Solution Dog Hair Loss Home Remedies

Dog hair loss home remedies - Many factors that make dog fur loss, But some people like to ignore things that they think it is normal, but how with that felt the dogs themselves?

the fur is the attraction to lure the opposite sex, many dogs will lose their “identity” when their feathers fall out, so the time of shedding or removing the fur experienced almost all of the dogs, they will reduce their activities.

In the wild shedding occurs when there is a change of season from winter to spring, at a time when winter will end the dog will be a lot of removing their fur, so much snow dog like siberian husky and the alaskan malamute will spend the time to take a break and only hunt when hungry in a time of climate change.

Dog Hair Loss Home Remedies

Many cases the loss of the dog's fur happens to be severe enough even to make a dog fur too thin and balding, this is not natural so we need to find out what is the cause of the loss of the fur of the dog, whether the loss of fur dogs occurs because of the shedding or are there other factors? all right okdogi will discuss some of the factors that cause dog hair loss and how to cope with the loss of fur.

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The causes of dog hair loss
  • Shedding -As has been discussed above, this is the period when the dog will naturally removing fur winter with fur spring is thin, the type of dog that comes from the region of snowy winter will have experienced this, a dog that comes from a territorial cold air will be sensitive to the demolition of temperature. 

    Puppy will be removing their feathers and replace feathers as they were at age 4 to 6 months depending on the type of dog itself, there is a type of dog new do shedding even when they are 2 years old.

  •  Lice and mites – These are the pests that affect your dog, almost all dogs will be susceptible to outbreaks of lice especially if your dog is used to playing in the pool, lice and mites can also live in the home furniture made from wood and glued on the dog as they approached.

    Tick bites that itch will make the dog always want to scratch, if this happens for too long then the dog's fur will fall out, worse yet scratching the dog on the same area will cause sores.
  • Stress – Dogs that are nervous and stressed look of behavior they are often licking the body parts in a certain area, licking of the body is indeed one of the dog's method to make their body more relaxed, but it also causes the occurrence of inflammation of the skin that makes the dog fur loss.
  • Food allergies – every dog will have immunity the body's different, hence the incompatibility of the food will be different on every dog. Not all dogs are suitable with the beef or raw chicken meat, but maybe some dogs are accustomed to those foods, therefore the only humming is the one who know what food to give to their dogs.

    Food allergies will cause itching that is extraordinary, this happens often in the area of the ear, the body and the anus. If this is allowed to happen then it will cause loss of fur severe.
  • Collar and accessories – Wearing collar that is too strong and the material of collar could be the cause of the loss of the dog's fur, pulling the dog with very strong with the collar will strangle the neck and scrape off their fur. Moreover, some of the collar is made of leather and plastic are prone to cause itching of the skin of the dog itself.
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Dog Hair Loss Home Remedies

A solution to overcome the loss of fur dogs
  • Nutritious food – food is one of the drugs prevention of hair loss on dog fur, some dogs food a price a little cheaper with the quality of the reduced, if you really want your dogs fur does not interfere with the at home because of the loss then you need to buy their food may be slightly expensive but the effect is good for the dog.

    The fat content of omega 3 and 6 are very necessary to keep the skin and fur of a dog remains strong, select dogs food healthy diet has a lot 2 this content without content of corn and grains.
  • Quality grooming – the key is good care, if you care to do the grooming regularly and correctly then the loss of fur will be reduced, bathe the dog once a week or can is by using special shampoos dog this is done to keep their fur clean and healthy free of fleas.

    cut their nails so that dirt and bacteria don't live there, use the special comb to dispose of all the fluff that die because of the shedding, do the grooming yourself at home without the help of the services of grooming also have an effect on the emotional connection more intimate between you and your dog at home. ( read: practical methods bathe the dog )

  • Supplements and vitamins – the consumption of vitamin is also required in addition to nutritious food. The same as dog food require supplements and vitamins containing omega 3 and omega 6.
    Many brands in the market that offers such product, select the product that is good quality, sometimes the right words a lot of people if the price is not never lied, then buy the product at a price that is quite expensive to get a good quality product also.
  • Drugs lice – lice and mites are the main causes of itching on the dog's body, if you feel the loss of the dog's fur is caused because the star distraction, then buy one head lice medication.

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