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No one is happy when a toothache strikes. This condition progresses with symptoms of severe pain, throbbing and tenderness that interfere with. If it is severe, the pain will last all day. But keep calm down, you can rely on Best Medicine For Toothache to overcome this condition.

The longer, pain in the teeth can be noticeably more heavy. Sometimes the pain comes and goes and makes you reluctant guest. In fact, the pain can be accompanied by other symptoms such as fever.

Anyone experiencing the above symptoms will definitely want to quickly treat it right ? If You are tooth pain, you should immediately visit the doctor. But in the meantime, there are several Best Medicine For Toothache that You can do as a first aid before going to the doctor.

What is the course? Check out the wide selection of pain medications teeth most potent in this article.

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Best Medicine For Toothache

Causes of tooth pain

In addition to cavities, pain in teeth can also be caused by many things. Here are some of the causes of pain in the tooth is the most common what You should know :

1. Sensitive teeth

Having sensitive teeth can be the cause of You often experiencing pain in the tooth. Usually, people who have sensitive teeth will feel a sharp pain whenever eating or drinking something hot or cold.

Sensitive teeth can be caused because of gum recession (the gum line to recede up to result in the surface of the roots of the teeth become open) or thinning of the tooth enamel. In addition, dental treatment such as removal of rotten teeth, dental braces or dentures, can also cause Your teeth to become sensitive.

2. Growing wisdom teeth

In many cases, wisdom teeth that are growing will usually make Your teeth hurt. Wisdom teeth often grow in a position that is not desirable or crammed in a place that is too crowded, so that can cause throbbing pain accompanied with bouts of sharp pain suddenly.

3. Gum disease

People who have gum disease are very prone to experience dental pain. Gum disease occurs because of adalnya the buildup of dental plaque around the gums. This makes Your gums inflamed. Inflammation caused by bacteria in the plaque can be painful because it resulted in Your gums swollen, red, and bloody.

If this condition persists, You will experience gingivitis. When already affected by gingivitis, You run the risk of experiencing gum disease are more serious and will increase the chances of You experiencing pain in the teeth repeatedly.

4. Dental caries

Dental caries, aka tooth decay, is the cause of the other You often experience pain in the teeth. A small cavity at the outer layer of teeth (enamel) usually does not cause pain, but so is the decay of the redeemed through the tooth enamel and affects the lining the inside of the tooth (the dentin), the tooth will become very sensitive. If left unchecked, this condition then leads to the formation of cavities.

In dental caries an advanced stage, the decay progresses deeper, up to the deepest layer of the tooth (pulp), which resulted in the pain intense sharp. Infections from tooth decay can cause death of the tooth and cause an abscess (clots of pus) below the root of the tooth. This infection can spread and lead to tooth decay that is severe as well as gum disease.

5. The habit of teeth grinding

You have a habit of teeth grinding during sleep? From now on, ubalah this bad habit. The reason is, the habit of teeth grinding can cause damage to the nerves, which eventually cause pain in Your teeth. Most people can not realize they are doing this habit, is mainly done during sleep.

In addition, the emotional stress and tension are the main causes of habitual teeth grinding. If Your teeth become more sensitive lately, so more yellow or flat surface, or You wake up with a dull pain in the back of the head or jaw, You may be teeth grinding in Your sleep.

6. Broken teeth/cracked

Sometimes, You may experience pain in the tooth but the root cause is not clearly known. In fact, pain in the teeth does not originate from the teeth of the hole or gum disease certain. Pain in the teeth without a clear reason for the cause of a dull pain can indicate Your teeth are cracked or broken, which may be too small to be seen by the naked eye.

A fractured tooth may occur due to habit of chewing bad, teeth grinding, injury to the teeth, weakening of tooth due to large fillings, and so on. When the cracks severe, the nerve may be affected area can cause pain that is painful. Cracks in teeth can be an alternative place bacteria gathered so as to create an infection that causes damage and dental problems.

7. Tooth fillings loose

When the fillings of Your teeth loose or are near the area of the decay of new teeth, the fillings can be broken, loose, or become worn out. You may be experiencing the pain of the sharp embossed-drowned while biting the area. You may also find that the area of the aching tooth becomes very sensitive.

8. The cause of the other

If You recently experienced injury to the joint connecting the jaw and skull (the joints temporomandibular joint), You may be able to feel the pain around the teeth. Trauma to the jaw can also be caused by habitual teeth grinding, arthritis, or cancer of the mouth that affect the jaw.One of the causes of dental pain are less common, but also equally important to is sinusitis.

The teeth behind the upper part of Your share the same nerves with the sinus cavity. As a result, the pain that is present may be caused by the teeth, or vice versa. Sore teeth due to sinus is usually accompanied/preceded by a nasal congestion, and pain around the nasal cavity.

Best Medicine For Toothache

If You suspect one of the above reasons is the cause of Your tooth pain, visit a doctor for diagnosis and treatment more accurate.

Various ways that can be done as a cure toothache is the most powerful

If You are experiencing tooth pain due to cavities, the best solution is to seek treatment immediately at the dentist. But there are several ways to treat tooth pain simple that You can do as a first aid before going to the doctor. The following natural toothache remedies that You should know.

1. Gargle salt water

General dentist can't do any treatment when Your teeth are still problematic. The only thing that You can do at this time is the use of drugs tooth pain until finally Your teeth can be followed by a doctor. Well, try to gargle with salt water until You feel pain is already a little better. Gargle salt water is how to treat toothache that You should try at home.

