Dandelion Root Pills Capsules, Benefits and Side Effects

Dandelion root pills - Dandelion has allegedly been there since 30 million years ago and used humans as food and medicine. These herbs can be consumed raw, boiled, or into an salad. However the efficacy and side effects need to be observed again so that it does not harm.

Dandelion or Taraxacum is a wild flower or a plant originating from North America and Eurasia. This name comes from the French dentdelion, which means teeth of the lion. While the latin name Taraxacum is derived from the writings of medical in the Persian language.

Dandelion leaves generally have a length of 5-25 cm tall with a flower diameter of 2-5 cm yellow that bloom during the day and tapered at night. Head-the head of the interest of the adult then becomes the head of the seed balls are called blowballs/ inflatable ball containing a lot of a drupe. The seed is attached to the ends of the hair-fine hair that can easily be flown in the wind to various directions.

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dandelion root pills

This plant is similar to plant another flower named Hypochaeris. However, dandelion leaves are more tender, while the Hypochaeris/catsears is fluffy. While the dandelion itself consists of various kinds in different parts of the world, such as Japan, California, Turkey and is called with different names.

Claim the Benefits of Dandelion from Seed To Root

These herbs are claimed to contain many benefits, such as the following :
  • Dandelion contains chemicals that can increase the production of urine and sweat.

  • This plant is claimed to be able to handle the abdominal pain, joint pain, eczema, bruises, muscle pain, loss of appetite, viral infection, to cancer.

  • The leaves and roots of dandelion were processed with boiled to to deal with liver disorders, stomach pain, and heartburn.

  •  In China, North America, and Europe, dandelion is widely used as an herb to deal with liver disorders, diuretic, and infection.

  • Dandelion flowers have antioxidant so this herbaceous may be able to help boost the immune system.

  • Dandelion fresh or dried used to improve the appetite.

  • Dandelion root may function as a laxative or purgative in light levels.

  • Dandelion is believed to lower cholesterol levels and blood sugar levels and relieve inflammation.

  •  Its leaves are rich in vitamins A, C, K, minerals, calcium, manganese, iron, and potassium fits into the alloy salad and a sandwich.

  • Dandelion roots can be processed into coffee dandelion caffeine free and as a material of manufacture of the soft drink dandelion and the basic ingredients of the soft drink root beer.

  • Dandelion seeds become a food source most types of birds. These seeds also become an important source of nectar and pollen for bees.

  • Plant dandelion is also beneficial for the surrounding plants because its roots add to the content of minerals and nitrogen in soil ditumbuhinya.
However, after further examined, the research about the benefits of dandelions to handle a variety of medical conditions are generally applied only on animals and not on humans. Plus, actually not all the animals tested showed a positive effect.

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dandelion root pills

Side Effects Of Dandelion

NOTE : Not all people experience this side effect. There may be some side effects not listed above. If You have concerns about side effects, please consult with an herbalist or doctor.

Although touted has been used since prehistoric times as a material of herbal medicine, but it turned out just a little medical evidence that validate the benefits of dandelion. On the contrary, if consumed inappropriately, dandelion is precisely the risk bring some side effects, especially in certain individuals. Here are some of them.
  • Dandelion can worsen acid reflux.
  • At risk of aggravating the bleeding.
  • If consumed, the pollen of the dandelion could be a cause of allergy in sensitive individuals. This reaction can also occur due to the latex from the leaves and stems.
  • Levels potasiumnya high are also at risk of increase hyperkalemia in people who are taking any potassium-sparing diuretics.

This does not mean that You do not need to eat a dandelion. Some guidelines below can hopefully be the benchmark.
  • You should limit consumption of dandelion on pregnant and lactating women because their effect is not yet known for certain.

  • Avoid the consumption of dandelions when you're taking antibiotics because of these herbs are actually reduce the effectiveness and the body's ability to absorb antibiotics.

  • Taking dandelion along with other medications can affect the processing of these drugs by the liver.

  •  People with infections of the gall bladder and blockage of bile ducts are advised not to consume dandelion.
Now dandelion a lot of processed and packaged in the supplement form of tablets, pills, and tea. The right dosage for each person depends on the age and health condition of each person. In addition, the dandelion in its natural form is better than other dairy products. Therefore, consult the drug dandelion this first before consumed and obey the rules of use.

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