7 Things To Know How To Do Dog Bad Breath Home Remedy

Dog bad breath remedy - Breath odor on pet dogs is caused by problems around the mouth and problems in the organs of the body. To find out the root of the problem and decided dog bad breath home remedy could do a simple test. If the smell comes from the dog's mouth such as saliva that smell means there is a problem in the dog's mouth.

The next test by closing the dog's mouth and inhaling the smell of the breath which issued from the dog's nose. If the breath from the nose is the smell then the problem of breath odor comes from in the body, which means there are organs of the body are problematic.

Dog Bad Breath Home Remedy

Causes of bad breath odor due to damage to the teeth or diseases of the gums experienced by many dogs aged over 3 years. As we know, dogs do not brush their teeth regularly every day as a human. Actually, in the instinct of the dog will be cleaning his teeth by way of biting into something chewy and hard like bone, young bone, tripe and so forth obtained from the prey to the results of the prey.

But, a dog that is kept by humans mainly living in urban areas, the difficulty to get something that can be used to clean their teeth. It is also thought of by humans by creating a variety of bone-reinforcement, snacks, toys and others that can use the dog to clean his teeth.

Tartar is a problem of the mouth which also play a role causing bad breath in Your dog. In dogs, tartar can easily appear if he does not often use his mouth to bite or chew on something. Therefore, to overcome this, You should provide the bones to be bitten by Your dog. You can choose bones that are raw (remember, not the already cooked!) for this.

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Raw bones are selected because on the structure that is still hard is much more suitable and safe to be bitten dogs than bones that are already cooked. If You feel the hassles of finding raw bones, or abdomen of Your dog having problems after using raw bones, then You can use the toy bone (rawhide bone) to be bitten-gigiti by Your dog.

Here are some things that need to be considered when the mouth of the dog and cat smell :

1. Note a lot of his saliva that came out
The smell of the mouth accompanied by the expenditure of saliva is excessive especially if the cause of the smell his mouth the presence of infection, inflammation, and sores on the mouth. Normally cats and dogs will not salivate in excess. In dogs, spending excess salivation can occur when environmental conditions are hot.

2. Note appetite
Dogs and cats who experience disorders of the oral cavity, it will be difficulty eating, especially if the feed is given dry feed (dryfood) because the texture is hard. Usually the owner will notice the cat and the dog no appetite and avoid dry food. But, if given wet food a softer texture would be easy to eat.

3. Notice a discharge of blood from the mouth
Disorders of the oral cavity can be caused by a viral infection, bacteria, inflammation of the gums, inflammation around the tooth, as well as the trauma of sharp objects that cause injuries. Conditions like this lead to easy ruptured blood vessels so there will be bleeding.

4. Mouth difficult to close, did not even want to open your mouth
Dogs and cats that are experiencing pain or swelling the area of the mouth will tend to close his mouth. But if it is in pain and there was swelling huge can also a constantly open mouth and pain when closed.

Dog Bad Breath Home Remedy

5. Note the presence of dirt buildup on the teeth
Bad breath in dogs and cats can also be initiated because of the abundance of plaque and tartar on the teeth. At a young age is indeed visible teeth will be fine, usually just a change of color to yellow.

However, as we age, without offset with the types of food tools and cleaning action of the teeth, usually will begin to accumulate dirt on the teeth. Dry food or wet food can be one of the factors that cause accumulation of dirt teeth.

Because dogs and cats are currently very rarely eat natural food like meat, chicken, as well as hunting animals to make the dirt come up with the movement tore at the meat. Usually plaque it will look very thick even cause teeth shake because of the presence of bacteria which make the integrity of the tooth and the gum is disturbed.

6. Note the color of the gums
Normal healthy gums will be pink, but in dogs and cats that are experiencing bad breath will likely be seen include reddish color in the gums. Reddish color this signifies the presence of inflammation in the gums, in the case of a light reddish color going on around the teeth. However, the condition of severe inflammation can lead to redness over the gums and the inside of the oral cavity. Certainly quite painful for the dog and cat.

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7. Note the other symptoms that follow
The condition of bad breath caused by the infection will show other symptoms besides loss of appetite. Such as cats and dogs tend to be silent, limp, not active, even have a fever.
Anything that can cause bad breath in dogs and cats ?

A. Infection : a bacterial infection, the virus can cause bad breath in dogs and cats

B. Inflammation of the mouth : inflammation is generally accompanied by infection, because the condition of inflammation of very vulnerable exposed to the disease agent. Inflammation of the mouth on the teeth can be a chronic one periodontitis (inflammation around the mouth) usually preceded by the buildup of plaque that causes the development of bacteria, and then make the damage on the gums, the gums bleed and start to make your teeth shake because of the integrity of the teeth and gums have been damaged.

C. Trauma foreign body
The Trauma of foreign objects such as the presence of wounds due to the bone that concerns the d region of the mouth, wood, and other objects that melukao gums and teeth. This thing if left unchecked it can cause inflammation and infection of the gums.

D. Renal impairment
Kidney problems in dogs and cats lasts not a moment, the progression of the disease long enough so that the so-called chronic diseases. Dogs and cats who experience disorders of this organ will lead to the expenditure of ammonia (urea) is interrupted so that it can enter again into the blood vessels and also cause bad breath in dogs and cats. Ammonia left in in the body is very dangerous because of the poison the body and lead to death.

Dog Bad Breath Home Remedy

If dogs and cats of bad breath, how to prevent it?

Early need to diligently note the cleanliness of his teeth, if the kitten has already started eating it's good dibiasakaan to clean his teeth. The most simple way by using a towel and warm water d rub it on the teeth. In addition, it is also given food such as meat, and chicken, to train teeth tear food.

So will lifted the dirt of his teeth. In dogs, it can also be given a bone that is large enough so that the dirt of the tooth raised when mengigiti bone.

If you already have the tartar is thick enough and cause disorders of the mouth, is preferably carried out scaling or tartar cleaning. The condition of the mouth of the dog and cat need to get special attention from the owner and immediately consult a the condition her to the vet.

Cleaning teeth was important to do early on is accompanied by administration of food that can help cleanse the teeth. The condition of the mouth of the dog good cat can improve the quality of life and health.

If breath odor is caused by a problem in digestion you may try giving probiotics (beneficial bacteria) regularly every day. Probiotics can be found in the form of yogurt. Yogurt is very good to maintain the balance of flora in the intestine so that the growth of fungi and bacteria is not beneficial in the intestine can be prevented.

In addition to yogurt, you can provide fruits or vegetables that are rich in fiber such as papaya, apples, carrots, celery, spinach, and so forth so that the dog can defecate smoothly so that the digestion be clean and certainly the dog did not emit the smell of breath odor.

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If the above is not to stop bad breath odor, then you should take your dog to the vet to be examined more because there is the possibility of your dog suffering from other diseases such as diabetes, inflammatory bowel disease, throat infection, lung infection, cirrhosis (hardening of the liver), and others.

Manufacturers of dog food such as PEDIGREE create a snack from special material and specially designed to clean the dog's teeth. In addition to a snack, PEDIGREE also designed the form of food drying in order to clean the teeth at the time the food is chewed by a dog.

Dogs love the dry food (dry dog food) and is always given food cleaning teeth regularly from an early age can indeed reduce the risk of damage to the teeth up to 70%. But it is not able to free the dog's teeth from tooth decay which can cause bad breath odor because of the damage on teeth can be caused by other things such as the use of antibiotics in the time period long enough so that the damage the tooth enamel.

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