Best Cough Medicine For Kids and Toddlers

Best Cough Medicine For Kids and Toddlers , A sick child coughing keeps You awake all night. Did You know that 4 in this way is Best Cough Medicine For Kids without the need to see a doctor ?

Cough in children is usually followed by fever and rarely infected without the occurrence of fever. After the flu or a cold is over, You still have to overcome cough in children who do not seem to heal.

Cough in a child, either with phlegm or dried, the same is felt to interfere with daily activities of a child, Two types of cough in children is dry cough that usually worsens at night, and as a result You and the child will be kept awake all night. While coughing up phlegm is fatal again, because it can lead to bronchitis if sputum can not be issued.

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Best Cough Medicine For Kids

The danger behind the cough medicine on the market
Experts encourage parents to be more careful when attempting to overcome cough in children by providing Best Cough Medicine For Kids that can be purchased easily in the market with always read the fine information contained on the label of such drugs.

Cough medicine containing dekstromethorpan and guaifenesin should be avoided because it is too hard for children, especially under the age of 4 years. Instead, experts recommend a number of alternative medicines that You can use to overcome cough in children.

You can give it when circumstances don't allow for You to go to the doctor, for example because of bad weather, etc. The good news is, You can find an alternative medicine to relieve cough in children is easily around Your home! What cough medicine? Found on the following page:

Alternative medicine to overcome cough in children

1. Honey

Honey was actually more effective in treating coughs in children than cough medicine You buy at the supermarket. Honey contains substances antimicrobial and antioxidants naturally strengthens the body to fight against germs. Honey also stimulates salivation, which triggers the release of saliva and relieve dryness in the throat.

The rules of administration of honey in children is as follows :
  • Half a teaspoon of honey for children aged 2 to 5 years
  • 1 teaspoon of honey for children aged 6 to 11 years old
  • 2 teaspoon of honey for children aged 12 years and above.
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Best Cough Medicine For Kids

Remember, do not give honey in infants aged less than 1 year, because the baby's digestive system is not yet strong enough to digest the substances contained in the honey.

2. Overcome cough in children with liniment

Apply the liniment on the soles of the feet and wear socks on them to keep warm. Choose the type of liniment that is appropriate the age of the child. Do not apply the balm hot for adults or they became fussy because they feel too hot.

3. Steam

Cook water until boiling and pour the water into a basin or bowl. Carrying or lap child nearby and ask him to inhale the steam of hot water. Mix a few drops of essential oil of menthol in it for best results.

4. Chicken soup
According to health experts, chicken soup contains a sort of substance which slows down the movement of cells cause health problems in the body. Chicken soup also improves the movement of mucus which can improve digestion. Give the soup warm chicken to overcome cough in children, but don't force him if he refuses chicken soup.

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