Cirrhosis Of The Liver Life Expectancy : How Long Do You Live

Cirrhosis of the liver life expectancy - Cirrhosis of the liver is a continuation of the chronic liver disease, for example hepatitis B or C which is characterized by anatomic changes of the liver cells into connective tissue. In addition, the patient cirrhosis of the liver generally experience a disruption in metabolic processes substances into energy.

Symptoms and complications that accompany cirrhosis of the liver in whom ascites (dropsy), anemia, protein energy malnutrition, infection (impaired immune system), and hepatic encephalopathy.

The complication this causes the quality of life of patients decreases. One of the serious complications that requires special attention is hepatic encephalopathy. Based on the data, it is known that 40-85% of patients with liver cirrhosis suffering from hepatic encephalopathy is subclinical.

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Cirrhosis Of The Liver Life Expectancy

Liver Transplantation 

Life Expectancy For Patients With Cirrhosis Of The Liver

Transplant is a kind of transplant of healthy organs to replace diseased organs. Transplant is a type of surgery major achievement of his success is about 50-60% only. Transplant that is already known is a kidney transplant that is the hope of the people failed to the kidneys to heal as usual.

When this started to developed a type of transplant surgery of the liver. This type of surgery is quite difficult because the human heart is only one and need the cuts first before the process of grafting. The liver is the organ that is tough, although 50% of the liver is taken for grafted into in patients with cirrhosis, the liver can grow again all of the network – its network and reach 100% again as usual.

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The process of liver transplant surgery takes as much as 15 – 16 hours. starting with the process of cutting organs of a healthy liver from the donor first, then freeze the liver and then the planting of the liver graft to the recipient. Although this operation is more successful, but the success of life of the patients most only 50% of the course.

Hospital transplant famous Gleneagles Hospital in Singapore.Generally the life of the recipient post-surgery depending on the suitability of the hearts of the donors and the recipient.

The process of rejection of the new organ in the body of the recipient was the one who caused the live site shortly. More suitable typically the longer the lifetime of the recipient. Generally the lifetime of the recipient after the operation is as much as 10 years. The process of the immunity of the body will recognize the new organ as a foreign body that must be destroyed.

The process of rejection of these organs can be reduced by administration of immunosuppressant drugs, that is drugs anti-rejection organ transplant but because of the immunity of the body becomes weak after the administration of these drugs, the body becomes susceptible to disease.

To maintain life, the recipient transplant recipients must continue to always maintain the cleanliness of body, food and lifestyle. The recipient should always drink immunosuppressant drugs all her life. General administration this medicine 1 time a day and continue to drink during the site life.
Cirrhosis Of The Liver Life Expectancy

Drugs and diet 
Patients with liver cirrhosis should ease the work load of the heart. Daily activities tailored to the condition of the body. Administration of medicines (hepatotoxic) should be done very carefully. Diabetics should take a balanced diet, enough calories, and prevent constipation. In certain circumstances, for example, ascites need to diet low protein and low salt.

Determination of diet in patients with cirrhosis of the liver often pose a dilemma. On the one hand, high-protein diet to improve nutritional status will lead to hiperamonia which resulted in the occurrence of encephalopathy.

Whereas when protein intake is low then the levels of albumin in the blood will decrease resulting malnutrition, which will worsen the state of your heart. For that, we need a solution with special nutrients, ie Aminoleban Oral.

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Aminoleban Oral containing BCAA levels high as well as enriched with essential amino acids others such as arginine, histidine, vitamins, and minerals. Special nutrients liver this will keep the adequacy of protein requirements and maintain albumin levels in the blood without increasing the risk of the occurrence of hiperamonia. In patients with liver cirrhosis who were treated in hospital, the granting of a special nutrient is proven to speed up the treatment and reduce the frequency of treatments.

With a special nutrient is expected nutritional status of the patient will be awake, prevent the worsening of liver disease, and prevent the occurrence of hepatic encephalopathy so that the quality and life expectancy of patients will also be improved.

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