Side Effects Amino Acid Pills and Facts About Amino Acids

What is contained in the amino acid pills ? Amino acids are substances that form proteins, hormones, and nucleic acids in the body. In addition, the amino acids act as neurotransmitters and enzymes. Amino acids absorbed by the food day-to-day. After entry into the body, food is metabolized into other amino acids.

However, there are 8 kinds of amino acids can not be produced by the body. The eighth type of this can be obtained from the daily menu.

Amino Acid Pills

Facts about amino acids
There are some interesting facts about the presence of amino acids or proteins found in foods and supplements

1. Amino acids from food proven to be more safe

The use of protein derived from food is considered better and safer to directly absorbed by the body rather than having to consume in the form of protein supplements. Despite the fact that supplements can help increase muscle mass quickly but should be adjusted with the prescription and instructions of a nutritionist or doctor who related.

2. Protein content should be appropriate weight

Consuming amino acids in supplement form can be adjusted with the weight of the body if you really want to have a mass otoit better , for Example if someone has a heavy badab 50 kg then the intake of the amino acids that it takes a minimum of between 50 to 80 grams per day.

3. In the balance of nutrients from other foods

Consuming amino acids in the form of food is more natural, healthy and the body easily save they're finally using (if indeed you consume too much amino acids are contained in foods) in the tissues of the body to another to then be re-used when the body lacks amino acids.

While pemakaiaan supplements amino acids there is always the dosage should be adjusted with the condition of the body and weight because the supplement is instant form in which there are other chemicals will not be stored by the body.

The body will not store a substance derived from the processing outside the body is already packaged in the form of chemical products. Don't be surprised if you consume it in excess then there will be health complaints in the future.

Side effects
The dangers posed when substances amino acids excessive and deficiency in the body

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Amino Acid Pills

Due to excess amino acids


Each individual has a condition the body different in receiving the protein substances existing in the supplement. For those who have a sensitivity to amino acids that have been packaged into medicine it will have side effects of amino acids when consumed in excess will cause several allergy symptoms , for Example abdominal pain or skin rash reddish rash.

Allergies that appears is caused by the presence of particles of a mixture of certain chemicals contained in the supplement itself.

2. Interfere with the metabolism of the body

Consuming amino acids in excess especially on the use of protein supplements in the long term can lead to disruption of the metabolism of the body in the form of increasing the weight gradually or in some people actually cause no appetite so as to lose body weight gradually anyway.

Side effects of amino acids are often experienced by people who are fond of drinking carbonated drinks , Ie sugar levels that tinggidari drink soda able to cause a number of amino acids in excess of the use of supplements become aggravate disorders of the metabolism of the body.

3. Kidney failure

The levels of amino acids that is too much stored in the body in patients with the kidneys can cause sufferers to experience kidney failure. Amino acids in excess can block the performance of the kidneys in controlling the body fluid. Side effects of amino acids easily occur in patients with mild renal which usually will continue to be failed ginjalakut or chronic.

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4. Bone pain and aches

Amino acids have the ability to help prevent the emergence of a sense of pain and aching soreness in the bones. But amino acids can also condense the bone and avoid the loss. Amino acids are able to work together with the substances of calcium to strengthen bone and muscle mass simultaneously.

Side effects of amino acids due to excess and deficiency of amino acids it can have the same impact, namely disturbance to the bones for example arising pain and sore sore extraordinary, Reduced bone density, Loss of bone mass and so on.

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