The Best Puppies and Dog Dewormer Home Remedy

Dog dewormer home remedy - Maintaining a pet is certainly very fun. Especially we have to keep the dog from the factors that cause a dog intestinal worms. Moreover, it can also as a friend of children's play as a dog. this animal known as human companions.

In addition to tame, the dog also can kind of help some of the human work such as maintaining security of the house etc. However, this often becomes a problem when your pet is stricken with the disease. One of the diseases that often affects dogs is worms.

The disease is caused by worms that are on the body of your dog and interfere with the work of the organs in the. Usually the affected dog deworming will be marked by vomiting and coupled with the discharge of the worms in the vomit. This is certainly very alarmed both the owner and the following will be described some of the causes of dog worms.

Dog Dewormer Home Remedy

A. The Causes Of Dog Worms

1. Has Never Been Given Worm Medicine

The cause of dogs deworming the first is the dog has never been given worm medicine since childhood. worming as much as possible given since your dog was 5 weeks. This way is repeated every 4 weeks up to the age of the dog step on one year. After that drug administration can be done every 2 to 3 months to prevent your dog from worm infections.

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2. The Parent Dogs Have Never Been Given Medicine For Worms

The cause of dog worms the second is derived from the parent of a pregnant or breastfeeding that has never been given worm medicine. Before marriage you should give your dog worm medicine first. In doing so the parent is not infected with worms.

This disease can be transmitted on a puppy because worm larvae can penetrate the blood vessels and the placenta so that the fetus is easy to be infected with. In addition the causes of dog worms can occur time mother breastfeeding her child. This happens because the worm larvae carried in the milk that is accepted by a puppy. so it is very unlikely the puppy will also be exposed to intestinal worms.

3. Roundworms

The cause of the dog deworming next is of course the type of worms infecting the body. One of the most often infect is a type of roundworm. Roundworms thrive and grow in the body of a dog. The process of developing from egg to adult takes approximately 5 weeks.

The causes of dog worms can be caused also from the habit of a dog that often licked the soles of his feet. The soles of the feet can be so there are tapeworm eggs that can be infected by intestinal worms. Worm eggs will hatch into larvae then goes into the small intestine and develop into adult worms. If not given drug of worms then the worms had already entered in the body will reproduce.

This causes jumlahya increasing. The more the number of worms that exist in the body of the dog it will interfere with the organs pencernaanya. And what's worse these worms can spread to the other organs up to the upper gastrointestinal tract.

If these worms have already entered into the upper digestive tract, it will cause dog vomiting. Adult worms are usually found in the vomit or feces of a dog infected simultaneously found also the eggs of the tapeworm.

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Dog Dewormer Home Remedy

B. Symptoms of Dogs Affected by intestinal Worms

In addition to some of the causes of dog worms that have been described above, here are some Symptoms a dog affected by intestinal worms, including:
  • Found adult worms in the vomit and feces of dogs.
  • Stool liquid, these symptoms are usually prolonged and often accompanied by discharge of blood.

  • Permanent weight loss and not increased.
  • The dog's stomach becomes distended but skinny body. Can occur malnutrition because the nutrients are absorbed by the body is not perfect.
  • Animals become less active and appears lethargic.
  • The skin and hair of the dog becomes dull.

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