Best Medicine For Sinus Headache, Diagnosis and Treatment

Best Medicine For Sinus Headache, Diagnosis and Treatment, Headaches due to sinusitis and migraines are two types of diseases that are often confused, because the symptoms are similar. In fact, there are several other conditions that can be the difference between headaches sinusitis and migraine To determine the proper handling with the Best Medicine For Sinus Headache and the real causes must be known.

Headaches sinusitis and migraines have some similar symptoms. Both patients with sinusitis or migraines will feel the pain of the head especially on the forehead, eyes itchy and watery, your head feels sore when moving, and pain in the back of the eye or the temple.

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Best Medicine For Sinus Headache

More specifically, there are some symptoms that are commonly felt sinusitis sufferers, including :

1. Pain when bending
A person who is experiencing the headache due to sinusitis, when bending pain in the head will be more painful. In the morning, the pain will be felt so sick, however, the pain will tend to be reduced ahead of the day or night.

2. More sensitive to weather
If you're in humid weather and cold, pain experienced by patients with sinusitis will be more severe. In addition, a headache that is accompanied by a runny nose this usually will not heal for 7 to 10 days.

3. Accompanied by fever
Headache symptoms experienced by patients with sinusitis will be accompanied by fever, nasal discharge that is thick, disorders on sense of smell and the smell of the breath. These symptoms are not generally experienced by the patients with headaches due to migraine.

Different with the symptoms that arise due to sinusitis, migraine sufferers will feel some symptoms such as:

1. Nausea and vomiting
Headache caused by migraine is usually accompanied by nausea, vomiting, and the eyes become more sensitive to light.

2. Vision impaired
Migraine sufferers also often feel the pain of increasingly advanced and an uninterrupted view, so that You are difficult to do daily activities.

3. The headaches
The most noticeable differences, migraine sufferers generally will only feel the pain throbbing on one side of the head.

What are the causes of sinusitis?

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Best Medicine For Sinus Headache

Sinusitis most often occurs due to a viral infection, like the flu virus . This Virus will spread into the sinus cavity of the upper respiratory tract, so that in the end causes the walls of the sinuses (small spaces in the skull) to become inflamed. The presence of the small opening from the sinuses to the nose can get clogged, and often eventually lead to the formation of pressure in the sinuses. Usually the symptoms of sinusitis are mild such as headache, fever, or sore throat and nasal congestion can disappear by itself.

Step Handling Tools

To cope with a headache caused by sinusitis, the doctor will usually give you some Best Medicine For Sinus Headache such as pain medication, decongestants, and advocated the step of suctioning fluid sinus.

Advanced treatment is given if the inflammation in the sinus occurs due to infection of bacteria, i.e. antibiotics. If these drugs are not effective, then the doctor will recommend to do the operation.

Meanwhile, the treatment of migraine not only aims to relieve when there is an attack, but also to prevent the migraine from returning, while reducing the frequency, severity, and duration of the perceived patients.

For migraine sufferers mild, drugs such as paracetamol or ibuprofen may be able to reduce the pain of migraine headaches suffered. As for migraine sufferers moderate and severe, your doctor may give you other medications with the type and the dose adjusted. Administration of these drugs aims to reduce the pain so You can move back.

Immediately consult a doctor if you experience headaches that interfere with daily activities. Please be aware, handling and drugs that will be given the doctor to deal with the headache due to sinusitis and migraines would certainly be different and will be adjusted with the results of the diagnosis of the doctor.

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