About Decongestant Medicine for Stuffy Nose and cold

Decongestant Medicine for Stuffy Nose and cold , Decongestants are drugs that can be used to relieve congestion nasal or nasal congestion are commonly caused for Flu, Colds, Sinusitis and Allergies. How to use Decongestant Medicine depends of its products, There is inhaled and there is also a drunk. Decongestants breathe is the most commonly used.

Decongestants work by way of relieve swelling of the blood vessels in the nose caused by the conditions mentioned above so that the airway becomes open and the breath to be a sigh of relief.

Examples of decongestants that are circulating in America is oxymetazoline, pseudoephedrine, ephedrine, ipratropium bromide, and phenylephrine. As the use of drugs, Decongestant Medicine also have side effects : Irritation of the lining of the nose, The mouth feels dry, Nausea, Headache, Tremor or shaking, Feel uneasy, Difficult urination (in men), Difficult to sleep, The rash (allergic reaction), Heart pounding

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About Decongestant Medicine

Such side effects in the category of mild, more serious side Effects that have been reported such as hallucinations (seeing and hearing things that are not real) and a severe allergic reaction (anaphylaxis), but this occurs very rarely.

Warning !!!
  • For women who are pregnant or breastfeeding, use decongestants only if recommended by a doctor.

  • Decongestants should not be used by children aged six years and under.

  • Please be careful for people with kidney disorders, liver disorders, cardiac disorders, circulation disorders, hypertension, diabetes, swelling of the prostate, glaucoma, and hyperthyroidism.

  •  Do not use decongestants along with other medications without instructions from your doctor because it can cause harmful side effects. One example is an increase in blood pressure if the decongestant is used in conjunction with drugs inhibiting monoamine oxidase (antidepressant drugs).

  • If an allergic reaction or an overdose after using a decongestant, see your doctor immediately.
A Dose Of Decongestant

Dose decongestants vary depending on the usage or age of the patient. For this type of decongestants are inhaled, the recommended dose is usually 5-7 times a day. Decongestants breathe should not be used more than seven times in a day. Decongestant therapy is given at most a week. Use decongestants more than 1 week may be aggravating the illness.

While on the type of oral decongestants, dose that is usually recommended is 30 mg as much as 4-6 times a day (6-12 years) and 60 mg as much as 4-6 times a day (12 years and above).

Using a Decongestant Right

Follow the advice of a doctor and read the information on the product packaging decongestants before using it. Make sure there is spacing enough time between one dose with the next dose. Try to use a decongestant at the same hour every day to maximize the effect. For patients who forget to use a decongestant, it is advisable to do that soon so remember if the schedule the next dose is not too close. Do not double the dose on the next schedule to replace the missed dose.

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About Decongestant Medicine


At the time of this decongestant is a mixture of a combination of drugs to address the symptoms of the flu, where drugs decongestants combined with the drug lowering the body temperature during a fever, or anti-allergic drugs as well as drugs analgesic as pain relief. Important for you to carefully read the composition of the medication you use.

You are not recommended to use a decongestant if You are currently using drugs type of antidepressant called a monoamine oxidase inhibitor, because it can increase the blood pressure in the extreme.

The use of the Decongestant Medicine effect of the fast is usually chosen in the form of a nasal spray or a nasal spray. The use of this is becoming more popular because of its simplicity and the expectations of the patient so that the nose be relieved and their activity is not disturbed.

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