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Capsaicin pills - Alkaloids are a class of compounds bernitrogen that most heterocyclic and there in plants (but this does not exclude compounds that are derived from animals). Amino acids, peptides, proteins, nukleotid, acid nukleik, sugar amino acids and antibiotics are usually not classified as alkaloids. And by the same principle, neutral compounds which are biogenetic associated with alkaloids.

Chili pepper (Capsicum sp.) is one of food ingredients that are easily found in everyday life. Pepper comes from Peru, but spread originated from the American Continent, then to the Continents of Asia, Africa, and Europe.

Red pepper is one of the types of plants of the tribe terungterungan (Solanaceae or Nightshade). This plant is a seasonal plant that is easy to grow in the lowlands and in the highlands. Need this chili is increasing every year.

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Capsaicin pills

In general, people widely use chili as a food ingredient that can give a spicy taste and power of appetite. In addition as a food ingredient, chili peppers can also be used as baahan raw herbs. Since the first chili pepper has been utilized as medicines all over the world.

Capsaisin is the main substances that lead to a spicy taste in chili. Capsaisin has been extracted from the chili peppers will be obtained in the form of oleoresin.

Oleoresin is an extract of the shaped gel or paste that has a main content of the extracted material. In addition to being used as a food ingredient that is as a flavour, oleoresin capsaicin can also be utilized in the field of pharmaceutical in the manufacture of various medicines.

The use of oleoresin can reduce the cost of transportation because of the volume per unit weight will be reduced and storage is easy.

Capsaicin pills

The content of capsaicin in Capsicum frutescens in certain levels can be toxic and pose a health threat. Health threat can be in the form of inflammatory reactions, impaired cell function, even cell death.

In addition to capsaicin, some of the compounds contained in the fruit of cayenne pepper is the alkaloid, flavonoids, and sterols or terpenoids.

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The seeds of cayenne pepper contain some of the compound classes of alkaloids, namely solanine, solamidine, solamargine, solasodine, solasomine, as well as containing capsacidin which belongs to the class of steroid saponins. At certain levels, the compound thought to be toxic.

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