How to Treat Bed Bug Bites Remedy

Bed bug bites remedy bites remedy - bedbugs often found residing in the folds of mattresses, furniture, wood floor, wall, and hidden places. Well, insects are one of these hobbies out in the evening and will be looking to eat the form blood of its prey. Humans who are bitten do not realize it until you see no bentolan in the skin that feels itchy and hot.

The bites of bedbugs is actually not painful because the saliva they contain a substance anesthetic. But the presence of anticoagulants or content of blood thinners in the saliva of the bedbugs causing some people to develop allergic reactions on the skin.

This reaction actually varies in each person, can be mild or even heavy. This depends on several factors, for example the immunity of the individual concerned. A few moments after being bitten by bedbugs, the skin will become itchy and embossed bumps are flushed, and even blisters.

bed bug bites remedy

Explained dr Chan Yuin Chew, a dermatologist at Dermatology Associates at Gleneagles Medical Centre, the bites of bedbugs are generally appear on exposed parts of the body,such as the face, neck, arms and legs.

The bites of bedbugs can be an infection if the person bitten by excessive scratching to be wound. Even though the wound be cured, yet can be so leave the tissues of the skin or increased pigmentation of the skin so that it appears a black mark on the former bentolan it.

Itching due to the bites of bedbugs should immediately be stopped because the scratching can lead to skin infections.

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NOTE : Scratching skin that is itchy can trigger the sores so that the bacteria have the potential to enter and cause infection.

Here's how to stop itching due to bites of bedbugs.

1. Take 6 to 8 vitamin C tablets and crush with the back of a spoon until it becomes a powder. Add a little water to make it like a paste. Apply directly the paste to the bites of bedbugs are itchy.

2. Apply the oil of tea tree (tea tree essential oil) to the bite of bedbugs. This essential oil will help stop the itching as well as a natural disinfectant. Essential oils of basil are also powerful to relieve the itching. Essential oils can be purchased at any pharmacy or drug store. Be sure to buy quality essential oils.

bed bug bites remedy

3. Apply a paste made from baking soda and water to relieve itching due to bites of bedbugs. Baking soda will help reduce the inflammation and stop the itching.

4. Take antihistamine medications.
The bites of bedbugs can cause allergy. Take antihistamine drugs to relieve symptoms of allergy including itching. Follow the usage instructions as written on the packaging or according to doctor's recommendations.

Steroid creams and oral antihistamines can help reduce itching and other skin reactions. Antibiotics topical or oral may be used to treat infections of the skin. Well, if You feel the itching which tends to be hot due to the bites of bedbugs, immediately treated. Remember also, do not scratch the bumps because it can help prevent and reduce the increase in skin pigmentation and scarring.

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Skin pigmentation can be addressed with sunscreen, bleaching creams, such as tretinoin and hydroquinone, and laser therapy. The appearance of the scar can improve over time. A long-term solution is to eradicate the bedbugs. You can seek help from a pest control company is licensed.

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