5 Ways On How To Get Rid Of Bags Under Eyes Remedy

Bags under eyes remedy - the Face is the part of ourselves that most often come to the attention of others. Condition face also become the benchmark of other people or of yourself to assess how the health condition of the other person. Despite the face we have care with a frequency that often, sometimes the face we are experiencing things that are disturbing.

One of the conditions is quite disturbing appearance of the face is the presence of eye bags. If you currently have eye bags that interfere with your appearance?

Eye puffiness is a condition that shows as swelling in the area under both our eyes.

Bags Under Eyes Remedy

Every person generally never experienced have eye bags in his life. This condition is natural and need not be feared. Now we will discuss about how to remove eye bags with ice cubes. But before that, you must know the origin of the eye bags from where.

Here's a little explanation Causes of eye bags appear due to the presence of fluid buildup then makes the skin around the eyes becomes swollen. A term used to refer to it is edema periobital. The appearance of eye bags that are in us can be due to several factors, namely:

The condition of the body which is fatigue. On the when you have eye bags when the body is in a state of tired probably because of lack of rest or working too hard. This condition can also occur because of too long in front of your computer.

Time sleeping less can make your eyes become tired. The eyes also need to rest like other parts of the body that require adequate rest. Could also be because of the stress or pressure, this condition is the factors that many influence the physical condition of the person.

Avoid circumstances that create you stress is one way to prevent premature aging which can be characterized by the appearance of eye bags, dark circles and wrinkles in the face. Too long crying. Everyone must have been crying, whether intentional or not. Cry it's natural. This can actually be an indicator that the water function of the human eye works with normal.

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How to remove eye bags a problem? Here a few helpful tips on how to eliminate eye bags.

1. Bags under eyes remedy by drinking mineral water which is quite
As caused above, one of the factors that cause the appearance of eye puffiness is lack of drinking mineral water. Therefore, how to eliminate eye bags in a natural and simple is don't forget to drink eight glasses of mineral water every day. Although granted, 80 percent of the human body consists of water.

Then when the body lacks water, it will of course be fatal. Don't forget also, avoid consuming alcohol or beverages containing caffeine in order eyebags disappear. Two types of this drink can reduce the process of absorption of fluid in the body, so as to make the body is dehydrated.

2. Bags under eyes remedy by cucumber
Gluing cucumber slices to the eye area, of course, is how to eliminate eye bags that are already known by many people. Some research shows that cucumber has a lot of remarkable efficacy for health of the eye.

Its content of vitamins A, B, and C, as well as high water content and various minerals like potassium, magnesium or silicon is very good to support Your eye so that healthy and fresh look. In cucumber there is also the nature of the astrigen which is useful for blood circulation on the part of the surface layer of the skin. With put a slice of cucumber in the eyes, then it will help reduce eye bags the large black, which interfere with the display.

Bags Under Eyes Remedy

Step using cucumber for removing eye bags :
  • Sliced fresh cucumbers with a thickness of 0.5 cm.
  • Paste the cucumber slices on the eyes while you lie down.
  • Let stand for approximately 30 minutes

3. Bags under eyes remedy by using ice cubes
Ice cubes not only be mixed when about to drink something in order to feel more fresh, in fact ice cube has a lot of benefits anyway. Be one of the how to eliminate eye puffiness, put an ice cube to the area around the eyes is itself a method of treatment and care that is very cheap and easily obtained in around You. Ice can control inflammation due to the activity or excessive pressure on the plantar fascia (the tissue).

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Bags Under Eyes Remedy

How of easy. Simply take ice cubes as needed, insulate with a towel or put in plastic bag, then rub it on the eye socket area. Apply slowly and periodically for 30 minutes.

But what must be remembered is never to use ice that is too much for any treatments, because it uses a lot of ice as a way of eliminating eye bags can make a new problems on Your skin. Try also not to apply direct ice to Your face, because it will damage the capillaries under Your skin.

4. Bags under eyes remedy by using a cold spoon
 What's on your mind when You hear that there is a way remove black eye bags are getting bigger by using a cold spoon? Strange, isn't it? But in fact, it was potent enough. Of course used is a metal spoon. The nature of cold from the spoon can help the skin under the eyes to relax.

The steps are quite simple. Enter the spoon in the refrigerator or enter the spoon in cold water for 15 minutes. Then rub the spoon on your under-eye area by pressing it slowly towards the outside. Of course the part used is the back of a spoon. You can do it together in the right eye and left. Do a light massage for 15 minutes. For maximum results, do the routine before bed.

Bags Under Eyes Remedy

In addition to easy, with the how to eliminate eye bags this one, You do not need to be hard-suah to search for a spoon because the spoon of objects common to be around You so it can be done anywhere and anytime. Not only effective as a way of eliminating eye bags, it can reduce the excess fluid that is found in tissue, blood circulation, increase the elasticity and smoothness of the skin, and reduce fine lines-looking or wrinkled.

Bags Under Eyes Remedy

5. Bags under eyes remedy by using tea bag
bag tea has many benefits, one of which could be an alternative way of removing eye bags quickly. The content of tannins that are in tea bags can constrict the skin pores and tighten naturally. The steps to use tea bag as an alternative to how to eliminate eye bags:

  • Prepare two bags of tea used (can be regular tea or green tea)
  • Dip the tea bag into cold water about 10 minutes.
  • Attach tea bags on the eye area that is blackened.
  • Let stand for 20 minutes then rinse with water until clean.
Well, that's easy ways that You can do using simple tools as a way of eliminating eye bags. However, of course to eye bags not to appear, apply a healthy lifestyle such as having enough sleep, at least 8 hours a day, drink 8 glasses of mineral water every day, eating a healthy diet, not smoking and drinking alcohol, exercising

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