Best Medicine For Head Cold, Cough, Stuffy Nose and Runny Nose

Best Medicine For Head Cold, Cough, Stuffy Nose and Runny Nose, Preferably before you determine Best Medicine For Head Cold from you should know what causes your headaches first, it is because the cause of the headache that is different must be treated in a different way anyway. Therefore, you must know the type of headache you have and what cause you to have headaches.

Headache is not a disease that is unfamiliar to the wider community, it is because many people who never experience headaches. That set of diseases often headache is the cause of the headache itself.

The headaches experienced by the people have a cause different from tumor, migraine, cancer, blockage of blood vessels and many more.

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Best Medicine For Head Cold

A. Medical Drug

When a person is exposed to a headache, he will determine Best Medicine For Head Cold using medical drug first. The reason is the medical cure is more practical and also more quickly treat headaches. However, do you know if it continues to canal treat headaches using drugs of chemical is not good for the health especially to the kidneys and liver of human.

It is because the chemical constituents in drugs chemical kitu could incriminate the performance of the kidneys and also the performance of the heart to decipher the chemicals that.

If you are experiencing a headache continuously and sustainable in the a long time immediately do a CT Scan of the brain. Only through a CT Scan we can find out how the state of our brain. If through the CT Scan hasn't been found yet is also the cause of a headache that you can do an MRI Scan.

Here are the chemical drugs that you can use to relieve headaches that you are experiencing and can be easily found in drug stores or pharmacies near your home :

1. Aspirin

Headache medicine the first and widely used is aspirin. Generic drugs are sold freely in drug stores contain a lot of aspirin. Unfortunately in some cases the handling of the disease this drug is not recommended because it can trigger the occurrence of bleeding.

Aspirin also called the drug acetylsalicylic acid. In addition to can be used for relieving headaches, aspirin can be used as a pain reliever so that it can be used as a drug chicken pox the most potent.

Symptoms of chicken pox will be appeased using aspirin.Not only used to treat chicken pox, but the drug aspirin is widely used as a toothache remedies, remedy for knee joint pain and of course, as a headache remedy potent.

2. Ibuprofen

Medical cure for acne the second is ibuprofen. Ibuprofen is a nonsteroidal anti inflammatory Drug is able to relieve pain that is mild to medium. Anti-inflammatory effect on the drug is useful as a reduction of the inflammation that can occur when headaches.

Ibuprofen as a drug headaches can reduce fever if the headache is accompanied with fever. This fever is a sign if the body has been infected with a virus and the germs that cause headaches. Then the task of ibuprofen is as a reliever fever.

3. Paracetamol

The drug next that can be used to overcome headaches is paracetamol. The use of paracetamol is very complex where paracetamol is often used to cope with the fever which is accompanied with high body temperature. Not only that, it turns out that paracetamol can be used as medicine to overcome a headache.

Paracetamol is an analgesic drugs and is categorized as a drug that can be used as a reliever the pain ranging from mild pain up with pain the middle. Limit the consumption of paracetamol 500 mg up to 1 gram for 4 to 6 hours.

Paracetamol can reduce the pain of the head that feels so prickling and painful. The workings of paracetamol to reduce headache is by reducing substances in the body called prostaglandins. Prostaglandins themselves are the elements that are released by the body where it gives pain.

The performance of the paracetamol is to blocking the body to produce prostaglandins, so pain it will not appear, even if appear the body will not focus too much on the pain in his body.

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Best Medicine For Head Cold

B. Natural medicine and Traditional

For those of you who did not want to consume the drug for medical or chemical medicine you can use the materials provided by nature to cope with a headache which you are suffering. Here are the various sorts of headache medicine that you can make from materials available in nature :

1. Butterbur

The plant butterbur can be used to cope with headaches naturally. Studies show the fact if the butterbur is capable of being used to reduce the intensity of migraine or headache the. For those of you who often feel a migraine you should not underestimate the dangers of frequent migraines due to frequent migraine is an indication of serious health problems. For those of you who want to eliminate migraine you can consume the supplements of herbs with the basic ingredients of the plant butterbur.

You can consume supplements that as much as two capsules daily with a dose of 25 mg for 12 weeks for migraines that often afflicts you is reduced as much as 60 percent. You should note here is that you should not consume the plant butterbur directly but you must consume the plant butterbur, which has been processed into suppelemen or other traditional ingredients.

2. Ginger

Efficacy of ginger for health no need to doubt the reason for many diseases which can be treated using ginger. The benefits of ginger for health such as how to overcome flatulence and also as a way of treating heartburn with ingredients that are traditional. This ginger can be used as a pain nausea and vomiting into the effects of headache. How to cope with a headache use ginger is also very easy that is by making the ginger into the ginger juice or ginger. How to make ginger water is as follows :

  • Roasted three pieces of ginger with a medium size. You can also burn the ginger so the aroma of the ginger is out.
  • Brewed ginger it using hot water then added lemongrass and also sugar cubes.
  • Drink as much as three times in a day. Drinking it regularly can relieve your stomach and also relieve tension in the head.

