3 Month Flea Pill : Best Flea Medicine For Cats and Dogs

3 Month Flea Pill : Best Flea Medicine For Cats and Dogs, Why do we have to here soon enough know how to eliminate Cats and dogs fleas and find out best flea pill for dogs and Cats ? Because Cats and dogs fleas should not be considered trivial, fleas Cats and dogs keeps itching and then the Cats and dogs will scratch and even bite his own body.

Automatic if this is left untreated for 3 Month Flea Pill ( comfortis flea pill ), the skin will blisters or sores and can later happen of allergies as well as the possibility of secondary infection.

Ticks on Cats and dogs can also attack us when we interact with Cats and dogs, fleas uncontrolled out there from the body of the Cats and dogs and dogs and perch to our skin, finally the fleas actually bite our skin now. How to eliminate Cats and dogs fleas or how to clean fleas on a Cats and dogs?

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Best Flea Medicine For Cats and Dogs

There are many ways that we can do, ranging from a natural way to use objects/tools specific. Consider the Best Flea Medicine For Cats and Dogs with ease : 

 1. Bathe the Cats and dogs with a special shampoo

Bath is a requirement that must be met to maintain the cleanliness of the body of the Cats and dogs and dogs, of course, to repel and prevent lice naughty. The activity of Grooming is also one of finishing a good way to eliminate flea eggs on Cats and dogs. order to more potent effect change shampho usual with the anti-lice shampoo the Cats and dogs and dogs (if it can be a scent of lemon).

 This shampoo is usually able to eliminate fleas on a kitten. So that the fleas don't return again to the body of the Cats and dogs, you can use the anti-lice shampoo the Cats and dogs while bathing once a month but must be consistent, the result is the maximum.

2. Comb the Cats and dogs or dogs's fur

How to eliminate Cats and dogs fleas with activities combing Cats and dogs fur is done after we bathe the Cats and dogs. Use the comb suitable with the fur of your Cats and dogs, brush the Cats and dogs with evenly distributed so that the lice is gone.

Then if you want to prevent the fleas back again to the Cats and dogs, just brush your Cats and dogs regularly. Comb the Cats and dogs's fur is also great for taking care of the Cats and dogs fur was so dense.

3. Spraying vinegar water

Fleas dislike the scent of vinegar, you know, you can menyampurkan water and vinegar to the pan (the comparison of 50:50 yes or balanced) and warm on medium heat. If you have, just put the water I mixed vinegar into a spray bottle. Spray on the body of a Cats and dogs found with lice. However when spraying this fluid, do not get in eyes or into the ears of a Cats and dogs.

4. Use aloe vera juice

Aloe vera juice is one of the medicine Cats and dogs fleas in a natural and effective way. This way of one way out, you try to repel Cats and dogs fleas. Aloe vera juice used with a little cayenne pepper then put in a spray bottle as a spray anti-lice a Cats and dogs.

5. Using a spray of lemon

Another alternative in how to eradiCats and dogse Cats and dogs's fur with the spray is to use a spray made of lemon. Lemon has a citric acid content which acid is not preferred by lice. Take a lemon, then cut it in 4 pieces and put into boiling water. Make sure to 4 parts of the lemon is submerged in hot water. Leave overnight and then filtered. Water that has been filtered, put in a spray bottle.

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6. Using apple cider vinegar

In addition to several types of sprays above, you can also use a vinegar of cider apples. Vinegar from apple cider, this has a foul odor which is certainly not liked by the Cats and dogs flea. Potion use apple juice and water with a ratio of 2:1.

7. Using salt

Salt could also be to eliminate the Cats and dogs flea lho, in particular the larvae and eggs of the Cats and dogs. How to add salt to the water warm enough, then soak the Cats and dogs in a solution of warm water that already mixed with salt earlier. But don't get drowned!

8. Vaccine Ivermectin

How to eliminate fleas on Cats and dogs the fifth is a vaccine, this is an alternative that you could try to eliminate the Cats and dogs flea and should be consulted with veterinarian. Most people think injectable ivermectin is to overcome the fungus on a Cats and dogs, but this is actually to eradiCats and dogse the lice the Cats and dogs too because Ivermectin could not eradiCats and dogse the fungus.

Ivermectin is used to Cats and dogs worms and ectoparasites such as fleas Cats and dogs. However, Ivermectin can not to kill the flea eggs. Usually it takes at least 3 times of injections with a distance of 3-4 weeks for maximum results.These injections do not use for kittens (under 3 months) because it can make the poisoning and damage to the kidneys.

9. Drops

We can use drops of anti-flea Cats and dogs, the drug is only used for adult Cats and dogs. Before use you must read the rules of life first, and certainly not many. The drug is used in the nape of the neck or the neck of the Cats and dogs (so that Cats and dogs didn't lick).

10. Spray anti-lice a Cats and dogs

Almost the same as drops, need attention in their use.

11. Limit activities outside the home

If your Cats and dogs nature like adventure, most likely your Cats and dogs will be exposed to ticks. You can restrict the discharge of the Cats and dogs of course by closing the door of the house and closes the holes where the cause of the Cats and dogs can be blurred.

12. Comb anti-lice a Cats and dogs

There are also products special comb to remove fleas the Cats and dogs. You can buy to the petshop nearby and use it to remove Cats and dogs fleas either after a shower or when you are free time.

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