Birth Control Pills For Men : The Advantages And Shortcomings

Getting Birth control pills for men as if the only associated with women only. Whereas, the use of contraception in men can also to suppress the occurrence of pregnancy is unplanned. The availability of contraception tools for men indeed, not as much as intended women.

Condoms and a vasectomy is a contraceptive option for this provided to men. In addition, to prevent pregnancy, men are also just relying on contraception conservative, i.e. to withdraw the penis before ejaculation when having sex.

However, now men have the option of new contraceptives, namely the pill special man. Birth control pills men this can be a selection of emergency promising. These pills work with a dose of the hormone artificial to the flow of the blood of men. This hormone serves to inhibit the production of sperm.

Birth Control Pills For Men

Such as birth control pills women birth control pills men also while. Side effects too like hormonal pills such as, cause acne, weight gain, or change in testosterone levels may cause a decrease in sexual arousal. In addition, it was also developed a technique of non-hormonal contraception, such as vaccines mengimunisasai antibodies man who stopped the production of sperm.

This technique is more effective than the pill because of a hormone associated with sperm production. This technique also does not cause testosterone levels testosterone decreases segingga libiso stay awake. Such techniques are also temporary because it only has an effect in a certain period of time.

The pill men is made from the extract of the leaves of the plant Gendarussa that has the ability to weaken the sperm fertilizes the egg cell in addition to increase the vitality of man himself. The researchers say, birth control pill reminder have already passed clinical trials and is ready to be mass produced in 2014.

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Birth control methods for men

As we know that there are a lot of contraception for men that potent prevent pregnancy are common. Here is the information of a number of methods of male contraception and their advantages and drawbacks. :

1. Ejaculation outside

Neither disconnected (coitus interruptus), or better known by the method of ejaculation on the outside or “out out”, is a form of male contraception the oldest in the world and still often practiced today. About 35 million couples worldwide rely on this technique for the prevention of pregnancy emergency.

During sex, the man will pull his penis out of the vagina when he feels he will cum or before you achieve it. Ejaculation will be done separately, outside of and away from the vagina, very carefully so the semen does not drip or spill onto the vulva of the woman.

The application of this method is hormone-free and practical, also requires no cost at all. Ejaculation outside effective if there is a shared commitment from both parties.

Using the method of coitus interrupted requires proficiency self-control. Ejaculation is a reflex spontaneous and there are no men in this world who can really be sure when he will orgasm and ejaculate. Therefore, You won't really be able to estimate accurately in the minutes or seconds keberapa You have to pull-out.

According to Planned Parenthood, 4 out of 100 women will get pregnant from the male partner who always use the method of coitus interrupted. That is, the chances of conceiving is four per cent of this method. This percentage is quite high compared to the failure rate of condoms is only two percent if used appropriately. This method also does not prevent the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases although no pregnancy occurs.

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Birth Control Pills For Men
2. Condoms

After ejaculation out, the condom is one of the tools of modern contraception is the oldest in history. Historical records report that condoms are the oldest ever found dating from the year 1642, but its use itself has been started since 12,000 years ago.

What are the advantages of this method ?

How to use a condom is quite simple and does not need to incur huge costs. Condoms are also widely available and easily searchable in the market. If used correctly during sexual intercourse, the effectiveness of condoms reached 98 percent. In addition to preventing pregnancy, condoms also protect You from sexually transmitted diseases.

What are the shortcomings of this method ?

The effectiveness of condoms to prevent pregnancy is determined from the size of the fitting and how its use (and disposal). The size is too big risk to loose and regardless, is too narrow at risk of easily torn. Wear them late in the middle of lovemaking session can increase the risk of pregnant outside the plan, too quick will also not be effective.

Lot also confusion about how to use a condom that is actually wrong, like wear a condom double or condoms used for two times penetration, which can increase the risk of pregnancy and disease transmission.

3. Injectable hormones

Planning injection for men classified as a modern contraceptive which is new tilled in recent years. Injectable KB this man contains a hormone synthetic testosterone and progestin (a female hormone synthetic), to be injected every 8 weeks. The goal of injecting family planning is to lower the natural testosterone levels in a man's body for pressing the process of maturation of sperm-sperm young.

Hormone therapy is a therapy that is considered quite safe and effective to do, because it is temporary or can be returned to its original state, because it does not cause permanent infertility such as in a vasectomy. Contraceptive methods this will be the way out for couples in which the female could not perform the contraceptives own specific health reasons.

 To this extent, planning injection for men is still experimental limited. Then the cost to get it was quite expensive. In addition, the right birth control lady pills, injectable family planning men should also be timely so that the effectiveness of the contraceptive is maintained. Some of the research mentions how hormonal it can also affect the sexual appetite of men.

Methods of contraception with hormones could not protect from the transmission of sexual diseases.

4. Vasectomy

Vasectomy is the choice of permanent contraception. To perform vasectomy, the surgeon will hollow out the testicles You to pull the vas (reseller channel of sperm), cut it, and then tie both ends before closing the back in the scrotum with stitches. This process leads to the sperm cannot mix again with the semen.

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What are the advantages of this method ?

If the couple is sure do not want to have children or do not want to add the offspring again, a vasectomy is the most effective way to prevent pregnancy. More than 99% cases of vasectomy are guaranteed effective to prevent pregnancy. A vasectomy will not lower testosterone levels, interfere with sex drive, ability for erection, orgasm, and ejaculation so You can still have sex as usual without the worry of conceding.

Vasectomy is a surgical procedure, so that it can appear some complications and common side effects, for example bleeding, infection, and discomfort after the procedure is done. But this can be handled easily.

You should also keep using another method of contraception until three months after the vasectomy, because still there may be leftover sperm that floats around the ends of the openings of the vase which can cause pregnancy (may be small odds, but not impossible). A vasectomy cannot protect You from sexually transmitted disease.

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