Apothecary / Pharmacists : What do pharmacists do ?

Apothecary / Pharmacists is a person who makes gathering ingredients drugs that work together with the doctor. Not just give you the medicine You need, many other things that You need to know about the tasks pharmacists who actually.

As well as, tips when buying drugs so You do not experience malpractice may be performed by a pharmacist. Apothecary / Pharmacists is one part of a team of health care professionals who work in a pharmacy, either hospital pharmacy or pharmaceutical industry.

Focuses on the effectiveness and safety of the use of the drug, a pharmacist has a duty to distribute the drugs. In addition, a pharmacist also on duty in the sort of drugs that can still be used and drugs that have already expired.

Pharmacists can also help advise whether You need to see a doctor, find a wide selection of drugs, as well as tell about the side effects of each medication.

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What do Apothecary / Pharmacists do

To become a pharmacist, a person must be educated to university level and learn a few things such as how to use the drug, side effects of the drug, the therapeutic effect of a drug, drug interactions with compounds or other drugs, keep an eye on usage limits and drug reactions, and study the mechanism of chemical and drugs work in the body.

What is learned is to be connected or paired with pathophysiology, anatomy, and physiology of the human body. To do his job, a pharmacist must have been registered previously in a regulatory body, namely the Pharmacist association.

With the supplies it has, the pharmacist has an important role in a hospital or pharmaceutical industries, as well as provide quality health services. Unfortunately, it is precisely the most the pharmacist can sometimes misbehave by giving hard drugs that prompted patients without a prescription. This can be dangerous, because it is not likely to cause malpractice that could threaten the health of the patient or due to the abuse of hard drugs.

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What do Apothecary / Pharmacists do

The purchase of hard drugs should also be by using a doctor's prescription. If You want to buy the drug without a doctor's prescription then it needs to be ensured that the medicine You buy, including safe.

The drug that must also be accounted for its use by You alone, and do not give the risk on Your condition later in the day. So, even if the pharmacist has a lot of supplies of the drug and the disease, not that pharmacists can freely give hard drugs to patients without a doctor's prescription.

The pharmacist is one of the experts of the health service responsible for selecting and submitting the drug for You. Although pharmacists have knowledge about medicine and diseases, it is not recommended for You to buy hard drugs without a prescription.

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The doctor is aware of Your health condition in general.Note also the pharmacy where You buy drugs, whether a pharmacist is registered in the Indonesian Pharmacist association or not, and whether they have permission or not.

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