Anti Bloating Pills and Causes of Flatulence

Anti Bloating Pills and Causes of Flatulence , Before knowing anti bloating pills is what you should choose, know in advance how our stomach could be bloating. Here's the explanation: flatulence occurs due to the presence of excessive gas in our digestive tract, especially the stomach and intestines.

In the stomach it is caused by stomach acid (high acid produce gas), in the intestine could be due to poorly digested food, the digestive process doesn't run smoothly, the food that actively produces gas or gas formed by the activity of bacteria increased.  

Anti bloating pills that is later used should be in accordance with the problem.

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Anti Bloating Pills

The choice of Drug Flatulence did You Know that stomach bloating and frequent burping are usually harmless and will disappear on their own without treatment. However, if the flatulence to make You uncomfortable, then the treatment of the following can be done : 

1. Antacids 
Antacids This is a medication neutralizing gastric acid, so use this medicine to relieve stomach bloating caused by excess stomach acid that usually shows symptoms in the form of heartburn and frequent belching. However this drug is no longer effective for gas already existing in the intestine. There are different types of brands classified as antacids, such as mylanta, gastrucid, promag, and others.

2. Ranitidine
Ranitidine is a drug that serves to reduce the production of stomach acids so is suitable for stomach bloating due to ulcer as above, and has advantages can overcome the nausea that may accompany. So when stomach acid is already high neutralized with an antacid, and if that's not enough then given ranitidine to reduce its production so that it can prevent the sustainability of the disease. Both are a class of drugs ulcer.

3. Carbon Active 
Carbon Active charcoal or activated carbon can absorb toxins on the foods that can cause flatulence. Usually in the form of pills black for example pills norit.

4. Digestive enzymes 
Digestive enzymes Lack of production or a less active digestive enzymes will result in the process of digestion is not smooth, as the end result can happen abdominal bloating and may feel fullness. To treat flatulence like this then we can use drugs that contain digestive enzymes, as one example is librozym and still many other brands.

Food enzymes, such as Beano, which help break down the sugar in vegetables and grains, can be added to food that cause flatulence.

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Anti Bloating Pills

Causes of Flatulence 
Here are some of the causes of flatulence are most often : 

1. The air is ingested
If a lot of air is ingested but does not burp, then the air will pass through the gastrointestinal tract and is released through the anus (fart). However if the amount is excessive, it will cause flatulence and hiccups. Excessive Gas in the upper intestine are usually the result of gas that goes along with swallowing food, drink or chewing gum.

Gas in the lower intestine is a byproduct of the normal activity of bacteria to food that is not digested until it reaches the large intestine. Intestinal Gas associated with the activities of bacteria are composed of hydrogen, carbon dioxide and methane.

2. Food Causes Of Bloating
Some foods contain substances that are not fully digested until they are acted upon ( metabolized ) by the bacteria in the large intestine, where the food will be broken down into compounds that are more simple, including gas. The foods that most often cause gas (causing flatulence), among others (if eaten excessively): dairy Products that contain lactose packaged Foods that contain lactose , such as bread , cereal , and salad dressing .

Fructose and sorbitol , which are found in some fruits and is also used as a sweetener Vegetables such as asparagus, broccoli, sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, cucumbers, green peppers, onions, peas, radishes, and raw potatoes . Chickpeas and other legumes. Fruits such as bananas, melons, pears, and raw apples. Eggs. Carbonated drinks, fruit drinks, beer, and red wine. Fried and fatty foods . Sugar.

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