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Skin conditions or skin disorders in the dog is a problem dog health the most important for the veterinarian. There are many methods Dog Itching Remedies and there are many causes that can be so difficult to figure out the specifics related to what is suffered by your dog, not only will the dog look bad, skin diseases that experienced dogs are also actually very torturing them some skin diseases will lead to itching which is very severe.

A. The symptoms of Skin Disorders in Dogs

Although skin disease can be very disturbing for your dog, there will always be an easy way to detect which often times is no easy way to handle. Things remembered is a dog we are very different from the neighbor's dog,
Dog Itching Remedies

which means the two dogs who face the same situation however may show physical symptoms that are different in the peel respectively. Conditions on the skin of the dog or disturbance on the skin of the dog can be seen through one or several of the following symptoms:
  • The problem on the gland of the anus
  • There is a color change to brown, black or greyish
  • Chronic inflammation of the ear hole part in the
  • Dry skin
  • Skin-to-skin peeling off like dandruff
  • The smell or scent of rot on the skin
  • There is a layer of oil on the skin
  • The hairs that fall out
  • Itching on the skin of dogs – from mild to severe (mean embossed scars scratching)
  • Skin flakes peeling brown
  • Acne or boils that secrete pus
  • Arise rash-a rash on the skin of the dog
  • The skin is reddened and exposed to irritation
  •  Embossed korengan or there is hardened skin
  • Embossed warts on the skin
The Main Factors Of The Causes Of Dog Skin Problematic

The skin is the largest organ and is very quick to react thoroughly on the body healthy. A healthy body can be infected from inside or outside the body, so it is very difficult to determine the cause of the disease. And sometimes some things can happen without your knowledge.

The safest way to go is a consultation about the condition of your dog thoroughly to vet you trust.
Some of the possible causes are:

1. The Low quality of the Dog Food
The main cause of the disorder on the skin of the dog food is low quality. Unfortunately, many dog owners believe that they have feed their dogs with high quality food when the food they give the dog actually even harm it. This is because the standard health dog food different from the food of man.

The influence of dry food versus wet food from your dog

When trying to cure the disease on the skin of your dog, make sure that the food you provide is the food is wet (moist). Dry food alone will not help keep the moisture your dog's body and cure the diseases of the skin.

2. Parasites
Parasites on the skin tend to be more interested in a dog that has health less primed. These parasites can attack dogs who are elderly, less enough to eat/nutrients, or a dog living in unhealthy environment. Some of the parasites on the dog's skin can cause a different impact on your dog either mild or severe.

Below is a list of parasites commonly attack the dog's skin and impact along with symptoms it causes:

Dog Lice (head Lice, Tuma, Ticks) – Lice are most rarely found in the skin of the dog than the Flea or Tick, but there are still many who reported several cases of Lice. They are sometimes hard to find because the size is very small. You need to look for the eggs that stick in the follicle of the hair on the dog. It is also easily handled.

Symptoms: the Same with flea, symptoms are biting or scratching constantly at the same area. Lice are very rarely encountered compared to the Flea and Tick, so you should pay attention good from the near to make sure.

Dog Fleas (Fleas) – There are a lot of dog owners have to deal with a flea on one or another occasion, but with proper handling, the flea can vanish in an instant.

Symptoms: the Dog will bite continuously or scratching certain parts covered in fur or on skin areas open.

Dog Ticks (the Tick) – Tick is not the type who occupied the particular skin on the dog permanently. They attach themselves on one area, sucking the blood on the side of the and lay eggs in there. Although they do not pose a big problem, but they can carry a variety of terrible diseases and should be prevented as early as possible.

Symptoms: the Dog will not show symptoms, however you can realize point-to-point the area where the Tick is lodged. Periodically checking can be done to prevent this from happening.

Dog Mange (Scabies) – Scabies in dogs is serious things that can cause your dog distressed and uncomfortable physically. Usually caused by a Tiny Mite (tiny Mites) that lived in the follicle of the hair on the dog that is sick.

3. Skin allergies
Skin allergies in dogs usually appear because of food, insects, or living environment. Another factor why the dog has can course allergy is due to saliva and urine that stick on the wall skin of dogs, many people think that dogs of the breeds of long-haired dogs will retan to allergies in comparison with hairless dogs short, but it is wrong because a dog with fur that is short can experience skin allergies.

4. Bacterial Pyoderma
Pyoderma is a skin disease which is generally caused by bacteria that can be found on the follicle or appear as the bite of the flea. In the part of the skin anywhere the bacteria entered, will arise acne-acne that causes the itching so the dog will scratch it, which will lead to the spread of bacteria.

 Pyoderma in puppies is a skin problem caused by bacteria and is similar to rashes caused baby diapers. Acne on dogs is also an impact of bacteria on the skin. Bacteria-bacteria which appear on the skin will not cause health problems in dogs that have stamina. But dogs that have immune system is low will be prone to skin diseases such as Pyoderma or acne.

Stress can be a factor that lowers the immune system on the body of the dog, which can lead to pyoderma, but too often giving vaccinations to your dog, your dog dry food, and the use of chemicals in your home also plays a very large role in triggering the emergence of problems on the skin of your dog.

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Dog Itching Remedies

B. Treatment
Dogs that do not have antibodies against demodex mites, for the rest of his life will be susceptible to demodex mites, and these abnormalities can be decreased to his son. Because it should not be bred, Kealinan this can not be cured. But a normal dog before 1 year of age can develop demodex because their immune is not yet perfect.

And the pattern of itching that caused by the demodex mite is the same exactly with scabies. So before the mem-the verdict your dog included that has the abnormality, make sure that it is not scabies with a test sample of the skin in the lab ( different flea). And make sure the dog is attacked by demodex berkali2 after the age more than 1 year.

Maybe there is also a laboratory test that directly shows the results of a dog has antibodies against demodex mites or not. Jd don't be too quick to conclusions. With the naked eye demodex can not be distinguished from scabies.

Scabies is much more malignant than demodex, because scabies can attack adult dogs with immune perfect and attack humans. While demodex can only attack a dog that has not been perfectly immune (puppy) or a dog who had abnormalities (have no immune against demodex)

If that is the traditional medicine of the tu yg herbs I nda tau. If sulfur is considered traditional, sulfur can be used for the treatment of diseases of the skin due to mites. For topical medications, buy sulfur in the chemical store, really cheap price, mix with oil wasp until shaped like a cream, apply in the affected. If you've too much, use a soap that contains sulfur, or special shampoos that contain sulfur. Use warm water, it tends to heat that can be retained by the dog.

Why warm water? Because of the mites burrowing the skin tissue enough in, to lay eggs, Sulfur was applied usually can not achieve it. Warm water will lure them out to the surface of the skin, after that new shampoo or soap, leave 10 minutes, then rinse with plain water. Repeat on day 13th.

Why on 13th? Dead mites on the surface , The eggs in the skin remains alive, after hatching, it took them 2 weeks to spawn again, before it had time to lay eggs they should be exterminated. The best treatment for demodex or scabies is injectable ivermectin (examples of brands ivomec) or drops selamectin (examples of brand revolution), give the dose that is appropriate, to syringe is better applied to the veterinarian, to the drops easy to apply themselves to the instructions which are listed on the packaging. Birthday in 13 days after the last application, After 2 or max 3 times the application right, the dog will recover.

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