Best Over The Counter Cold Medicine Without Prescription

Indeed, many of us assume Best Over The Counter Cold Medicine ( OTC )  Without Prescription in the market may be used freely anyway. That is not the case in reality. Although many medication cough and colds are classified as otc drugs, nonetheless use of carelessly can pose a danger.

In fact, the FDA ( Food and Drugs Administration ) of United States which often becomes a reference of the world, prohibits the giving cough and cold medicines are sold freely to children under two years.

This includes all medications composition decongestants (lozenges respiratory tract), and expectorant (thinning phlegm), antihistamines (to reduce runny nose and sneezing), and antitussive (relieve coughing without phlegm). What are the risks? Among other things trigger epilepsy, make the heart beat, and reduced consciousness.

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Best Over The Counter Cold Medicine

More than two years ago, the U. S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention reported, 1500 babies and toddlers went to the emergency room after experiencing side effects of the drug runny nose OTC (over the counter/free sale). Then in 2007, the FDA reported 54 children lost their lives due to decongestants and 69 children because antihistamines from 1969 to 2006. Most of the victims are under the age of two years, in which the nervous system because of its independence, is not yet “ripe”.

The function of the respiratory and digestion of child also differ with adults, so as has already been evidenced through research, cough and cold medicines on the market are not effective for infants and toddlers. Even the effect is not much different from placebo.

“Children under two years should get physiotherapy or alternative therapies such as herbal remedies, not drugs are sold freely in the market.” However, for children aged over two years, parents should still be careful to choose a cough medicine colds are circulating in the market. Not all the composition of the drug is safe for children especially, the drug classes decongestants such as pseudoephedrine, etilefedrin, or phenylephrine.

If given with low doses possible effect is not too dangerous. However, if the dose above that recommended, it can be fatal. There are some fatal cases that occurred in Indonesia some time ago.

“After the drug is taken, the child's nose feels dry aka not runny anymore. Parents instantly happy because it considers a child's runny nose has healed. In fact, there is a danger that threatens in behind it. Mucus instead of lost but depressed and agglomerate in the respiratory tract.”

The danger, of mucus it can be a growth medium for germs, which then enter the lungs and cause pneumonia. While if it rose to the ears can cause congekan. So, all that slime is a defensive reaction of the body against the disease should be removed by other means are more appropriate, is not withheld or suppressed. Some cold medications can also crumple mucus in the throat. This incident can aggravate a child's asthma. Therefore ask for advice on doctors, especially if the age of the child less than 2 years.

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Best Over The Counter Cold Medicine

Another Cough, Another Also Cure

a cold or flu is a disease caused by a virus. All the disease virus infection in the first 3 days will be symptomatic called ILI (influenza like illness). Characterized by runny nose, congestion, sneezing, and fever. Well, diseases of colds and the flu generally resolves itself after five days, of course if coupled with enough rest and adequate nutrition. So, without treated also, the disease the flu or a cold will heal on its own.

While a cough and runny nose due to allergies do not work treated with any medication if the originator of the allergy is not avoided. Obviously, the right, treat cough and colds can not be arbitrary. Not to mention, there are children who are allergic to the drug classes specific.

In conclusion, parents do not take the risk to buy Best Over The Counter Cold Medicine , especially if the age of the child is still under two years. Do a consultation with a doctor if the cough colds accompanied by high fever above 39.4° C even though the new one day, or 37.8° C until the second day. Cough and cold with symptoms of frequent urination and ear pain should immediately consult the nearest doctor.

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