What's The Best Medicine For Chest Congestion and Cough ?

What's The Best Medicine For Chest Congestion and Cough ? When the chest feels sore, it is a common complaint that must be addressed, one of them with medication chest pain right. But, is there the Best Medicine For Chest Congestion can be made yourself at home? What is it chest pains ? Pain or pain in the chest, usually caused by reduced blood flow to the heart.

It is also known by the name angina pectoris or angina. Usually, this symptom is perceived as a feeling of tightness, chest as it pressed and my breath feels heavy. Chest pain this can be experienced by anyone, both women and men, and also regardless of age.

Well, pain or soreness the chest, usually occurs within a period of 5-10 minutes, in contrast with the heart pain generally. Even so, the chest pain is also a warning, that You may be having a heart attack. Factors causes pain or pain in the chest among other things, such as smoking, history of diabetes, high cholesterol levels, high blood pressure, unhealthy lifestyle and a derivative of heart disease in the family.

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Best Medicine For Chest Congestion

In addition to heart disease, chest pain also can be caused by digestive problems such as increased stomach acid and muscle problems. the following reviews of dfinisi causes, symptoms and the Best Medicine For Chest Congestion :

Signs and symptoms

There are several symptoms of chest pain can be a diagnosis on their own:
  • Pressure, feeling of fullness, or tightness in the chest
  • Unbearable pain that spreads to the back, neck, jaw, shoulders and arms – especially the left arm
  • Pain that lasts more than a few minutes, gets worse with activity, come and go or vary in intensity
  • Shortness of breath
  • Cold sweat
  • Dizziness or weakness
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Sour taste
  • Difficulty in swallowing
  • The pain will get better or worse when You change position of Your body
  • Intense pain when You breathe deeply or cough
  • Pain when You push on Your chest
The classic symptoms of heartburn such as a burning sensation behind the breast bone, can be caused by problems with the liver or Your stomach. Chances are there signs and symptoms that are not mentioned above. If You have concerns about a particular symptom, please consult with Your doctor.

If You are new to experiencing chest pain or pain that can not be explained, please consult with Your doctor. The body of each person is different. Always consult to the doctor to handle Your health condition.

Contact your local doctor if You have any of these symptoms along with chest pain:
  • Feeling suddenly depressed, squeezing, or tightness, in the bottom of Your chest
  • Chest pain that spreads to jaw, left arm, or back
  • Sudden chest pain that is sharp with shortness of breath, especially after a long time not active
  •  Nausea, dizziness, rapid heartbeat or rapid breathing, confusion, pallor, or sweating in excess
  • Blood pressure is very low or the heart rate is very low

Type of The causes of chest pain

1. The causes of heart-related
  • A heart attack occurs when a blood clot stopping the blood flow to Your heart muscle.
  • Angina: when thick plaque accumulates in the inner walls of the arteries, the artery narrows and blood to Your heart is restricted, causing chest pain.
  •  Aortic dissection: a life-threatening condition involves the main artery leading from Your heart – Your aorta. If the inner layer of blood vessels is separate, the blood will be forced between the layers and can cause the aorta to rupture.
  • Pericarditis: in this condition, inflammation of the sac that surrounds Your heart usually causes sharp pain that gets worse when You breathe in or when You lie down.
2. Causes related digestive
  • Heartburn occurs when stomach acid rises from Your stomach into the esophagus.
  • Swallowing disorders: disorders of the esophagus can make it difficult when swallowing and even painful.
  • Problems in the gallbladder or the pancreas: gallstones or inflammation of the gallbladder or pancreas can cause abdominal pain that radiates to Your chest.
The cause of the associated muscles and bones
  • Costochondritis: cartilage of Your rib cage, particularly the cartilage that combine the ribs to the breastbone, becomes inflamed and painful.
  • Sore muscles: chronic pain syndromes, such as fibromyalgia, can lead to continuous pain.
  • Rib bruising or fracture can cause chest pain.
Related causes of lung

Many lung disorders can cause chest pain, including:
  • Pulmonary embolism occurs when a blood clot lodged in a lung (pulmonary) artery, blocking blood flow to lung tissue.
  • If the membrane that covers Your lungs becomes inflamed, it can cause chest pain that worse when You inhale or cough.
  • Chest pain associated with lung injury often begins suddenly and can last for hours. Injury of the lung occurs when air leaks into the space between the lungs and ribs.
  • High blood pressure in the arteries that carry blood to the lungs (pulmonary hypertension) also can produce chest pain.
3. Other causes

In addition, chest pain can also be caused by:
  • Panic attacks: if You have periods of intense fear accompanied by chest pain, rapid heartbeat, rapid breathing, profuse sweating, shortness of breath, nausea, dizziness and fear of death, You may experience a panic attack.
  • Herpes zoster is caused by reactivation of the chickenpox virus, can produce pain from your back to Your chest wall.
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Best Medicine For Chest Congestion

Natural  Medicine For Chest Congestion

The drug pain in the chest below, is only recommended to handle pain or pain in the chest which caused digestive problems and muscle problems. If the chest pain You are experiencing is similar to the symptoms of a heart attack, seek care immediately emergency room to the hospital or to the nearest clinic.

1. Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar can be one of the drugs chest pain natural You can consume at home. Although it can cause a feeling of heartburn when drinking it (remember, it must be mixed with water), but the apple vinegar is good to handle the problem of pain in the chest due to stomach acid rising Some people who experience pain in the chest, caused because the stomach does not produce enough acid, and finally the gastric acid was increased.

In this case, apple cider vinegar can help by increasing the amount of acid in the stomach. Compounds apple vinegar called acetic acid, can encourage the rise of acid in the stomach. Other benefits, the content of acetic acid can help mengahaluskan and digestion.

2. Compresses of ice

Pain in the chest sometimes caused by muscle tension in the chest. Some of the things that can cause the chest muscles stiffens, among others, the sport of weightlifting or even carry or hold items that are quite heavy. While other causes are costochondritis, namely the problem of inflammation of the chest wall. This condition often be the source of severe chest pain.

As the handling of the simple medicine chest pain with this condition, You can compress the chest with compresses of ice for some time. Compress the ice, in fact, can reduce muscle tension and inflammation in the chest, so the pain will be reduced.

3. Eat almonds

As has been described on the cause of chest pain in the above, chest pain can sometimes be caused by stomach acid. Almonds also can relieve chest pain due to gastric problems that makes the chest pain. Although there has been no explanation for sure, but the content of almonds can relieve the symptoms of stomach acid rising.

One of the content in almonds is a substance akali that can lighten and neutralize stomach acid. But, on the other hand the content almonds also contain high fat. Luckily, fatty foods better to make a stomach acid rapidly decreases in the stomach

4. Drink a warm drink

Excess Gas in the body, can be one of the causes of chest pain are common. Drink warm drinks can relieve and reduce gas and bloating, so that the pain in the chest can also be reduced. It is recommended to drink tea or warm milk to relieve chest pain.

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