How To Dog Eye Infection Home Remedy

Dog eye infection home remedy - eye Disease are not only found in humans, but many are also found in dogs. Cases that occur in dogs varied, ranging mild cases to severe. The ignorance of the owner of the dog will cause disease of the eye often result in increased severity of the disorder in the eyes of his beloved dog. The administration of drugs which is not true or drugs that are circulating in the market, can make the eye damage is more widespread.

As an example of medications-eye drops that are circulating freely in the market is not suitable for the case of glaucoma or increased pressure in the fluid ball of the eye. Even when the provision is excessive and will make the destruction of the apple of the eye resulting in blindness.

To understand the variety of cases on the eyes, at least problems on the eyes are divided into 2 parts based on the auto oil is the problem on the apple of the eye and problems outside of the eyeball.

Dog Eye Infection Home Remedy

An important part of the eyes that often experienced the disturbance, namely the cornea, or the outermost part of the eyeball in the form of a thin layer. This part is often subjected to injuries (ulcercornea) because a variety of things, trauma or a bacterial infection.

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Here are some eye problems in dogs that often in the natural, among others :

1. Cherry Eye

There is a disease in the eyes of a dog that is not deadly, but will make it not feel comfortable for the rest of his life and even cause serious infection in his eyes if allowed to continue. Diseases dogs it is called “Folicular Ophthalmitis”, or commonly known as “Cherry Eye”.

Dogs have up to 3 eyelid (eyelid) for Upper eyelid, lower eyelid, and third eyelid. Cherry Eye is caused by a fall on the third eyelid or so-called nictitating membrane, which consists of lacrimal gland and located at the tip of a dog's eyes from the original position.

Third eyelid in dogs function is to protect the eyes of the dog, keep dog's eyes clean from dust. In addition, the tear glands are located in it helps to soften the eyes of a dog. Under normal circumstances, these glands should not look and function of producing tears in dogs.

However the gland is weakened, out of its normal position and then swell. This condition known as Cherry Eye. If this is the case in the eyes of a dog, most likely it will happen the same thing in his eyes that one again.

The cause is still unknown, but very strongly suspected to be caused by weak tissue (collection of cells that form special functions, such as: muscle tissue, nerve tissue, bone, and others) that connect between the nodes with the structure of the eye. The weakness of the tissue connecting it makes the gland on the third eyelid the falling in or out of its normal position.

When the gland is out of its normal position in the middle of the dirty air, decline in the quantity of production water of the eye (Keratoconjuntivitis Sicca / dry eye), and irritant, it can result in infection and swelling. The gland is usually exposed to irritation, reddish, and swollen.

Sometimes the mucous membrane of the glands regardless. If the dog is touching it or scratch it, there will be wounds on the glands or even cause ulcers (wounds inflicted when the surface of the tissue eroded) on the surface of the eye. If left too long, the glands will not function again.

Condition / disease can occur in dogs any age. However usually often found in dogs aged young (under 2 years of age) on race Cocker Spaniel, Labrador, Chihuahua, Pekingese, Lhasa Apso, Shih-Tzu, Poodle, Beagle, Bloodhound, shar pei, Bull Terrier, Boston Terrier, Saint Bernard, and a Bulldog. Conditions like this can also be found in some cats, including race Burmese and Persian cats.

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Dog Eye Infection Home Remedy

How to treat ?
The first treatment in the case of Cherry Eye (early stage and very small) is to give eye drops / injections antibiotic-steroid 4 times a day for 5-7 days, but the previous of the cornea should be checked first – if there are injuries or not.

Administration of antibiotic-steroid such allows reduce the swelling of the glands. Sometimes these conditions can return to normal without the need of the interference of the us, or maybe just helped with a little massage regular.

In the case of Cherry Eye that is enlarged, is injured and infected, and that late treatment or do not heal after treatment, then surgery is needed to reposition the reset the gland so that it can be functioning back.

2. Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA)

The Retina is the part that lines the back of the eye. At a glance, the Retina can be likened to a movie on the camera, which serves to combine the light with what is seen. Without the retina are functioning adequately, it will be difficult to see. In simple terms, the eye can be described as organ collecting light that focuses light onto the retina.

