What Is The Best Medicine For Stuffy Nose ?

What Is The Best Medicine For Stuffy Nose ? The treatment of Stuffy Nose can be with antihistamines or oral decongestants (drink). Both types of Best Medicine For Stuffy Nose would be great if added with a nasal spray that is specially formulated for Stuffy Nose. Stuffy Nose can occur due to blood vessels in the nose become inflamed and swollen tissue.

This condition rarely progresses to serious, but it can be annoying. As soon as possible back breathe freely with the way to eliminate Stuffy Nose is! The cause of the symptoms is very diverse.

 Stuffy Nose can be caused by flu, sinusitis, allergies, stress, even pregnancy. The cause of the most popular flu caused by a viral infection. Although the condition of Stuffy Nose occurs only temporarily, but most people want to be cured of this disorder.

A nasal spray containing oxymetazoline can be used to relieve discomfort in the nose caused by colds and allergies. The drug is also widely used to relieve Stuffy Nose and swelling (congestion) in the sinuses, because of the effects it works faster compared to pills to Stuffy Nose.

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Best Medicine For Stuffy Nose

Although it has the effect of working fast, but a nasal spray that contains oxymetazoline is not recommended to use for children under 6 years of age, unless recommended by a doctor. How drugs work this spray is the by narrowing the blood vessels in the nasal passages, resulting in swelling and blockage of the nasal cavity is reduced.

Its use should only be sprayed into the nose, and not to be swallowed. Typically, the drug spray is the Best Medicine For Stuffy Nose, it,s used every 10 to 12 hours as needed, but not more than two times spray per day. Do not use the spray more than three consecutive days. If symptoms do not improve after three days of treatment, contact your doctor immediately.

If You are experiencing a stuffy nose that is accompanied by high fever, blood in the snot, or snot change color to green, see your doctor immediately.

1. A Warm Bath

A warm bath will give the sensation of the nose relieved and free of mucus. Therefore, the warm feeling of the air when the bath can be diluting the mucus and help her get out of your nose. Other benefits such as reducing inflammation.

In addition to the bath, you can also acquire these benefits through breathing in the steam of hot water in a basin. You may do this as many as 3 to 4 times a day. Avoid the face does not get burned due to hot steam.

2. Drink lots of water

Warm water can help thin the mucus in the nasal passages and relieve pain due to Stuffy Nose. For variety, You can drink ginger tea, mint, or lemon tea and warm honey containing antiseptic agents and decongestants natural to facilitate breathing.

3. Use A Decongestant

Stuffy Nose due to the flu can be relieved with the use of decongestants. Decongestants can shrink swollen blood vessels in the nose, which shut off the flow of breath. So, you can breathe back to normal. Before use it is advisable to check the description on the packaging and make sure the presence of the ingredients phenylephrine or pseudoephedrine.

In addition to the drug consumption, a decongestant spray is also available and can be purchased at the pharmacy. Usually these sprays contain oxymetazoline or phenylephrine. Make sure you do not use decongestants for more than 3 days so the symptoms do not become worse.

When not taking medication, you can utilize a decongestant natural. Peppermint and ingredient, menthol, can work as a decongestant for diluting the mucus in the chest. Peppermint tea may be you can try to recover quickly.

4. Chewable garlic

Garlic contains an agent antibacterial and antifungal useful as a healer of many health problems, including Stuffy Nose due to hay fever and flu. Findings from a study in the Uk showed that participants given garlic supplements for 12 consecutive weeks during the flu season more rarely have the flu than participants who did not consume garlic supplements.

May chew raw garlic sounds scary for You. To workaround, saute 1-2 garlic cloves and add the pasta or vegetables. Or, You could add some sliced or collision of a clove of garlic in a bowl of hot water for steaming Your face for 10 minutes.

5. If Allergic, The Consumption Of Antihistamines

Not just sneezing, itching, and watery eyes, typical symptoms other than the allergic reaction is Stuffy Nose. How to avoid the best of these conditions, namely by staying away from allergens (allergy triggers). However, you may also need an antihistamine. Taking antihistamine drugs as the lowering of an allergic reaction will also relieve Stuffy Nose.

This drug will make the inflammation better. The combination of antihistamines and decongestants will relieve the pressure and swelling in the sinuses due to allergies. Do not forget to always read and follow the rules of the use of the drug and notice the side effects that may appear.

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Best Medicine For Stuffy Nose

6. Inhaling the warm steam

Add water to the pan, then cook until boiling. Lift and then breathe slowly warm steam produced from boiling water. But be careful when practicing this because the steam can make Your nose blisters. In addition to these, You can also enjoy the steam warm shower warm water. Not only the relief of Stuffy Nose, a warm bath can also make Your body relax.

7. Washing the nose with salt water

In addition can relieve Stuffy Nose, this method can also eliminate viruses and bacteria that are inside the nose. You can make a solution of salt water at home. The ingredients is three teaspoons of salt and one teaspoon of baking soda. Mix both of these ingredients, then store in a container that is airtight.

To make the solution, take one teaspoon of the mixture, and then insert it into 230 ml of warm water. The contents of this solution into a syringe or neti pot. Then, lean into the sink while tilting your head. Pour this solution into one nostril. Leave until the solution flows out of the other nostril. During this process, You can breathe using the mouth.

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