Whether Beard Growth Pills Effective ? What's wrong ?

Whether beard growth pills Effective ? The days now grow a beard is increasingly becoming a trend among the men. That was not have, willing to buy beard pills grower that can grow bushy and look like a gentleman.

But it is not uncommon, although already wear drug beard grower for months, it turns out that there is still no result. What's wrong ? If You choose the wrong drug or the brand, or maybe there are other things that make a hair-facial hair is still not growing ?

The number and characteristics of the beard of each man is different

Basically, every person both men and women will have fine hairs on the face when entering the age of adolescence. The average plume of fine young men will start to grow on the face around the age of 15-16 years.

However, depending on each individual, there is a growing feather faster and some are slow. Instead there are teenagers who already had a beard when his age still tend to be young, even though other teens usually will have a beard in the age of the more mature later.
beard growth pills

Tthe amount of fluffy fur that will become a beard or sideboards, on each number is not the same. The amount of fur or hair is smooth, in the area where he will grow, how dark or light the color, everything is controlled and influenced by the genes in Your body.

So, beard and sideboards You may be thick, may also be thin, and may also be uneven. Even if the beard belongs to Your father's thick, it doesn't mean yours will be like Your father.

In Your family there may be a man (could be Your children or other family members that are blood relatives) have a beard that more or less the same with You. However, in general, the beard of a person will already have seen the form and the pattern in the age of early 20s.

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beard growth pills

So, how to effectively grow a beard ?

Testosterone is one of the sex hormones in men who became “prickly” growth of beard. And because of the growing presence or absence of feathers on the face is determined by genetic factors in a person's body, so no wonder if the method of growing a beard are considered most effective when it is testosterone therapy that is usually given by injection.

But according to Dr. Joel M. Gelfand, professor of dermatology and epidemiology at the University of Pennsylvania, we should be careful to undergo injectable testosterone with levels that are normal and not excessive.

“Because it can make hair loss from the scalp, severe acne can leave permanent scars, and liver disorders that can be fatal,” said Dr. Joel. Related to the number of men who try the heavy fur on their face with how diligently shave it, Dr. Joel said that should be left alone to grow naturally.

“Even though You shave it continuously, this will have no effect. As the growing hair on Your body, everything will grow according to its growth cycle itself. Maybe the amount is not increased, but every grow can be getting thicker,” said Dr. Joel.

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How with cream and oil beard grower ?

In the middle of the growing popularity of growing a beard and beard among the men present, indeed many of the drugs beard grower in the market, either in the form of a supplement or a topical medication that is claimed to be rich in vitamins, biotin, and so forth.

Unfortunately, most products is less in the credibility of the science. Especially for topical medications such as creams or oils that are only used on the outside, while the growth of the beard is regulated by genetics and hormones in Your body.

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