10 Dog Cough Remedy : Natural Home Treatment Kennel Cough

Dog cough remedy - If Your dog has a dry cough as if there is something stuck in the throat, Your pet may need immediately. Cough in dogs, also known as tracheobronchitis, is one of the most frequent diseases suffered by many dogs around the world.

Cough is mainly caused by the bacteria Bordetella bronchiseptica. Some viruses can also contribute to this problem. The Virus include adenovirus in dogs, reovirus, and herpes virus dogs. Dogs become infected after inhaling the bacteria or virus particles into the respiratory tract.

Risk factors high when the dog is affected by living conditions in poor ventilation, like that found in many kennels and shelters. Other risk factors include cold temperatures, exposure to dust or cigarette smoke, and the stress of travel.
Dog Cough Remedy

Direct contact with the infected dog or contaminated objects can also increase the risk of the pet You are exposed to cough.

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The symptoms is the stone of intermittent increases in the evening, the cough is triggered by watery eyes, runny nose and vomiting of mucus. There will also be loss of appetite and energy levels are reduced. Here are 10 ingredients to treat cough in dogs.

1. Steam inhalation
Steam is the easiest and most effective to use. The warmth of steam helps open up the bronchial tubes of the dog that is infected, which in turn helps the phlegm can easily come out from the throat.

2. Honey
Other treatments that are effective for Your pet is infected is honey. Antibacterial property of honey helps fight the bacteria responsible for the infection. Honey even helps relieve nasal congestion that accompanies the cough. Plus, honey has immune boosting properties that help build the immunity of Your pet to fight any type of infection.

3. Coconut oil
In recent years, coconut oil has gained great popularity as a cough treatment effective in the dog. Fatty acids in coconut oil can kill harmful bacteria, viruses and other microbes.

4. Foods rich in hydrogen peroxide
Although it may take some searching to find food grade hydrogen peroxide, but this food is very effective in suppressing cough. Furthermore, the peroxide helps in killing the harmful agents that cause coughing.

5. Vitamin C
When dealing with a pet suffering from cough, You should not forget about the importance of vitamin C. this Vitamin helps speed up the healing process in Your dog.

6. Oil of oregano
Oil of oregano has antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral properties, which is effective for treating colds and cough in pets as well as humans. This essential oil contains phenols, such as carvacrol and thymol, which have the ability to kill harmful bacteria and microbes responsible for infectious diseases in dogs.

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Dog Cough Remedy

7. Probiotics
Probiotic foods like yogurt have great nutritional value for humans as well as dogs. Probiotics help get rid of harmful bacteria from the system of Your pet, so that he can start to feel better and speed healing. Probiotics also booster immunity, which is important to fight the infection.

8. Herbal tea
Herbal tea such as licorice tea and sage tea can help in soothing cough Your pet dog. These herbs contain anti-inflammatory, antiviral and antimicrobial properties that help fight infection and reduce inflammation in the airways.

9. Chicken soup
This remedy may sound strange, but it is very effective and ensures faster recovery. Chicken soup is a nutritious food for Your pet who is sick. Antioxidants in it help fight upper respiratory tract infections and even accelerating the healing process. In addition, chicken soup improves the function of the immune system.

10. Keep away from rain water
For quick healing, keep the air in Your home moist when Your dog is suffering from cough. The moist air will prevent the throat of Your dog becoming too dry. This will soothe the throat and Your dog will not have to struggle hard to breathe.

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