Natural and Home Cough Medicine For 3 year Old

Natural and Home Cough medicine for children 3 years of course needed by every parent whose child suffers from a cough that never stops. This is because for even a small child, the cough becomes one of the diseases to watch out for so that will not happen things that are not desirable.

While this is indeed already a lot of Cough Medicine For 3 year old and under, however the use of drugs of traditional materials is still done by many parents.

This is because natural cough remedies of traditional material with more safe and effective compared with drugs that contain chemical ingredients.

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Natural and Home Cough Medicine For 3 year Old

Cough medicine for Children 3 Years of Traditional Materials

Some cough medicines that are intended by the children in the following reviews is the herbal medicine that has been used hereditary in treating cough in children. What are the ingredients needed? The following are the traditional materials that can cope with cough in a child of 3 years.

1. Betel Leaf

As described in the above that traditional medicine be the best alternative in curing cough in children 3 years of age. One of the cough medicine for children 3 years of traditional materials that can be used is betel leaf. Betel leaf is one of the herbal plants that are easily found around You.

For the consumer, simply take about 5 pieces of betel leaf. Leaves are boiled with 3 cups of water (600 ml). Wait until boiling and the water shrink by half.

Pour the water into the glass and give the pieces of Your heart. Actually to how to relieve a child's cough with betel leaves can also be combined with ginger. The trick is the same, it's just the time boil the betel leaf mix also ginger that has been crushed. The warm sensation from the ginger will make Your child love the folk remedies this one.

2 mixture of Honey and Lemon

As for the cough medicine for children of 3 years next is a mixture of honey and lemon. In between some herb that has been described above, the herb is quite effective in dealing with coughs, especially for children. The trick is quite easy. You just need to mix about 3 tablespoons of honey and 3 tablespoons water freshly squeezed lemon juice. Stir in a container until both are mixed. Next give this folk remedy in children until the cough subsided.

The mixture of these two potent ingredients to cure a cough because they both have a content of antioxidants is high enough. The content of antioxidants that can help relieve cough in children 3 years of age.

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Natural and Home Cough Medicine For 3 year Old

In addition to using some herbs cough medicine for children 3 years and above, there are several other ways that You can do. Ways that this one will help the child to restore the child's body resistance so that the coughing can suffered is immediately healed. Here are some ways that can be done:

1. Give Nutritious Food

Intake of food with balanced nutrition must also be considered in children. If nutritional intake is met, then the level of immunity of the body of the child will be returned. By doing so, then the risk of a child having a cough to more severe symptoms can be prevented.

2  Let The Child Rest

In addition to meet the needs of the intake of nutritious foods, You should also let the child to rest more. Though usually children more often play, but try to keep the they can also rest in peace.

3. Take Care Of Hygiene Around

This is another step that also can try to do. Because of cough suffered by the children can be affected by virus or allergy. Try to clean the area around where children often play or rest. Start this step with a clean child's bed. If it turns out that the cough does not go away, then indeed a child stricken with the virus.

On the contrary, if the condition of cough in children improve, meaning the possibility of them suffering from dust allergies. For children who are developing allergies, they should be quickly taken to the doctor so that you can find the solution.

That's a little review about cough medicine for children 3 years that You can use on the fruit of the heart. However, if in fact after using traditional herbs on top of the cough also never healed, please don't hesitate to bring the child to the doctor to get proper treatment. This is to prevent if it turns out that cough in children that trigger the occurrence of other diseases that harm.

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