Natural Remedies for Best Medicine For Sore Throat

A sore throat can be the first sign of colds and flu, side effects of the vocal cords are stiffened, or an indication of something more serious, such as strep throat. Article this time we will give you information wide selection of Best Medicine For Sore Throat that You can try at the moment the throat starts to feel scratchy, hoarse, or starts to hurt when swallowing.  a sore throat can be really difficult and make You so uncomfortable.

You may be tempted to quickly visit the doctor, but some of the best treatments it turns out that You can find in the house as a cure sore throat naturally. Not only that, the drugs off the can with with easy to get at the nearest pharmacy can also be cure sore throat. Sore throat is one of the health conditions that are often experienced by many people.

Usually people who have experienced a sore throat will experience pain in the throat area, precisely in the area of the larynx, pharynx, and glands of the tonsils. This condition will make You feel uncomfortable because of the throat pain or heat, so as to make You so difficulty to swallow food.

Best Medicine For Sore Throat

A sore throat can be caused by bacteria or virus. However, in general, a viral infection that is becoming the most common cause of a sore throat. Virus infection can be found from colds, flu, measles, chickenpox, and shortness of breath. In spite of that, allergies, dry air, and air pollution can also make the throat feel Your pain.

Whereas, a sore throat caused by a bacterial infection is rarely the case. Sore throat because the bacteria is usually caused by a bacterial infection of Streptococcus pyogenes. You can also experience sore throat due to trauma or injury to the area of the throat and neck. For example You swallow food or fish bone that causes the irritation in the larynx and throat.

In fact, the stomach acid that rises can cause throat feels hot to the inflamed. If You run out scream so loud or talking long, the throat can get sick.

Symptoms of sore throat in general is :
  • Pain or itching in the throat
  • Pain when swallowing or talking
  • Hoarse voice
  • Fever
  • Cough
  • Runny nose
  • Sneezing
  • In children, accompanied the tonsils are flushed
A sore throat is closely related to the inflammation of the tonsils. Although at a glance they both have the symptoms are almost the same, but the sore throat and the tonsils is a disease that is different. The best way to distinguish and treat both types of this condition is to immediately check to the doctor. Knowing the cause of the sore throat will help You cure the disease.

But in many cases, sore throat will usually subsided by its own in less than a week. If the symptoms actually get worse, change, or grow with a new appear, you should immediately consult Your sore throat to the doctor immediately in order to get cure a sore throat in accordance with Your condition.

Best Medicine For Sore Throat

A. Best Natural Remedies For Sore Throat :

1. Gargle salt water

Gargle with warm salt water is cure sore throat naturally proven effective in helping relieve pain and the heat from the sore throat. Reported from Health, some studies find that gargling salt water several times a day can reduce the swelling in the throat and liquefy mucus, and helps flush bacteria and various causes of irritation so it can relieve Your discomfort when swallowing.

To make medicine sore throat this natural, You simply mencapur 1 teaspoon of table salt with a cup of warm water. Stir until the salt is dissolved with water, then gargle for a few seconds. Remove it, and repeat the gargle salt water a few times to throughout the day. If the saltiness is not overpowering for You, mix a little honey to neutralize the taste. Cure sore throat naturally this should be done regularly to get optimal results.

2. Fill body fluids

If You are experiencing strep throat, You need more fluids to relieve the pain. Keeping the body hydrated is an important part of the cure sore throat naturally. When You lack of fluids, the body can not produce enough saliva and mucus to keep the throat hydrated. This will cause swelling and make the inflammation worse.

You should consume enough liquid so that Your urine is light yellow or clear. This will make the mucous membranes of Your remains moist and work better in the fight against bacteria and irritants like allergens, and makes the immune system more effectively fight the symptoms of colds and flu.

Drink plenty of water is cure sore throat best natural. However, You can also replace it with ginger tea warm honey, unsweetened green tea warm, or a delicious chicken soup. The sodium content in chicken soup has the function of anti-inflammation, in addition, have something to eat when the throat feels pain can be difficult, so sipping liquid nutrients can ensure adequacy of nutrients You need to fight Your disease.

3. Lozenges (leopard)

Some lozenges are sold freely in the market could be remedy sore throat. Most peremen throat lozenges containing extracts of menthol, peppermint, or eucalyptus. These materials can give the effect of cool and numb for a moment on the network of Your throat. This is because these three ingredients contain a anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antiviral, so a suitable drug throat pain in order to encourage the healing process.

Candy and cough medicine works to increase saliva production and keep Your throat wet. But as the name implies, these sweets can be relief to a scratchy throat, even though only temporarily and very effective for in times of emergency.