3. Herbal Tea

To cope with headaches naturally, you can use herbal teas. The content of herbs that exist in the tea is useful to relieve headaches and megendurkan head muscles tense. Head muscles tense can be a trigger of headaches and a wide variety of diseases associated with the nerves of the brain e.g. stroke, decreased cognitive function and many more.

You can consume herbal tea twice in a day so your headache pain is reduced the pain. Before drinking it you could smell the aroma of the herbal tea because herbal tea also serves as aromatherapy are useful to relax the head muscles that are tense so the pain caused by muscle tension the brain to be reduced.

4. Rosemary Oil

You can use aromatherapy as medicine headache effective. Indeed, aromatherapy is used as a sedative when a person perceives the stress and also the time of depression. The Aroma out of aromatherapy is able to make the muscles of the head become relaxed and loosened. You can use rosemary oil to create aromatherapy in your room or in the bathroom. Soak using aromatherapy in the bath can reliably make the head ache a bit reduced.

5. Oil Wind

The headache that you are suffering might be caused by the incoming wind, when you get wind you will feel nausea, dizziness and fever. You can use medicated oil to relieve headaches that you are suffering from. How to treat headaches using oils the wind is quite easy that is by applying the oil to the second temple.

You can also inhale the aroma of the oil of the wind if your headache is accompanied by vomiting. The Aroma of the oil the wind was able to make the stomach to be more comfortable and make your head ache a bit reduced.

6. Olive Oil

Olive oil has no doubt his usefulness to health. The benefits of olive oil is already known is used as a way to overcome the lips dry and cope with cracked feet effectively. It is because the content of olive oil is able to moisturize the lips and to be able to moisturize the skin of the feet.

How to use olive oil to relieve a headache is also very easy that you reside shed as much as five drops of olive oil mixed with lavender oil in a cup, then ask someone else to massage the neck and also massaging your back the top for 20 to 30 minutes in length.

Massaging can also be done by the therapis. Massage function it is to facilitate the flow of blood from the body leading to the brain. If the blood flow smoothly, then the blockage of the blood vessels that cause headaches can be eliminated.

7. Almonds

During this efficacy almonds for health and also for beauty no need to doubt because a lot of people to prove that almonds can ward off various diseases and make the body more beautiful. During these almonds are believed to be used as a way to fatten the body naturally.

The benefits of almonds to relieve a headache is to relax the muscles of the head tense and relax the blood vessels in the brain are subjected to strain and cause headaches. The content of magnesium existing on the almonds that is what causes the blood vessels and also muscle in the head to become loose so that the headache can be reduced.

8. The Fruit Of The Avocado

Who does not know avocado, this fruit is a fruit that is rich in nutrients and also rich in nutrients. The nutrients and nutrition that there is the fruit of the avocado that makes this fruit is a fruit that rich in benefits.

The avocado fruit is a fruit that is trusted can be used as a fruit to cure the heat in and for the beauty of the fruit of the avocado can be used as smoothing the skin and as a skin moisturizer so that the skin will be protected from dry skin.

Function of the avocado as a remedy headaches naturally is to relax the muscles of the head tense and relax the blood vessels that are experiencing tension. The content of magnesium in avocados that is useful as a pengendur muscle and also blood vessels strain. Content of avocado fruit with almond nuts have substance of magnesium so that it has the same function in relieving headaches.

9. Banana

Efficacy of bananas for health need not doubt because of bananas for health has many benefits. One of the benefits of banana for health is to treat headaches. Bananas also have magnesium in them so that its function is similar with almond nuts and also the fruit of the avocado. Unfortunately you should not eat bananas too much because there are effect of eating too much bananas that are very dangerous for health.

For those of you who want to treat headaches using a banana it helps you combine it with fruit or foods that contain magnesium. For example is if today you consume a banana, the next day you can consume almonds, then the next day you can consume foods that contain magnesium.

10. Spicy Food

That people know for this is just the dangers of spicy food while for the benefits a lot of people who don't know it. For people experiencing headaches due to sinus disease, you can relieve headaches that you are suffering by eating spicy foods.

Spicy food can make you are experience headaches due to sinuses to be better due to the content of capsicum in chili pepper can reduce your nasal congestion and make you breathe better again.

If the patients with sinuses experience a nose that is clogged then the headaches that he experienced will increasingly become-so whereas if the respiratory tract you relief then the headaches suffered by patients with sinus will be reduced.

