10 Best Dog Bladder Infection Home Remedy

Dog Bladder infection home remedy ( UTI ) - Not the usual thing if there are traces of blood in the urine or urinating dog, it becomes something that is feared and make their owners confusion for fear of something dangerous or threatening to the health of the dog are maintained.

Therefore it is mandatory to be aware where the blood was coming and immediately carried out the handling.

In this occasion the author will give information about this disease and how to administration of first aid and how to treat it. To understand in more details, check out the details in the following article, 10 ways treat dog peeing blood.
Dog Bladder Infection Home Remedy

1. Make sure the Dog is Well Maintained

How to treat a dog urinating blood is to maintain the cleanliness of the body, namely by maintaining the area behind a dog's body to keep them clean. Trim the fur around the genitals and around the butt of the dog, if your dog is dirty, bathe and make sure you clean the feathers up in the area of gender.

2. Make Sure The Dog's Routine Waste Water

If the urine accumulating in the bladder, the more easy to breed bacteria. Urinate regularly will be removing the bacteria from the bladder as well as reducing the infection occurs more. Ideally, the dog should defecate every 4 hours. Make sure the dog you are do it including at night, don't let it keep him from the pain he felt diminished. (Read also about how to treat a dogs cough).

3. Give Much Water To Drink

The bacteria that cause urinary blood which causes toxins on the body of the dog can lead to further infections. Give a dog drinking water large, deep, and clean, make sure the water is always full, don't leave it blank and always replace the water to keep them clean. Just give plain water, do not give lime water or water is acidic, because acid that are too high can actually cause the disease bladder stones.

4. Pattern Eat Special

Give wet food contains more water than food that is dry so give the dog the adequacy of fluid and prevent dehydration. Wet food often leads to produce dirt is the smell when the dog bowel movement, however it will be able to remove toxins and bacteria in the body.

5. Sample Urine

To find out more about the causes of urinating blood that affects your dog, take her urine a little bit and do a test by taking her to the vet to speed up the diagnosis as well as estimate what medical treatments are necessary. Do with still maintaining hygiene, do not let your hands are exposed to urine.

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6. Prevent Recurrent Infections

If you continue to do the actions of the treatment as well as provide the best care however infections still occur repeatedly and the dog continuously expend urinating blood, give him a multivitamin and an antibiotic with the advice of a veterinarian to prevent the emergency or the disease becomes more severe.

Blood urine often causes the immune system become weak and the dog becomes limp his body and his appetite is drastically reduced, please ask the cause at the vet after examination of the urine and ask for recommendations regarding treatment can be done at home.

7. ULTRASOUND examination

Take the dog to the vet to do an ULTRASOUND examination so know more detail about the cause of the pain, when the dog excrete urine blood, there are a variety of possible diseases that may be suffered such as the kidneys or an infection in the urinary tract, everything can be seen clearly if the examination is performed with ULTRASOUND because an ULTRASOUND can see the condition of the organs of a dog to the tissues in it.

Dog Bladder Infection Home Remedy

8. The Nutritional Adequacy Of The

Make sure the dog has enough nutrition in times of pain, blood in urine is easy to make a endurance decline, so he must have enough nutrition to help her survive and prevent more severe disease. You must give him food that is healthy and clean with a varied menu as well as gave him the vitamin as directed by your doctor.

You can give a menu of food made by yourself for example is a food derived from chicken meat or beef that is cleaned and boiled until cooked, then give it to your dog directly so that the food gets guarantee the cleanliness and health. If your dog find it difficult to eat it then you can soften the meat and mixed with a little water so he had no difficulty when swallowing it and can make it easier to eat it.

9. The hygiene of the Body and the Environment

As has been explained earlier that the hygiene of the body and the environment the dog is very necessary to be maintained including the area or the area of his genitals to get rid of the fur around the area therefore when bathing the dog should be done thoroughly, lest there is a part missing.

Make sure the dog poops in a safe place so that the urine the blood not to stain the body or feathers and does not pollute the environment so it is not at risk of soiling or harm other animals or humans in the vicinity.

Take care also the cleanliness of the environment by maintaining the cleanliness of the cage, when bathing the dog and he looks weak, you can bathe him with a way of wiping his body with warm water, giving him the soap, and wipe the back up is dried as usually. Because in his weak condition he might be a rebel or resist when bathed directly.

10. Inpatient

If your dog is often removing the urine as if always in a state of emergency, maybe your dog having blood in urine is due to the presence of infection in the urinary tract, the symptoms are also accompanied by activities often squat like want to urinate but restrained or urine does not come out, i.e. the dog feels the urge to urinate but can't get it out.

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If the blood continuously out along with the urine, the dog should be immediately taken to hospitalization to the vet, the dog will undergo a test variety, blood in urine in dogs should not be treated by humans in the absence of a prescription from a doctor, because if you give the wrong medication can be at risk makes the disease become more severe.

So this article, hopefully can be understood easily by you and become a useful insight, do not forget to always perbaruhi your knowledge about the animal world by reading articles on our website. Thank you for reading. Warm greetings.

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