Dog Diarrhea Remedy, First Aid and How to Treatment ?

Diarrhea often attack dogs, because the habit of eating, chewing and licking everything that is encountered. If not treated dog diarrhea remedy immediately, diarrhea can be a serious disease. There are many causes of dog diarrhea. One of the causes which most frequently occurs is the food.

Hobby dog who loves to bite often make it bite any objects around it, including harmful objects. Causing digestive disorders. In addition there is a habit of some types of dogs that find food from the outside or from the trash.

Diarrhea usually occurs within one to three days. Inflammation that occurs in the wall of the intestine or the consumption of food remains the same make the diarrhea cured is long. Chronic diarrhea can occur if the diarrhea is not cured within three days more.

cat Dog Diarrhea Remedy

Diarrhea can also occur due to the consumption of certain drugs, especially drugs containing aspirin. Some medications such as worming or antibiotics may also cause diarrhea in Your dog. Always consult use of a particular drug complete with side effects on the vet.

Causes of Diarrhea in Dogs
  • It is wrong to eat. For example eat garbage, spoiled food, poisonous plants, etc.)
  • Not suitable with certain foods
  • Intolerance to certain foods
  • Poor food hygiene (bacteria or fungi)
  • The presence of parasites in the digestive tract such as worms
  • Indicates the presence of other diseases such as viruses
Signs of a Dog that has Diarrhea
  • The consistency of the feces become mushy or even liquid.
  • Frequent bowel movements
  • Sometimes the dirt accompanied by blood or mucus. It depends on the severity of the diarrhea. Bleeding usually occurs in the intestinal wall of the inflamed
  • Limp and not excited
  • Dehydration
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Treatment in Dogs Diarrhea

Often drugs that are chemically can cause side effects that may be less fun, not to mention that dogs less respond to the reactions of the drug. For example, antibiotics are given to reduce the bacterial infection that causes diarrhea, can reduce the appetite of dogs, even though dogs also don't want to eat.

As an alternative medicine antidiarrheal, guava leaves and fruit is just one of the many plants that are efficacious similar. Research mention the ability of guava leaves in inhibiting the growth of bacteria Escherichia colli and Staphylococcus aureus showed low 2% can inhibit the growth of S. aureus and in the levels of 10% can inhibit the growth of E. colli.

The results of the study can be used as the basis for the use of guava leaves as a cure diarrhea due to infection. The active substance contained in the water decoction of guava leaves is the tannins. Tannin is known to work as astrengent, which coats the intestinal mucosa, especially the colon. Tannins also being absorbent of toxins and can crumple protein.

cat Dog Diarrhea Remedy

Guava leaves as an anti-diarrhea medication can be given for diarrhea due to bacterial infection, poisoning or ate something wrong. For diarrhea due to a viral infection (parvo for example), the treatment must be reinforced with antibiotic therapy broad spectrum to prevent the expansion of a secondary infection from bacteria.

To utilize guava as a cure diarrhea in dogs, made by boiling 15 - 30 g of dried leaves of guava in water as much as 150 - 300 ml (one glass of water). Boiling was carried out for 15 minutes then the results of the decoction is filtered and ready to be drunk on the dog (could use a syringe or slowly drunk rather not choke).

If you want to be given in the form of fresh, take about 12 leaves fresh, washed clean, finely ground, plus ½ cup cooking water and salt to taste. The results of the collision squeezed, filtered, and then drunk. To reduce the feeling that maybe the dog is less like, can be added with honey. Therapy guava leaves can be given every day (2 times a day) until the symptoms of diarrhea is reduced.

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First aid
  • Give coconut water to clean the contents of the stomach. A few minutes after drinking coconut water, the dog will vomit and most of the toxins in her body will come out.

  • During diarrhea plenty of fluids that go wasted. Back again the liquid into the dog's body by giving oral rehydration fluids, do it yoursel little by little but often. Or mix a spoonful of granulated sugar with a pinch of salt in a glass of warm water. Suapkan with a spoon.

  • Don't give eating or fasting for 24 hours if the animal is of adult age. But if still saplings fast enough 12 hours.

  • Give foods that are neutral and do not irritate the digestive, for example, boiled chicken meat or tuna fish boiled in a blender. Can also be given the yolk of boiled chicken. There is also a food so special for dog diarrhea that are sold in pet shop.

  • Place the animal in its own place with a clean, dry and warm.

  • Anti-diarrhea medication can also be given as Kaopectat, Nifural, and Newdiatabs. Note with a good dose of administration.

  • If within 24 hours after the first aid is done, the condition of the dog did not improve, immediately take it to the vet. May be required special action further, as the infusion to return the fluid that has been widely out.

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