11. Spinach

Spinach is a green vegetable that is rich in nutrients. Spinach is a green vegetable that can help patients with anemia. It is because spinach contains high iron content so that the content of iron in spinach is able to help produce red blood cells in in the human body. Consume spinach can be used as a way to prevent the anemia that is effective and capable of being used as a reliever of headache.

Headaches suffered by the people there that caused by high blood pressure in patients with hypertension, and indeed hypertension and hypotension have symptoms in the form of headaches and also dizziness.

Consume spinach can be used as a penormal blood pressure so the headache will not appear back. You can consume the spinach as much as 100 grams each day so that your blood pressure back to normal.

12. Avocado Leaves

Not only the fruit of the avocado can be used for health, but the leaves of the avocado fruit and also seeds of the fruit avocado has a lot of benefits. How to eliminate headache using avocado leaves is very easy once namely as follows :
  • Take 10 sheets of avocado leaves then wash the leaves until completely clean.
  • Boiled avocado leaves using three cups of water.
  • Boiled and leave half of it.
  • Strain and then drink the cooking water while still warm. You simply drink it as much as one time in a day.
13. Sunflower

During this time we only know the efficacy of the sunflower seeds or the sunflower seeds that can be used as evaders of a heart attack. But now the sunflower can also be used as a painkiller the head experienced by a human. How to treat headaches using sunflower is as follows :
  • Take as much as 100 grams of sunflower, wash clean.
  • Boiled with three glasses of water then in the water decoction of it mix the two rhizome of ginger that has been sliced thin.
  • Drink two times in a day.
  • After consuming the boiled water that you should consume chicken eggs boiled mixed using white rice. Do it regularly two times in a day.
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Best Medicine For Head Cold

Tips For Headache Fast Heal

Nobody complained why the headaches from which he suffered did not heal fast or even getting worse despite having been treated for medical or herbal. There are various things that could make the headaches suffered are not healed yet and it has not been recognized by the general public. Here are tips-tips that can make the headaches that you are suffering be healed :

1. Consistent

The first way that can be used untui treat headaches that you are suffering from is consistent with the treatment of you run. If you treat the using way of herbal, you should regularly make the potion and drink the potion even though it will be exhausting you.

If you are taking medical drugs and use the medical way to overcome this headache, you should also be consistent in taking the medication given by your doctor. Treatment that is not consistent will actually make the headaches worse and the headache doesn't go away.

2. Sleep Enough

How wrong other than curing headaches is not having enough time to rest or sleep. Drugs that you consume will not be potent enough to treat headaches that you are suffering if you do not have enough time to rest. The brain and nerves in the head will continue to tense and awake when you stay up all night. Therefore, you should take your time to have enough hours of rest.

Not just a headache that is getting worse but there are a lot of diseases caused by lack of sleep that can strike people with sleep patterns are haphazard. If you are taking a medical drug or herbal medicine after taking the drug you are advised to rest so that the performance of a medical drug or herbal remedies that you consume can work optimally.

3. Avoid Perfume

Things that can cause a person to experience headaches that do not heal are you still exposed to the fragrances around you. Therefore, that headache that you are suffering immediately disappeared you should avoid fragrances in perfumes, soaps and other beauty products that are in your room.

5. Limit Caffeine

For those of you who have headaches that do not heal should you start to look into yourself is there any error that you do to the headaches that you are experiencing is not also not heal. There are people who already consume a wide variety of medical remedies and also herbal remedies but itself difficult to heal. The things that make her difficult to heal because he has a habit of consuming caffeine in excessive amounts, for example is she likes to consume coffee more than one cup in a day.

So you soon should you avoid caffeine or even limit the amount of caffeine that goes into your body. In addition it can cause headaches getting worse, there are a wide variety of effects the dangers of caffeine for the body that you should know. So your headache soon be gone and healed you also should limit consuming foods and drinks that contain high caffeine.

6. Yoga

There is no harm in you trying to soothe yourself by way of yoga or relaxation. It could be a headache which you are suffering due to stress and also depression which you are feeling.Yoga and relaxation are able to make your mind become more calm and also more peaceful.

7. Avoid Screen

Other errors that are often done by people with a headache is that he can't keep distance with the mobile phone screen, television and also computer screen. Radiation and rays that are on the screen it will make the headache growing into-so therefore, when you have not recovered completely avoid eye contact with the screen which bring up the bright rays.

That's a wide variety of Best Medicine For Head Cold that you can use to overcome the headache. If your headache does not also go away you should immediately visit a doctor so that the doctor can figure out what causes the headache that you are experiencing. Diseases such as tumors, blockages in blood vessels in the brain and the presence of cancer cells in brain can not be cured using drug a headache.

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