8 Safe and Natural Cough or Cold Remedies For Toddlers and Babies

Toddlers and child cough remedy - When the baby is infected with influenza virus and cause them to be exposed to the flu, usually a parent or caregiver of a baby will immediately panic to deal with it. The drug cold remedies for toddlers is then used as a practical solution to stop the suffering of The Little guy. Although driven by good intentions, unfortunately giving medicine for colds for babies is not a recommended option.

Moreover, if such a drug is a drug colds are sold freely in the market. For the baby, especially aged two years and under, the drug can provide serious side effects. No responsibility-responsibility, of a baby's life became the stakes.

baby having flu and fever, are still allowed given a febrifuge. Actually, low-grade fever in babies is a sign that the body of The Little one was trying to fight the virus. 

Cold Remedies For Toddlers

The administration of drugs pain reliever, such as paracetamol, is done so that a baby is spared from the discomfort caused by the fever. However, do not expect that the flu will recover because the medicine is indeed not intended to eradicate the flu virus.

That must be considered by parents or caregivers is about the administration of drugs reliever fever and the age of The Little one. If the baby is under the age of three months, then the acetaminophen or the like should not be given to the baby. Therefore dosage guidelines use can be confusing, consult with a doctor it is recommended that the granting of this type of drug is appropriate.

Reliever another hot that can be used as the choice is ibuprofen. Only, drugs of this type should only be given to infants aged six months or more. However please note that although baby is already aged over six months, do not give this medication if your Little one is experiencing dehydration or prolonged vomiting.

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However there are some natural ways which are effective enough to cope with cough and cold in children and is often recommended by doctors :

1. Protein for endurance
The key to cure the disease cough is the body's immunity. For coughs colds are caused by a virus, can generally be cured by itself thanks to the immune system. According to Prof. Dr. dr. Purwantyastuti, SpF(K), a lecturer and researcher in the Department of Pharmacology & Therapeutic, faculty of medicine, Jakarta,to make the immune system, the body requires protein. So, make sure the little one eating foods high in protein during the illness, which can be obtained from eggs, chicken, fish, and milk.

2. Probiotics
The good bacteria in foods like yogurt and kefir, can help improve the durability of the children's body and prevent various diseases of respiratory infections, such as coughs and colds. Research conducted on children aged 3-5 years showed, children who consume culture Lactobacillus active every day for 6 months during the winter tend to be spared from colds. If exposed to colds, disease that usually does not last long.

3. Sleep
Rest is very related to the immune system. This is evidenced by a study that shows that sleep-deprived people will be more easily exposed to colds. So, please do not hesitate to dismiss a child for a while from a variety of activities, including school, when he was sick. “Rest enough and drink plenty of fluids,” that's the advice of Vandana Bhide, M. D., pediatrician in Saint Augustine, Florida, has received certification from the American Board of Holistic Medicine.

Cold Remedies For Toddlers

4. Salt
In a study published the International Journal of Pediatric Otorhinolaryngology, mentioned that the salt has the efficacy of anti-inflammatory that can help remove mucus and eases breathing, and relieve cough and sore throat. For nasal congestion, overcome by dripping a solution of physiological saline that can be bought in pharmacies and drug stores.

You can also make your own saline solution by way of: Dissolve ½ - 1 teaspoon of salt into half a liter of warm water. Squirt with the help of a pipette. Then to cope with a sore throat or cough, teach the little guy to gargle with a solution of warm salt water.

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5. Moist air
You only require a humidifier or a room humidifier to help relieve the channel of her breath. (Make sure You keep the humidifier stays clean and away from the reach of children, yes, Ma!). Turn on a humidifier in a child's bedroom when he is sleeping or resting. Alternatively, bathe the little one in the bathroom that has been evaporated previously.

6. Honey
If given at night before bed, honey is effective to relieve cough than the cough syrup taste of honey, as well as help children sleep more soundly. Thus the results of the study published in the Archives of Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine.

Dose administration of honey the same as cough medicines OTC, that is ½ teaspoon for ages 1 to 5; 1 teaspoon for ages 6 to 11; and 2 teaspoons for age 12 and above. (Note: honey is not recommended for infants under 1 year, because of the risk of causing botulism, a type of food poisoning.)

In that study, honey used as a substitute for cough medicine is a type of buckwheat honey. But Kathi Kemper, M. D., author of The Holistic Pediatrician who is also head of the Center for Integrative Medicine at Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center, Winston – Salem, North Carolina, said that the type of honey also has the effect of equally good.

7. Chicken soup
Warm liquid can help reduce the symptoms of nasal congestion. Research has shown that chicken soup can help relieve cold symptoms such as pain, weakness, nasal congestion, and fever.

8. Relaxation
The latter is aimed at You, Ma! “Parents often feel stress when their children are sick,” said Joshua Bernstein, M. D., a pediatrician in Asheville, North Carolina. “In fact, it could be the little one that was playing on the floor while coughed, felt fine with his disease.”

You need to pay attention, if the condition of the minor deteriorated or shows the symptoms of hay fever, immediately consult Your pediatrician. Could be he was exposed to a secondary infection (ear, sinus) that requires antibiotics. Colds are normal will usually recover after a week, no matter what You do. If You provide treatment and good care, your little one will certainly get well soon

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