The Best Medicine For Runny Nose, Cough and Stuffy Nose

The Best Medicine For Runny Nose, Cough and Stuffy Nose, The weather changes suddenly, and sometimes can cause flu disease to humans. For it, the needed Best Medicine For Runny Nose most effective to relieve the disease. Not only can cure pemyakit, sometimes, these drugs are selected because of having a certain effect.

For example is does not cause drowsiness once consumed, it tastes good to form an attractive packaging. In spite of it all, there are actually many types of cold medicines that can be adjusted to the needs of each.

In fact, some of them including the types of cold medicines cough and cold, can cure two diseases at once. No doubt, in addition to the price affordable and easy to obtain, consumers are also looking for Best Medicine For Runny Nose are efficacious, which are also safe for kids or adults. More information, please refer to the reviews below.

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Best Medicine For Runny Nose

Runny Nose are different from influenza usually cough symptoms runny nose starts 2-3 days after the onset of infection, the Symptoms are very distinctive, namely sneezing, runny nose, nasal congestion, cough, hoarse voice. It can last approximately a week.And we need to consider:
  • If only 2-3 days means the symptoms are mild
  • If 2 weeks means the symptoms are quite severe
  • If you have more than 2 weeks symptoms of colds has not been lost also, it could be the cause is allergic.
Here's the top five treatment that is proven scientifically in overcoming a cold :

1. Tablet zinc
Eating zinc is one of the best ways to cut the chances of contracting a cold, according to a review of studies in 2014. According to another study in the School of Public Health at the University of California, laboratory testing showed that zinc can disable the cold virus in the mouth and throat, blocking them, and blocking its replication. The Mineral is also believed to have effects of anti-inflammatories and antioxidants. However, long-term use with high doses can harm the body.

2. Hand wash
Simple but may be more effective than zinc supplements is to keep the hands stay hygienic. Clean hands can be done with a tissue, disinfectant alcohol-based, as well as regular hand washing. Hand washing is properly carried out for 40 to 60 seconds by rubbing hands. So colds don't whack, keep the hands from Your of the face because the virus usually cold drawn from the surface of the contaminated objects.

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Best Medicine For Runny Nose

3. Drink painkillers
If a cold already attacking, medicinal products containing paracetamol can reduce the severity of headaches, fever, sinus pain, and sore muscles aused. Until now, paracetamol is the safest option for both adults and children as long as don't exceed the dose recommended.

The reason, according to Professor Ric Day, a pharmacological in St Vincent's Hospital, Sydney, breaking the recommended doses can cause damage on the liver.

4. Nasal spray
A review of 67 studies found that healers top for a runny nose is nasal spray and nasal decongestant which contains ipratropium bromide. Although powerful, You have to be careful to use it. In 2009, the Food and Drug Administration of America announced that the nasal spray with the content of zinc is associated with damage to the senses of smell permanently.

5. Common Runny Nose Medicine
Medicines and cold medicines that contain antihistamines are believed to be quite effectively cope with colds in adults and children. However, keep in mind that antihistamines only work if combined with a reliever of nasal congestion (decongestants) or pain medication.

Unfortunately that combination is also not tenpa side effects because it can cause dry mouth or insomnia. Administration of drugs the market is also not advised for babies and children under six years, while the provision for children under 11 years should be given under the supervision of a physician.

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