Cat Urinary Tract Infection Home Remedies ( UTI )

Cat urinary tract infection home remedies ( UTI )  - Clean the litter box daily is very important to see the condition of the health of the cat from the shape of the stool (feces) or urine odor (urine), color and the amount of urine that is excreted. If diligent cleaning every day, then it will be easily visible any change of the form of feces and urine.

The form of normal urine, namely liquid, the smell of urine is normal , the color is light yellow (can be older or younger depending on water consumption), no rocks (sediment).

If found urine with a pungent odor, discharge dripping little by little, cats in pain, and piss mixed with blood. The possibility of the cat is experiencing disorders of the urinary tract.

Cat Urinary Tract Infection Home Remedies

cat uti home remedies , Infections and disorders of the urinary tract is quite difficult in the early detection, will look when it shows urinary disorders, bloody urine, and pain while urinating. Like us humans, it turns out that cats also can experience infections as well as disorders of the urinary tract. The cause could be a combination of various things, then in case of interruption of urinasi in cats known as FLUTD (Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease).

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Disorders of the urinary tract in cats (FLUTD)

1.FLUTD is a term for disorders of the urinary tract the bottom on the cat.
FLUTD (Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease) which can be also known as FUS (Feline Urologic Syndrome) is a disorder on the channel urinasi the bottom that causes the cat pain when urinating.

Diseases including FLUTD is cycitis (bladder infection), urethritis (urinary tract infection), urolithiasis (crystals or stones in urinary tract), and all of the disease that covers the organs in the system urinasi.

2. The agent of the disease, one of the causes of urinary tract infection in cats
A cat that loved to play outside, usually like to drink just any water. If the water you drink is polluted, it is very likely to contain bacteria that can cause FLUTD. The urinary tract actually there are bacteria as the natural flora in the body. But, when the body resistance decline, agents of other diseases such as viruses and fungi as well as bacteria negative can get in and cause infection in the tract and bladder.

3. Cats can also experience FLUTD from eating and drinking patterns that are less well
Crystal or stone(urolith) on the condition of urolithiasis derived from a collection of mineral salts like calcium oxalate and phosphate that cannot be absorbed by the body. Mineral salts that agglomerate and eventually clog the channel. With various causes ranging from rarely do activity, lack of drinking water,or the nutrients are not balanced. Always make sure your drink is fully charged. Note whether the cat is drinking enough water or not. Cats who drink less can cause the organs on the system urinasi wound.

4 Male Cats have a higher risk of getting FLUTD
Male cats and female cats can suffer from this disorder. But, male cats have sakuran longer and turn than with a female cat so it is easier to experience it.

5. A cat whose weight excess (Obesity) can also be affected by FLUTD
A cat that is too fat will experience metabolic disorders because the influence of piles of fat on the internal organs so it is very possible the system works urinasi also impaired. In addition because of the abundance of fat, a cat that obesity is difficulty to clean the area of the penis or the vulva after urinating, so it is very possible there is a bacterial infection.

6. Usually, FLUTD occurs in cats of old age
The case of FLUTD occurs mostly in cats aged 4 years. Although there are many cases in cats aged 1 year, however there are rarely cases occur in cats children or aged under a year. In cats old, the activity of the metabolism will slow down so it will be slower to perform its functions.

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Cat Urinary Tract Infection Home Remedies
The traits of cats that are experiencing urinary disorders

Cats that are experiencing urinary disorders will show pain while urinating, usually tend to be long in the sandbox (litterbox) but no pee comes out.
  • Piss will look dripping,
  • Urine mixed with blood
  • Urine pungent smell
  • The stomach looks enlarged (if not peeing more than 2 days)
  • Cat no appetite
  • The cat is limp
  • Cat breath of his smell
Overgrooming (licking a certain part of excessive especially the area of the penis, or vulva), signaling pain or discomfort in the area.

Prevent cats avoid FLUTD

Urinary disorders in cats generally occurs due to the accumulation of lifestyle and diet that are less precise. Prevention can be done to reduce the risk of urinary disorders in cats. Some of the things that can be done namely :

1. Give balanced nutrition 
Important to note the type of food eaten the cat, it's good not to give dry food continuously. Occasionally also need to be given wet food, in addition to avoid getting bored also lower the risk of lack of fluids that cause urinary disorders.

2. Multiply the consumption of liquid 
The liquid not only from drinking water, but can also come from food. Preferably every day provided enough drinking.

3. Keep the cleanliness of the sand box 
Sand box should be routinely cleaned, try if wet need to be replaced immediately. In addition to making the cat uncomfortable because of the wet, conditions are moist the sand box can also be the source of the development of fungi and bacteria. So it's best to sand box cleaned every day, especially if the sand is wet need to be replaced sand new.

Provision of dry food without offset with sufficient drinking and the number of meals per day is excessive and will increase your risk of developing urinary disorders in cats. This is caused by the water content in the food dry a little (less than 10 %), so that water consumption was not met. When the water that goes into the body a little, of mineral salts contained in the food will be more settles and can cause a blockage in the urinary tract of the cat.

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Cat Urinary Tract Infection Home Remedies

What to do if our cat having FLUTD ?

1. Consult to the vet
If you find the cat pet is experiencing any of the symptoms, don't wait any longer and immediately consult a veterinarian. The handling of cases of FLUTD that light requires the installation of a catheter for removing urine and nutritional therapy so that the crystal can be decomposed by itself.

The doctor will also give antibiotics as treatment of bacterial infections. But in severe cases, required surgery so that the stone can be directly lifted. Disorders urinasi can be fatal in cats if not treated immediately.

2. Replace food
Replace the cat food with special food disorders urinasi. Ask the recommendation of the vet for the type of food in accordance with the condition of the cat. Don't forget to combine dry and wet food. Soften and suapkan food when the cat does not want to eat.

3. Give maximum care
A cat with a severe infection will usually be dehydrated and limp. Sick cat memerukan more attention. Make sure the cage is comfortable and warm and keep a cat that sick.

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