The Best hair growth pills, Supplements and Vitamins

You or your parents experiencing problems related to hair growth ? If you want to use one of best hair growth pills, you should prioritize best hair growth pills that already recommended by the doctor. Be careful when deciding what is appropriate to cope with hair loss. This is done to avoid the negative effects of materials that are still try.

We may not realize that hair loss can be as much as it is. This includes reasonable considering the amount of hair on the head can reach 100,000 strands. It's just, some people could experience hair loss more.

Every hair on individuals generally survived in 3.5 years. While the phase of growth commonly lasts between 2-3 years. In that time, the hair will grow about 1.2 cm each month. After the growth phase called anagen at the top, the hair will experience a resting phase or telogen (generally around 2 to 4 months). Most of the hair loss in the fourth year then a replacement will appear in 6 months.

In some people, the reduced hair may have been influenced by some of the underlying disease. If this is the case, that should be done is to treat the disease the main first. However if a certain medicine makes hair fall out, stop wearing it might be done. Only, you should consult with your doctor. In addition to stopping the use, a doctor can give you a substitute medication.

To grow your hair, the best hair growth pills under this is already proven medically. Let's know more detailed !

1. Minoxidil

This drug can be in the form of liquid or foam and can be bought without a doctor's prescription. To grow hair, rub it on the scalp 2 times a day. Minoxidil is also useful in preventing the loss sustainable. This drug is safe to be used by both men and women and the effect will be seen after 16 weeks of usage.

To maintain the positive impact, you should still continue use. As for the side effects of minoxidil that may occur is irritation on the scalp. Hair growth in other regions, such as the face and hands, and the heartbeat faster than usual may also occur.

2. Finasteride

Drugs the second is finasteride, which is devoted to men. It is in the form of pills and must be taken every day. This drug is proven to be beneficial for slowing down the hair loss and trigger new hair growth. Its use in a sustainable manner may be necessary in order to maintain the benefits. Taking this drug should be by prescription, given some of the side effects are quite serious.

Although rare, decreased sexual desire and increased risk of prostate cancer include side effects that could appear. While pregnant women should avoid direct contact with the powder pills finasteride broken or crushed.

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There are several how to lengthen hair naturally and minimally invasive that you could try. You can even do it yourself at home with relatively inexpensive cost.

1. Keep the Intake of Vitamins and Nutrients
Keep the content of vitamins and nutrients on the hair not solely from the give a supplement, hair grower. This step is supposedly not effective to accelerate the addition of length to the hair. If you want to have hair that long and healthy, you need adequate intake of vitamins and nutrients for the entire body.

Nutritional balance the body is very influential on the growth and health of your hair. Apply a healthy diet and balanced. You can do this by increasing fruit and vegetable consumption.

ambahan supplements can also be done if necessary. For example, the supplement of omega-3, omega-6, zinc, vitamin B5, vitamin C, Vitamin D, biotin, and iron. Some experts claim that the consumption of the supplement thought to be able to support the growth of healthy hair.

2. Apply Essential Oils
Smear your hair with pumpkin seed oil is believed to help hair growth becomes faster. A study showed this oil is also able to reduce hair loss by up to 40 percent. However, avoid application directly to the hair or scalp.

You simply mix a few drops of pumpkin seed oil to the regular shampoo that you used. Mix it with other essential oils, such as jojoba oil, coconut, sunflower seeds, rosemary, or peppermint, whatever you can try. The content of nutrients in the essential oil will help prevention of hair damage.

3. Use The Ointment
In general, ointments are used by people who experience hair loss excessively. However a study showed that some topical ointments are also effective in supporting the growth of the hair faster. But not all types of ointments are suitable. A number of ointments that are recommended is a topical melantonin, topical minoxidil, and ketoconazole. These drugs are not sold freely, so it requires a prescription from a doctor to get it.

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4. Supplements Keratin
It's not a lot of research on the effects of the protein, keratin, and vitamins on the health of the hair. It takes more research to determine its accuracy. Even so, there are studies that reveal that a product that contains 500 mg keratin, vitamins, and other minerals is able to reduce hair loss up to 12.5 percent. Hair strength also will be increased up to 5.9 percent and the brightness and luster of the hair will be increased.

5. Using Protein
Protein can help hair growth and protect it from damage caused by chemicals and environmental influences. If your hair is often exposed to heat and sunlight, the use of protein supplements is able to protect your hair.

You can use protein supplements hair that are sold freely. If you want a more natural, try using pure coconut oil. This oil can help to reduce protein is lost the moment before or after shampooing.

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