Dog and Cat Diarrhea Home Remedy, Symptoms and Treatments

Cat diarrhea home remedy - A healthy cat usually has impurities, which have a solid form, but if you look at the dirt they shape the liquid and mushy preferably pal need to be vigilant because the cat could have been exposed to diarrhea.

Plus the cat is doing the activities of defecate excessively than usual can be sure the cat is experiencing diarrhea.

Causes Of Cats Diarrhea

Cats Diarrhea is composed of two levels, namely regular diarrhea and severe diarrhea or acute diarrhea. The cause of regular diarrhea or mild diarrhea in cats are as follows.

Cat Diarrhea Home Remedy
1. Stress
Like humans, when stress durability of the cat's body will decrease and easily once stricken with the disease. Cats can experience stress when feeling threatened by the surrounding environment or new people.

2. Climate
The health of the cat will also decrease if the climate changed and the weather turned so extreme. With declining health then the cat will be easy to experience a wide variety of diseases such as diarrhea.

3. Food
The cat has very sensitive digestion, food goes into the digestive system. Give the cat food the rest can be penyeban cat mederita diarrhea. Replace the cat food can also be another cause of diarrhea in cats.

4. Drink
Digestion the cat was created not to digest the lactose contained in milk. Give human milk to a cat can cause the cat has diarrhea. Drinks are not hygienic which is drunk by the cat also add to the cause of the diarrhea.

4 factors above is the cause of the mild diarrhea experienced by cats. In addition to mild diarrhea, cats can also experience severe diarrhea due to a variety of causes below.

1. Kidney Damage
Lack of fluid intake in the long term can cause kidney damage in cats. And kidney damage is characterized by diarrhea that is severe and continuous.

2. Inflammation of the intestine
Inflammation of the intestines in cats (panleukopenia) is a disease that usually attacks the cats are not vaccinated. This disease can cause the cat has diarrhea that is chronic.

3. FIV
FIV or AIDS in cats is very dangerous, because the more days immune the cute will continue to decline danmembuatnya susceptible to disease. Such as acute diarrhea and other diseases that can be deadly. Transmission of FIV can through the bite.

4. Bacteria or Virus
Bacteria named E. coli not only can cause diarrhea in humans but can also make a cat our pet is experiencing diarrhea.

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Cat Diarrhea Home Remedy
How To Cope With Diarrhea In Cats

Once You know what causes a cat has diarrhea, You must now know how to determine how handling a cat that is experiencing diarrhea.

1. Pumpkin
Pumpkin will the fiber will absorb water in the gut. Therefore, give a little vegetable pumpkin on cat food to make cat that be hard.

2. Anthelmintic
Sounds strange indeed, the anthelmintic can treat diarrhea in a cat? Yes indeed so. Worming can be one of the powerful ways in treating cat diarrhea. Give a remedy for worms in cats with small doses to prevent over dosage.

3. Multivitamin
A Multivitamin is actually not a remedy for diarrhea, multivitamins play a role here to raise the durability of the body of the cat. So his health will be improved and recover from diarrhea. For preventive measures, You can also give Your cat a multivitamin.

4. Ors is a special Animal
Ors is indeed the drug of diarrhea, which we know to treat diarrhea in children and adults. Of course the ors that is used for humans and for cats different. You can get the ors special animals in the petshop. Give ors to Your cat until Your cat is recovering from diarrhea. the price of the drug cat diarrhea is Actually quite Cheap But I still recommend this type of alternative solution cat loose stools rather than having to buy Chemical drugs

5. Yogurt
Why do we give yogurt in cats diarrhea? Because yogurt contains good bacteria Lactobacillus. Battery this will help improve the situation in the digestion of the cat and cure the diarrhea they experienced. Give 1-2 teaspoons of yogurt at the cat only when she has diarrhea.

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