When the light up in the retina, a series of chemical reactions propagate electrical impulses. These impulses traverse the retina towards the nerves of the optic and then leads to the brain (visual cortex) for interpretation. The interpretation of the brain called the vision.

Symptoms and treatment

PRA is a congenital disease genetically in some types of purebred dogs and sometimes in cats. PRE also known as Progressive Rod and Cone Degeneration (PRCD) – a disorder of deterioration in the dog's eye which can cause blindness in both the eyes of a dog.
Will happen slump on a bilateral basis on the retina of a dog or cat which at its peak can lead to vision loss or blindness.

The early symptoms that will be experienced by your dog or cat suffering from this disease is Night Blindness (difficulty to see with the dim lighting). The Pupil will expand and slow in capturing the light stimuli. There will be a difference from the eyes of the dog. This is caused by the increased reflectivity of the color layer – the tapetum – which is located under the retina.

A dog or cat suffering from this disease usually will be disinclined to descend the stairs, go out, to a new place, or jump to the home furnishings with the conditions of the lights that dim. Often times they seemed lost in their homes. The surface of the eye they usually will be colored gray. While time is running, the dog or cat will be bumping into furniture and walls or stumble.

Fortunately, the rare case of a PRE that cause pain in the eyes of a dog. The dog or cat's familiarize yourself or adjust yourself with the condition of his eyesight which is slowly disappearing. Because the PRE is difficult to be identified, examination ophthalmic the pet needs to be done.

Unfortunately, there is no treatment that can be done to prevent the handle, or heal PRE. A wide variety of vitamins for the therapy is indeed recommended, but there is no evidence to show that the use of vitamins can provide a therapeutic effect.

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Dog Eye Infection Home Remedy

3. Heterochromia

If you realize your dog has two different eye colors from each other, the main thing to remember is to have a different eye color does not always mean there is a problem in your dog. To determine whether there is indeed a problem or not, veterinarians also need to know how to born from your dog or if this is something that recently happened.

In some cases, the presence of the different eye colors indicate the presence of a wide variety of health problems. Some of them are glaucoma and cataracts. However the difference in color on the eyes don't always mean like that. When a dog has two different eye colors, it is called heterochromia.

Heterochromia is the term used to describe differences or variations of color on a portion of the iris of the eye, and is also used to describe the presence of more than one color in the iris of the eye in one eye.

This condition occurs in dogs and cats. Generally this condition occurs on the race-a particular race, such as the Alaskan Malamute, Siberian Husky, American Foxhound, Australian Sheepdog, Shih Tzu and some other breeds. Dogs and cats living with heterochromia have a vision that is accurate and normal. Heterochromia is not a medical disorder in dogs, is only a variation of normal eyes.

If the owners of the animals want to know whether the dog or cat is blind but ashamed to ask at the vet, a simple test can be done. Have someone sit in the back of the dog or cat you then cover the eyes. Stand in front of your pet with a ball of colorful large-sized. Drop the ball, if the eyes of your pet follow the ball, means vision your dog or cat is normal. To be sure, do the same experiment on his eyes one again.

4. Pigmentary Keratitis (PK)
Pigmentary Keratitis is a condition in which the cornea is usually clear / clear to opaque so that the influence of vision on the eye. Another name of this condition is Corneal Melanosis.

In general, which causes Pigmentary Keratitis is a chronic irritation of hair, a decrease in the quantity of tear production, the decrease in reflex blinking or eyelid abnormal. In some rare cases, although already in the fix, pigmentation continues to happen.

Usually happens on the race Pugs, Boston Terrier, Bulldog, and Shih Tzu. But this also can occur in other dog breeds. Symptoms include eyes that look frosted or white due to scratches, then reddened due to the formation of blood vessels or become tanned because of the pigmentation.

Handling can be done by administering eye drops on the eye hospital to improve the quantity and quality of water of the eyes, also surgery to correct an eyelid that is not normal and improve the function of the eyelids. The purpose of such handling is to improve the health of the cornea and maintain the vision.

Pet will feel comfortable with the eye that has been addressed and the vision that has been fixed. Some patients continue to undergo treatment on his eyes for the rest of his life. The handling of the operation to get rid of part of the cornea that has been terpigmentasi not be too help as this disease can recur at any time.

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