4. Water freshly squeezed lemon juice

A astringent contained in lemon juice can help deflate the swelling of the throat tissue and creates an acidic environment that can kill viruses and bacteria that cause irritation. As a cure sore throat naturally, You simply mix 1 teaspoon of lemon juice into a cup of warm water, and gargle for a few seconds. Do this several times in a day.

5. Gargle apple cider vinegar and salt

If Your throat is inflamed due to cough great, overcome with 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar mixed with 2 teaspoons of salt dissolved in a glass of warm water. This is one of the medicine sore throat natural that You can at home. If necessary, use a mixture of this material as a gargle several times a day. Apple cider vinegar is acid which will coat Your throat while creating a worse environment for viruses and bacteria to be able to survive. To cure pain throat more natural light, mix each 1/4 cup of apple cider vinegar and 1/4 cup of honey, then gargle using the mixture every four hours.

6. Water gargle turmeric

Herbs yellow this is the agent a very powerful antioxidant, and is also beneficial to combat many serious conditions. Included can also be used as a natural remedy sore throat. To relieve inflammation of the throat, mix 1/2 spoon of turmeric powder and 1/2 teaspoon of salt in a cup of warm water, gargle for a few seconds. Repeat several times a day in order to natural remedies sore throat it can work more optimally.

7. Cinnamon mixed with honey

Not only as a spice in cooking or baking, cinnamon apparently also can be a remedy for sore throat. This is because cinnamon has antimicrobial properties that able to inhibit the growth of bacteria and other microorganisms. By doing so, the cinnamon helps reduce swelling, pain and inflammation.

To make the natural remedy sore throat, add one teaspoon of cinnamon powder into a glass of hot water. After that, mix two teaspoons of honey. During this drink is still hot, inhale the steam of the water, and after the water is already warmed up You can eat. You can drink this natural herb 2-3 times a day for a week.

8. A warm bath

Inhaling the dank air can be a natural remedy sore throat You can try the next. This way help relieve swelling due to inflammation of the throat, as well as cope with the blocked nose.

Replace the cold water that You normally use when bathing with warm water, or You can fill a large bowl with warm water by hanging a piece of towel over Your head to keep the steam warm is not out of the bowl. Inhale deeply for a few minutes and continue to repeat for a while to ease the pain of the throat.

Alternatively, You can use the air humidifier as a natural remedy sore throat.

9. Take A Break

Rest is probably the natural cures sore throat the best You can do to fight the infection cause a sore throat. Getting enough rest can help boost your immune system, so You can heal more quickly. In addition, don't forget to rest Your voice as other options to natural cure sore throat.

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Best Medicine For Sore Throat

B. Medicine a sore throat in pharmacy
In addition to the various natural remedy sore throat that have been mentioned above, You can also cope with sore throat with medicines that are sold freely in pharmacies or drug stores nearby. Usually, this method is used if some of the natural remedy sore throat not also make kondsi You improve.

Here are some of the options cure a sore throat in the pharmacy that can help relieve the symptoms of sore throat that You are experiencing :

1. Pain medication

If You just had a sore throat and feel that pain because of the disturbing, You can buy throat lozenges at a pharmacy. To relieve pain and fever, dosage sore throat in pharmacy classes of NSAIDS, such as aspirin, paracetamol, or ibuprofen. Cure a sore throat in pharmacy this is a combination of pain relievers and anti-inflammatories. However, cure a sore throat in the pharmacy, this only relieve the pain and treat inflammation.

Yes, a variety of throat lozenges at the pharmacy that will make You feel better and also reduce some of the swelling associated with a sore throat. In addition, the drug sore throat in pharmacy this can also help reduce the symptoms of fever and flu that might follow strep throat.

Before taking the drug sore throat at the pharmacy, You have to understand correctly how to use it. Therefore, make sure You always read the first how of drug use indicated on the packaging in order not to excess the dose. The reason some throat lozenges at a pharmacy it may not be safe to use by children or people with certain health problems.

Children under the age of 16 years should not be taking the drug aspirin. Instead, You can give paracetamol. Paracetamol can also be an alternative option for children who may not be taking ibuprofen.

2. Antibiotic drugs

If the sore throat You are experiencing is caused because of bacteria, You can take antbiotik. But remember, remedies sore throat it should be with a doctor's prescription. Tertiblah in taking antibiotics as a cure sore throat.

Don't forget to spend this medicine even if Your condition has improved and the symptoms had already disappeared. This is done as an effort to prevent the spread of infection to other parts of the body other which can worsen Your condition. Symptoms disappear after taking the drug sore throat this happens because the bacteria fainted, but not dead yet total. If the antibiotics are discontinued, the bacteria will wake up the back and causing the pain comes back. In fact, bacteria are becoming increasingly resistant to antibiotics.

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