hickey with effective.

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7. Eye drops
Apply eye drops on the skin bruises because the betta. After 1-2 minutes, rinse with cold water. This remedy will reduce the redness of the skin due to hickey.

8. Tea bags
Put the tea bags in boiling water for 2-3 minutes. Then, wait a minute and put in areas that experience bruising because of the hickey until it cools down.

Hand Foot and Mouth Disease Home Remedies

Hand foot and mouth disease home remedies, The disease hand foot and mouth is a contagious viral infection that cause sores blisters on mouth and red spots on hands and feet. Sores blisters in the mouth that resembles thrush it is painful to make eating, drinking, and swallowing becomes difficult.

After no thrush, red spots be visible on the skin especially on the fingers, palm and back of the hands, and feet. Sometimes the red spots also appear on the buttocks and groin. Red spots that can turn into sores small blisters and sometimes it feels very itchy and uncomfortable.
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hand foot and mouth disease home remedies

A disease that a lot of affects children aged under 5 years is caused by enteroviruses, and is transmitted through coughing, sneezing, or through dirt that is infected by the virus and enters through the mouth.

Although it can cause uncomfortable symptoms, the disease hand foot and mouth is normally will heal on their own within 7 to 10 days, so the treatment given are only supportive to relieve the symptoms.

The disease hand foot and mouth itself had become a plague in the Asian region, particularly Singapore. In the year 2014, there were more than half the population in Singapore suffer from this disease. While in other countries such as Vietnam, there were 46.388 cases of the disease hand foot and mouth until 2016. The disease hand foot and mouth most often caused by a type of virus coxsackievirus. There is no handling that are specific to hurt it.

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The symptoms of the Disease Hand Foot and Mouth

The symptoms of the disease hand foot it generally appears 3 to 5 days after exposure to virus infections. Early symptoms can be :
  • Fever (usually around 38-39 degrees Celsius).
  • Thrush in mouth and sore throat.
  • Pain in the abdomen.
  • Cough.
  • Tired and listless.
  • Reduced appetite
  • Cranky (in children)
  • Red lesions and blisters on the tongue, gums, and inner cheek.
  • Red spots not itchy on the palms of the hands, soles of the feet, and sometimes on the buttocks.

The disease hand foot and mouth is actually relatively mild conditions. However it is recommended to see a doctor to get help if :
  • Occurs fever with temperature ≥38 degrees Celsius in patients under the age of three months or occurs fever with temperature ≥39 degrees Celsius in patients under the age of six months.

  • Skin feels very sore, hot, red and swollen, and oozing pus.

  • The sufferer can not or do not want to drink.

  • There are signs of dehydration, such as no response, urine little or no, as well as the hands and feet feels cold.

  •  If the patient is experiencing seizures, weakness or loss of consciousness.

  • When symptoms get severe and do not improve after seven to ten days.
The cause of the Disease Hand Foot and Mouth

The main cause of the disease hand foot and mouth is the coxsackie virus A16 from the group of nonpolio enteroviruses. A person can catch the virus if exposed to saliva, snot, and phlegm of the patient, as well as the grains of saliva, which they remove when sneezing or coughing. In addition, feces and fluid from the blisters on the skin can also be an intermediary of transmission of this virus. Generally coxsackie virus entered through the digestive tract.

The Virus in the patient's body to be easily transmitted to others during the first week of illness. Even so, the virus could still be in the patient's body up to many weeks after symptoms disappear so that it can still transmit the disease to other people. The majority of cases the disease hand foot and mouth is mild and can be cured by itself within seven to ten days.

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hand foot and mouth disease home remedies

The Diagnosis of the Disease Hand Foot and Mouth

The Diagnosis of the disease hand foot and mouth can be known through the physical examination to consider the age of the patient, the pattern of signs and symptoms experienced, as well as the presence of spots or sores blisters. In addition, the doctor can also do a throat swab or take a stool specimen to be analyzed in order to determine the virus that causes the disease.

The treatment of the Disease Hand Foot and Mouth

The disease hand foot and mouth usually does not require treatment in particular. In order to help relieve the symptoms experienced by sufferers, some things can be done, such as :
  • Give lots to drink to avoid dehydration.

  • Give medication thrush in the form of a mouth rinse or ointment to reduce the severity of symptoms.

  • Give cold drinks, including ice-cream to help reduce the pain caused by sores blisters in the mouth.

  • Do not give food or drink that was sour or spicy, because it can aggravate the pain.

  • Provide soft foods that don't require much chewing and easy to swallow.

  • Advise patients to rinse the mouth with warm water after a meal. If you can gargle without swallowing, recommend them to gargle with warm water that has been mixed with salt to relieve pain and swelling.
If it still feels sore and fever, give acetaminophen or ibuprofen are sold freely. Be careful in using the drug and follow the instructions indicated on the packaging.

