Can You Get Pregnant From Precum ?

Can you get pregnant from precum ? - Precum (pre-ejaculatory fluid) also known as the fluid pre-ejaculation is a transparent liquid which excluded men from their penis before they ejaculate. Sexual intercourse without using contraceptive methods, can increase the incidence of pregnancy.

If you see your story, where your partner's peni.s does not go into your vagina, it looks like chances of conceiving will be low, although there are. Then, Each ejaculate, usually there will still be sperm because sperm continue to be produced periodically in men.

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Can You Get Pregnant From Precum

Although the liquid preejakulasi or precum contains a little more active sperm, but various studies show that precum contains enough sperm. This means that when You are in your fertile period and having sex, You may be pregnant. However, this possibility is much smaller compared to when Your spouse is indeed issued his sperm in a vagina.

The conclusion is although very rare, there is still the possibility of a woman to get pregnant due to precum. This possibility will be higher if Your husband ejaculates before. In this case, the sperm may already exist or still exist on the peni,s, which can be thrust into the cervix or uterus.

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Can precum cause pregnancy?
According to various studies, precum usually consists of sperm tend to die and not move, but some studies have noticed the absence of live sperm in the fluid this also. As a findings, some of the men often leak sperm in precum.

The cause this occurs is still unknown. Because the reason is exactly, precum has a tendency to make a woman pregnant. However, because the ratio of live sperm to dead sperm and not move less in the liquid, the probability of a woman who is impregnated is quite low.

Can You Get Pregnant From Precum

You should practice safe sex and use condoms, or the contraceptive pill if You have sex without a condom, in order to remain on the safer side and prevent pregnancy. Precum has a high potential to infect You with an STD if Your partner have it.

A study has revealed that traces of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) was detected in 12 of the 23 HIV-positive people. Therefore, a report on TOI says that make sure You and Your partner tested for infection before engaging in sex.

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