Cat and Dog Constipation Remedy : The Best Thing to Do !

Dog and cat constipation remedies -  Constipation or constipation is a condition where the Cat and dog so difficult defecate. The condition like this although is simple but if not done Cat and Dog constipation remedy, It's will directly result in tremendous pain and could be followed by death if the stool (feces) can't get out because the stomach will be enlarged to contain feces, which will hinder the process of respiration and cause of poisoning if not done immediately dog and cat constipation home remedy .

Cat and Dog constipation remedy

Causes of constipation in dogs and cats :

Dogs and cats need to also be considered nutrients, just like humans. An imbalance of nutrients, can also cause disorders in the gastrointestinal tract one of them is constipation.  Less consumption of fiber, can be one of the causes of constipation.

Fiber not only comes from vegetables and fruit, but also in bones , offal, meat, carbohydrate source (type and amount) of the ordinary there on the way food packaging pet. In addition to generating energy, fiber can also help improve the health of the gastrointestinal tract.

Fiber most will come out with feces (poop) because it is not entirely digested, but fiber is very important to improve the function of the gastrointestinal tract, so that the gut can perform movements digest, stimulate the work of the good bacteria, so that the nutrients can be absorbed better.

But, it also should be noted the granting of this fiber should not be excessive, need to be balanced with the consumption of water and other nutrients. The consumption of grass for cats and dogs can also increase the intake of fiber.

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2. Stress and psychological disorders
Cats and dogs can also experience stress, usually cause activity to change and distracted. Some of the cause, namely :

A. Changes in the environment 
When the owner moved house and pets are in a new environment, usually they will start the process of adjustment first. During the process of adjustment takes place, usually the metabolism of the body will affect. The form of the influence of these variety of such as diarrhea or constipation.

B. Changes in habits
For example the layout of boxes of sand that are moved by the owner or the location of the place of the usual animals pup, revamped. The animal will frantically looking for the location of the pup and will eventually be detained. When the dirt is retained and accumulate, over time will harden and occur constipation

3. Infection and abnormality of the body part behind 
Infection or inflammation in the digestive tract because the disease agent could also cause disorders in the gastrointestinal tract due to straining hospital. For example infections in the urinary tract, infection in the uterus, an abscess in the anal gland.  If the animal is experiencing pain in the back , for example getting hit by the injury or cause of the pelvic bone fractures, disorders of the muscles and nerves that cause inervasi nerve to the muscles spyncter the rectum is disturbed so could not be defecation

4. Blockage in the intestines
The intestine can experience the blockage finally the feces can not be excluded, due to anatomical abnormalities since birth, or or it could be a blockage in the intestine due to the presence of a tumor.

5. Hair clogging the gastrointestinal tract
Dog and cat hair long will be licking his hair loss and ingested (hairball). Sometimes hariball not spewed out and out along with the dirt. If the amount of hair too much, it will cause constipation.

6. Consuming a foreign object
Dogs or cats that love to play outside or that type of pool, sometimes curious about the objects he sees and tries to eat it. If the workpiece is too large then it will inhibit the gastrointestinal tract and become constipation. The doctor will give you immediate treatment when knowing the cat and dog have constipation. In addition to making the dogs and cats are not comfortable, constipation or constipation in dogs and cats can cause serious problems later if not addressed immediately.

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Cat and Dog constipation remedy

Dogs and cats are experiencing constipation, you should immediately consult a physician. For too long the dirt does not come out of the body will cause discomfort as well as causing serious conditions in the future such as the presence of the protrusion of the anus, and megacolon (enlarged colon).

If constipation just happened 1-2 days (the owner realized there was no dirt in the sand box, and the cat looks uncomfortable) , we can do the 7 Tips to overcome constipation in dogs and cats, namely :

1.Give food that is wet
Wet food will increase the consumption of fluids, it is expected that with the consumption of fluid is increased will cause the stool to become softer so that it easily passes through the anus.

2. Wipe the anus with warm water
This can be done in dogs and cats a young age or kitten, to stimulate the muscles around the anus so that the dirt can come out.

If the kitten or puppy only the consumption of only milk (less than 1 month) are usually very likely not pooping for 2 days because of the nutrients absorbed. But still need to do the stimuli to get the dirt out. Constipation may also occur in cats and dogs that experience the diversion of food from the food a soft to a hard texture. Wipe the anus with warm water is also very helpful if there are cuts or abrasions in the anus.

3. Provide clean drinking enough each day.

4. Apply olive oil or VCO in the anus

Olive oil or VCO is a natural oil that is safe for humans, so too with dogs and cats. Administration of olive oil and VCO in the anus can serve as a lubricant, is expected to soften the stool and no pain during DEFECATE. In addition to the given on the anus, can also be given by mixing the food or given directly to dogs and cats via the mouth.

5. In addition to the dry food, add fruits and vegetables for dogs
Fruits and vegetables can be a good snack for dogs and cats, the gift can be given directly or made juice to facilitate the presentation.

6. Provide additional fiber
One of the causes of constipation is lack of fiber, so the digestive tract is not working properly. should be made as well as snacks for dogs and cats that contains fiber. But the proportion is not too much, can use pumpkin, oats, on snack the dog and the cat.

7. Make sure dogs and cats are not lazy activity
The dog should be invited to the road the morning and evening to launch pooping, so also with the cat. However, usually cats do not like to be invited to the road, try not to dkandangkan continue. Let the activity in the home (if the cat is indoor) with up toys or other objects that can keep it moving.

Do not give laxatives to dogs and cats !
Laxatives for humans, in the form of tablets, syrup, suposituria, or a laxative enema. For dogs and cats should pemberianya be consulted in advance to the vet. It is feared there are other conditions that need special attention in addition to constipation. So, always consult the condition of the dog and cat if it looks impaired. The owner of the pelru a row and clean the sand box every day or interact with anjng and cats to determine the changes that occur in dogs and cats.

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