Complications of the Disease Hand Foot and Mouth

That need to be aware of the disease hand foot and mouth is dehydration, because sufferers become difficult to eat or drink due to sores thrush. Complications classified as serious as encephalitis and meningitis rarely occurs.

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Prevention of Disease Hand Foot and Mouth

Some efforts that we can do to avoid transmission of the disease hand foot and mouth is :
  • As much as possible do not perform activities outside the home (such as school or work) until the condition is healed totally.

  • Using a tissue or handkerchief to cover your mouth and nose when we cough and sneeze.

  • Familiarize yourself wash hands with soap and water, especially after using the toilet, coughing, sneezing, changing a diaper, or before preparing food.

  •  Do not share equipment use eat or drink, towel, clothes, or cookware with patients.

  • Wash bed linen or fabric that is allegedly .

  • Prohibit the child share toys or kissing other people when he was infected.

  • Teach children to always maintain personal hygiene and apply hygienic behavior.

  • Clean the surface of the public facilities of the germs with a mixture of bleach and water.

5 Home Remedies For Running Nose

Home remedies for running nose, Disorders the most excruciating time of colds are runny nose or watery, as well as a stuffy nose if the mucus is too viscous. If you experience one of them, don't panic because many ways can be done to ease it. One of them is to multiply the drinking water to maintain the humidity of the tissue around the sinuses and nose. Levels of enough water will prevent the occurrence of infection, or if there is already infection it will keep the condition is not deteriorating.

In addition, also avoid the trigger because sometimes a runny nose and congestion is just an allergic reaction to certain materials for example dust, dirt, animal dander and pollen of the flowers. Use of antiallergic drugs if it is not possible to avoid it.

The rest, runny nose and nasal congestion must be addressed in a different way. Runny nose is relatively easy to overcome, while a stuffy nose is a bit harder because they have to thin the mucus in advance to be more easily removed.
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Home Remedies For Running Nose

There are some easy tips that You can do at home to reduce Your nose that snot-nosed such as the following :

1. Drinking water
Keep your body hydrated while a runny nose is the easy way to do it. Of fluid You drink helps to thin the mucus so it can reduce the pressure on the sinuses, so that irritation and inflammation are reduced. Not only by drinking water, You can get fluid intake by drinking juices or eating soup.

Choose a drink that is warm is better than cold. Hot herbal tea from a mixture of ginger, chamomile, mint leaves, or nettles can be Your choice. Because this tea contains decongestant light and when You breathe in the steam from the drink this helps relieve Your nose that is clogged by snot.

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2. Inhale the steam

Quoted from Healthline, inhaling hot steam has been shown to help cope with a runny nose. A study conducted in the year 2015 concluded that steam inhalation is quite effective for patients with the common cold. This reduces the recovery time of the disease about one week faster than with not to inhale the vapor at all.

Along with sipping a warm drink, You can inhale the steam of warm water that You put in the container. You can add some droplets of essential oil is a decongestant so steam work better cope with Your nose a little snot.

Use a humidifier (a humidifier) in the room also helps relieve nasal Your runny-nosed. These machines convert water into steam of water which slowly fills the air. When inhaled, this will thin the mucus and help empty the fluids in Your nose of excess so that breathing returns to normal.

Shower with hot water is the same effect by inhaling hot steam. It may even help Your breathing get back to normal even though temporary. How to set the temperature of the hot water that is appropriate, put a towel over Your head while the water is flowing. Then, take a deep breath. However, do not bathe too long because it can make the body chills and dry skin.

Home Remedies For Running Nose

3. For the salt spray
Some types of salt included in decongestants. Make a solution of salt can increase the moisture of the nose and thins mucus. However, You need the advice and instructions of your doctor to make a salt spray. This spray should not be used more than three days and used in conjunction with other drugs.

How to make salt spray:
  • Prepare an airtight container
  • Mix three teaspoons of salt free idioda and one teaspoon of baking soda.
  • Give the mature sterile instead of tap water or distilled water
  • Move the solution in the neti pot

First, tilt your head slightly to one side, the nose part of the neti pot is put in one nostril. Let the salt solution enters from the nasal cavity and out of the other nostril.

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4. Sleeping with higher pillows
At night, use extra pillows for the head can relieve Your nasal passages are clogged. However, make sure that the pillow is not too high so that You remain comfortable.

5. Eating spicy food
Sometimes the nose of a rookie making a stuffy nose. Spicy food can make runny nose and reduces nasal congestion. If You are not accustomed to spicy food, try a little bit to relieve colds.

