Kennel Cough Medicine For Dogs : Symptoms and Treatments

Cough Medicine For Dogs is the Prevention of the most good is not mixing the dog with one other dog, especially for dogs young and do vaccination regularly. The symptoms are cough that the dog is trying to expel something stuck in his throat. Sick dogs cough or Kennel Cough or Canine Infectious Tracheobronchitis is a disease of the upper respiratory tract in dogs that typically affects young dogs and is caused by a virus.


The Virus that causes Infectious Tracheobronchitis is most often infects is the parainfluenza virus. This Virus will cause mild symptoms up to 6 days until a secondary infection by bacteria. Symptoms. The clinical symptoms of these infections occur 2-14 days after the entry of the bacteria in the body.
Symptoms, Treatments and Kennel Cough Medicine For Dogs

If there is no infection from other agents, the clinical symptoms will disappear on day 10. However, after the infection is resolved, the dog patient will try to remove the bacteria through their sputum within 6-14 weeks and at this time, will usually facilitate the other dogs infected.

Dogs that develop this disease will cough every few minutes for a full day. Sometimes it is not followed by a change in the health condition of the dog, like body temperature remains normal and appetite remain good.

Parainfluenza and Bordetella often infect simultaneously in the case of infectious tracheobronchitis, which will cause a cough that will heal by itself within 14 to 20 days. Disease diagnosis is often based on clinical symptoms and the history of the existence of the possibility of contracting other dogs.

The traits of the dogs exposed to kennel cough ?

  • Cough. The sound of a cough kennel cough is very typical, reads like a dry cough and choking as.

  • Appetite down. At first, the dog suffering from kennel cough will only be visible cough. Long-kelaman the cough will be annoying and the dog began to lazily eat.

  • Fever. If a virus is another combination could a dog's body temperature will increase.

  • Limp

  • In some cases, sneezing and watery eyes , accompanied by snot or mucus from the nose.

  •  Remove phlegm. Phlegm or mucus that comes out can be contagious to other dogs because in addition to the fluid, sputum, there are also the bacteria that causes this infection (bacterial Bordetella bronchoseptica).

  • Widespread infection can also cause pneumonia (lung inflammation)
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Symptoms, Treatments and Kennel Cough Medicine For Dogs

1. In mild cases, can be done with antibiotics or without antibiotics. But the handling in mild cases this does not mean it can shorten the duration of the disease, where the dog can transmit this disease in dogs. Some can be given bronkodilatator such as aminophylline or drugs reducing a cough can also be given in mild cases.

2. In more complex cases, where usually the dog lost of appetite, a fever, or showing signs of pneumonia, can be given antibiotics. The antibiotics most commonly used are doxycycline or trimethropim sulfa.

When bringing home a dog from a place full population of his dog, then heard the sound of the cough is heavy and does not stop, you should immediately take it to the vet for examination and further treatment. The dog was young that the resistance of the body is good, the cough will disappear by itself after 10-14 days.

But if it shows other symptoms such as shortness of breath, no appetite, tend to keep silent for more adri 1 day , preferably as soon as possible be brought to a veterinarian to get immediate treatment. When sick, make sure the dog stays comfortable and eat well to speed up the healing. Food soft, easily digested, and smelling can help to increase his appetite.

One that can be given, namely pudding chicken broth (use the chicken boiled instead of instant broth), chicken soup, meat broth, boiled pumpkin, and fruits like papaya. in addition to providing Cough Medicine For Dogs we must also maintain the dog's health, the environment, the owner or the dog sitter should also maintain the cleanliness of the

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