In fact, some people consider if salt water is the cure of a toothache the most potent to relieve pain. As pain medication cavities, You can dissolve ½ tsp salt in one glass of water (240 ml), and gargle for a few moments. Before rinsing, You can also do flossing to remove residual food stuck in the area around the aching tooth.

2. Chew raw onion

Onion is a natural toothache remedies. Because, the red onion has antiseptic and antimicrobial that can control the pain by killing the bacteria that cause tooth infection. How to treat toothache with onion is to chew it. Yes, chew raw onion for a few minutes on the side of the mouth with teeth that will nyutan. If You cannot chew the onion, put the slices of raw onion directly on the aching tooth.

In addition to a raw onion, You can also make garlic as the choice of pain medication cavities. When torn apart by the teeth, the garlic will release the allicin, the oily substance is a natural function as the contrarian of the disease. This can reduce the sense of pain in Your teeth.

3. A compress of ice cubes

How to treat toothache with ice cubes can be done by inserting ice cubes in a small plastic, then wrap with cheesecloth, and stick it directly on the teeth set on edge for 15 minutes to shake off the nerves of teeth. Or, You can put an ice compress on Your cheek, in the area of the sore tooth as a way to eliminate tooth pain. There is one interesting trick You can try if you want to use ice cubes as a pain medication cavities. Massage the back of Your hand with a compress of ice cubes.

The nerves in Your fingers will send the signal “cold” that may override the pain signals from Your teeth. (Note: massage the hand on the same side with the teeth set on edge, and apply pressure in the area between the thumb and forefinger.)

4. Vinegar

How to treat tooth pain of the other is to use vinegar kitchen or apple cider vinegar. This is because both types of vinegar it contains a antibacterial and antimicrobial which is effective to relieve toothache. If you want to use vinegar as a pain medication cavities, You can gargle-gargle hold the vinegar solution in the area of the tooth that is sore for approximately 30 seconds.

After that, please remove. If You are not strong with the sour taste of vinegar, You can put vinegar on a cotton swab and put the cotton on the aching tooth. After that, brush your teeth as usual with a special toothpaste sensitive teeth.

5. Clove oil

Clove oil is a traditional remedy that has long been used as a drug toothache most potent. This oil is allegedly able to help “turn off the nerve” because the main chemical compounds contained in the herb are eugenol, which acts as a natural anesthetic. But, be careful in the use of clove oil as a pain medication cavities.

The indiscriminate pouring out the oil of cloves in the mouth, the pain will be more severe if the oil is dripping onto the tongue or Your gums sensitive.

So, take a good look how to treat toothache with clove oil here. Pour two drops of clove oil on a cotton ball and stick it on the tooth until the pain subsided. You can also use clove powder or whole cloves and stick it in the aching tooth as an alternative option to pain medications cavities.

6. Guava leaves

The leaves of guava can relieve the pain in the tooth because of its anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and antimicrobial contained in it. How to treat a toothache this one is by chewing one-two sheets of guava leaves until the extract comes out.

After that with Your tongue achieves the aching tooth and apply a leaf extract of guava. If how to treat a toothache is considered difficult, You can boil four to five sheets of guava leaves as another option. Let stand the solution for a few moments to cool and add a pinch of salt. Use a solution of guava leaves as mouthwash.

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Best Medicine For Toothache

How to treat toothache with drugs in the pharmacy

In addition to the natural toothache remedies, there are also some drugs in the pharmacies that You can use to cope with dental pain that You feel. Although there are many toothache remedies are sold freely in the stalls and pharmacies, You it is recommended consult with a doctor before using any tooth pain of any kind, to prevent things that are not desirable. Here are some toothache remedies most potent that You can find in pharmacies or drug stores nearby:

1. Acetaminophen

In many cases, the drugs class NSAIDS can help You relieve the pain in the tooth. One of the pain medication classes of NSAIDS that are commonly used is acetaminophen. or also known by the name paracetamol.

Acetaminophen is not just so pain medication tooth most potent, but can also be used to relieve headaches, muscle pain, back pain, fever, and flu. However, if You are having serious problems on the liver and allergies, then You are not recommended to take pain medicine teeth this type. Before using acetaminopen as pain medication cavities, make sure You read how to use first on the label packaging.

2. Ibuprofen

The same as acetaminophen, ibuprofen also acts as a drug toothache most potent is also available in the form of tablets, caplets, and syrups. However be careful before using ibuprofen as a pain medication cavities. This is because the use of the drug ibuprofen exceed the limit dose has been determined, not proven to be more effective for pain relief.

So, make sure You always read the instructions for the use of the drug along with the recommended dose before taking this drug. If the pain is gone, you should stop to take the drug. Avoid drinking ibuprofen in a state of an empty stomach because it will make the stomach into the wound.

3. Naproxen

Naproxen is a painkiller that is also often used to cope with tooth pain. Toothache remedies most potent is available in tablet form in doses of 220 mg. An example brand of the drug naproxen is Xenifar. Unfortunately, You have to be aware of the side effects of pain medications cavities.

Some common side effects that often happen when taking this drug are stomach pain, mild heartburn, diarrhea, constipation, flatulence, headache, skin itching and reddening, and blurred vision. If You want to do surgery, including dental surgery, you should inform that You are using naproxen.

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