Clogged Ear Remedy, Treatment and Causes

Clogged ear remedy Treatment, Problems in the ear, such as felt clogged, can happen due to several things. Medicine of the ear to resolve the issue was certainly different. Ever feel like ears clogged? The conditions that make the sufferer feel uncomfortable this can happen due to various things. Some of them are sinus, colds, allergies, are on a plane, or others.
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clogged ear remedy Treatment

Causes clogged ear 

Here are some causes of ear as clogged and medicine of the ear to resolve it :

1. Caused by Sinus

Sinus and ears are connected inside Your head. As a result, the sinuses are clogged, which is usually accompanied by a stuffy nose, can affect the pressure in the ears. Ear pain or congestion due to sinus can be relieved by :
  • Remove the air from the nose gently. Way, cover one nostril and out of the hole

  • Spraying the drug nose of salt water to help thin the mucus, or lay a warm compress on the face several times a day. These two things can help reduce the pain and sinus pressure, as well as help keep the sinuses dry.

  • Consumption of medication ear pain such as naproxen sodium, acetaminophen, or ibuprofen to relieve ear pain.

  • The consumption of decongestants or using drugs nasal sprays to help relieve blockage of the sinus and ears clogged.

  •  Keep your head in order to remain upright. Bending with the position of the head is under will only aggravate the pressure on the ears.

  • feel quite relieved
  • Avoid extreme temperatures (too hot or too cold) because it can exacerbate the problem in the ear.
2. Caused by Colds

When cold, the nose usually will be clogged. This is due to the presence of inflammatory processes in the airways are still related to ear canal. While the inflammation due to colds subside then the symptoms of blockage in the ear and the nose will subside.

If the ear is still as congestion when a cold has already subsided, then relieve clogged ears can be done by swallowing, yawning, or chewing sugar-free gum. If all these things don't succeed, take a deep breath and remove the air from both the nostrils are clamped with the fingers of the hand and the mouth closed.

When you hear a ‘plop’ from the inside of the head, then You succeed. Or, You can try to cure stuffy ears such as decongestants, nasal steroids, topical or vent tube. However it is recommended that You consult first with your doctor before using these drugs.

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3. Buildup of earwax

If you see a doctor, ear clogged due to excess dirt can be solved by means of a small curved (curette), a suction device, a rubber syringe filled with warm water, or medicine ear carbamide. In addition, You can also cope with ears clogged by dripping a mixture of medication of the ear which consists of baby oil, mineral oil, glycerine or hydrogen peroxide into the ear canal.

After a day or two, spray warm water using the rubber syringe into the ear. Then, tilt the head so that the water flows out. Last, dry the outer ear with a clean towel.

4. The entry of water

The ears take in water usually doesn't need any special ear. Ear got water in it most will heal by itself in a few days. In addition, it is also advisable to keeping the ears dry by not swimming or diving, wear a head covering when bathing, do not use earplugs when listening to music or watching a video, and consume paracetamol or ibuprofen if the ear ache.

5. Get on a plane or in the highlands

Usually, an ear that feels like congestion when we get on the plane will disappear by itself. However if You feel uncomfortable, try to yawn, chew gum, suck on sugar cubes, drinking water, or cover the ears with a special cover.

If the ear still feels like clogged or even be pain after applying various remedies ear at the top, immediately go to an ENT specialist (ear, nose, throat). The doctor will give you the handling and treatment of the appropriate disorder You are experiencing.

clogged ear remedy Treatment

Clogged Ear Treatment

Whatever steps you take make sure its security, yes. Here are some tips that you can do as a way to overcome stuffy ears :

1. Do steam therapy or the inhalation

Steam therapy is perfect for those of you who are experiencing inflammation due to the flu that poses the appearance of the mucous membranes in your nose. The mucous membrane is sometimes trapped in the eustachian tube, a channel connecting between the nose and the middle ear.

Conditions that be penyebabkan your ear feels full and the nose is blocked during a cold. Evaporation will help the eustachian tube will open. Do is steam therapy to cope with this situation. Steam therapy we can do with :
  • The first way, provide half a liter of hot water in a basin, add 2 to 3 drops of eucalyptus oil into it. Place your face right over the basin of steamy with the distance between the face and the basin of don't get too close so the face is not burning hot. Use a towel on head to avoid the steam wasted. When inhaling steam, take a deep breath so that steam enters into ringga nose. Do it until you feel quite relieved.

  • The second way, the same as the first way it's just the mixture you use is a tea, the herbs or herb spices. Some types of tea like Chammomile has the effect of anti-inflammatory and antiseptic, so it is very suitable to be added to the mixture of the hot water.
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2. Make use of gravity to remove fluid trapped in the channel Eustachia.

As already described earlier, the blockage in the ear can occur because of the presence of mucus and fluid trapped in the channel connecting between the nose and the middle ear (saxophone instrumental). If you feel the condition thus, you can harness the power of the gravity natural to remove fluid and mucus are trapped earlier. Here are some ways to utilize the force of gravity to overcome the blockage in the ear :
  • Stand on one leg while tilt the side of the head that is experiencing a blockage to the bottom, then jump slowly. Do it carefully so as not to fall.
  • Lie down on a pillow with the position of the part of the ear that is experiencing the blockage facing down. Do the poses so as long as an hour. Slowly gravity will bring the liquid in the ear out.
3. The consumption of decongestants and antihistamines

To blockage of the ear that occurs due to fever and allergic sebaiknhya use decongestants. Decongestants will reduce swelling that occurs in the ear canal. You can consume decongestants and antihistamines simultaneously as recommended use. Antihistamines work to relieve the disorder inside the ear canal to relieve the swelling so that the air flow more easily through the ear canal. 

Side effects of taking antihistamine will make the throat and respiratory tract feels dry. For that You should drink lots of water.  Not allowed to consume decongestants and antihistamines regularly for more than one week without consulting a doctor.

4. Using a warm compress

A warm compress placed on the ear that is clogged will open the eustachian tube was clogged. In addition, a warm compress can also reduce swelling that occurs in the ear caused by infection. Soak a towel small-sized and rather thick in the warm water. After the towel is warm enough, wring out the towel until it is not dripping water. 

Fold the towel and put on the part of the ear that is problematic. Do it repeatedly until the effect of the compress began to be felt. In addition to using a towel, you can also use other tools ranging from a cloth warmed up bottle filled with hot water.

clogged ear remedy Treatment
5. Yawn

Do a yawning motion will ease the air out of the ear, so that the pressure in the ear to be normal, and the fallopian tubes open. The way to do it is like a yawn that you normally do. Open slowly a little mouth You then YAWN. Repeat the movement until you feel there is a burst going on in your ear and blockage of the ear was not felt again. When a burst occurs inside your ear, your hearing will be more and more clearly because of the wind which inhibits the auditory canal is already open.

6. Chewing

Perhaps the technique of yawning has not been too successful for you. You can try next way, namely, by chewing the gum or do the mouth movements that resemble the activity of chewing gum. The movement of chewing gum aims to balance the air pressure outside the ear and inside the ear.

The movement of chewing gum can be used as a preventive measure the occurrence of teliinga clogged. When you experience altitude changes may be due to travelling or being on a plane, chew gum to prevent the occurrence of clogging. This way quite effectively.

When you chew gum, the saliva production in the mouth will increase and allow you to make the swallowing movements which can push the air out of the eustachian tube of the ear. As much as possible, chewable candy in large quantities to produce the movements of the mouth and the pressure is even greater. When you're chewing a small-sized it is not usually effective. Chew chewing gum in large quantities.

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7. Drain the warm water into the ear

Overcome the blockage that occurs as a result of earwax can be done with warm water. To use warm water as an aid in the ear that is clogged, first of all, cook the water in a saucepan until boiling. Once the water is boiling, pour it on a container manguk to heat the water was reduced to lukewarm. After the temperature of the water is suitable, use the tool injection without a needle to suck the water approximately 3 to 4 ml.

Position with the head tilted into one side, insert the tip of the injection tool into the hole of the ear is problematic. Remove the warm water flow through the ear and wait until a few moments ago tilt back the head to the opposite direction to let out the water which accompanied the dirt from the ear.

8. A warm bath

A warm bath or go to sauna also is the useful steps to treat the clogged ears. Take a bath and soak Your whole body until it reaches the limit of the ear. Dip into until the ears are under the surface of the water. Lift your chin up and try to gulp hard a few times. Changes in pressure caused by the steam heat that affects the body will balance pressure in the ears as well, besides steam produced from hot water will also naturally help relieve blockages in the ear.

If after doing a warm water bath that you still feel the pressure try to bend the body to the position of the ear lies parallel to the floor then by using your finger to do the pressure made on the ears until you no longer feel blockage in the ears.

9. Gargle with salt solution

The salt solution used for gargling can help relieve the inflammation of the throat for having an ear infection, and give effect to the sense of calm of the Eustachian tube. You can make your own solution of this simple by using a mixture of warm water and salt. Mix warm water with one teaspoon of salt, or you can replace it also with lemon water and honey. Gargles more or less for 30 seconds and discard the water used to rinse. The salt solution will act as an antiseptic which kills germs that cause infection.

10. Drinking warm soup and spicy food

Food – the food is super spicy,like cayenne pepper fresh can make the ear canal that are closed become open. For those of you who don't hold with spicy flavor, this way might be a little hard to do. Spicy sensation that is produced by food – spicy food will help remove the snot from your nose. Well when you start to feel the effects of the spicy out of Your nose while moving the jaw rotate.

His objective to produce a burst – a burst of wind in Your ears. Or when the way is too extreme you can consume the soup is warm and spicy. It will also make the mucus soft and thus clean the ear congestion.