Popular Instant Dog Scratching Home Remedies

Dog scratching home remedies - All the dogs like to scratch the ears until at a certain limit; but if You see a dog constantly scratching or irritation in ears, You need to find out the cause. After knowing what is bothering the dog, You can treat the cause.

Most itching is caused by parasitic infection, ear infection (bacterial or fungal), or the presence of foreign objects in the ear (such as flakes of grass).

If You see a dog constantly scratching his ears, consult it to the doctor. The veterinarian will use a tool (otoskop) to examine into the ear canal of the dog and checking to see if her ear drum (the tympanic membrane) intact. The doctor will also check the other causes of itching ears. 
Dog Scratching Home Remedies

For example, your doctor may take samples from inside dog's ears to diagnose whether there is an infection that attacks.
  • If the dog feel very ill so that the examination be difficult to do, the vet will probably sedate the dog for ease in cleaning the dog's ears. Thus, the doctor can see the eardrum of dogs and foreign drugs are also more easily absorbed into the skin without interference.

  • Don't try to provide treatment on the ears of a dog without checking it first to the vet. If the eardrum is damaged, the drug can get into the middle ear and in the, resulting in the onset of balance problems and hearing loss that is permanent (perhaps even deafness).

Although some people recommend the use of essential oils this kind of to relieve inflammatory and infected skin, You should know that tea tree oil contains terpenes, i.e. materials that are toxic to dogs.

Animals can tolerate administration of tea tree oil that has been diluted to 0.1-1%, but most shampoo, disinfectants, and skin care products that are sold by pet stores contain tea tree oil which is more powerful and can harm the dog. If You use products containing tea tree oil, make sure You mengencerkannya first.

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Beware of the signs of poisoning terpene if You choose to use tea tree oil. These signs include nausea, vomiting, and, as common in dogs and cats, paralysis. Cases that are serious such as paralysis, convulsions, and even death are also often associated with the use of tea tree oil.

Antihistamine drugs

If You're not sure what is the cause of ear itching in dogs, You can relieve itching in dogs until You can figure out the problem. Give a dog a 2mg antihistamine drug choice, such as diphenhydramine, for every kilogram of body weight. Usually an antihistamine drug available in tablet form and directly taken three times a day. antihistamine Drugs work by how to stop and prevent inflammatory.

Dog Scratching Home Remedies

You should know that even though You have started this treatment, the dog may be constantly scratching his ears. In addition, antihistamines are also not so effective in relieving itching in dogs. You can try to see if this treatment can relieve itching in dogs, but You should also know that only 10-15% of dogs that can feel the effect.

Relieve itching the dog for a while. The vet probably will prescribe corticosteroid medication to relieve the itching temporarily until the treatment can actually work. Corticosteroids are antiinflammatory drugs are potent and very good to relieve itching.

Or, You can ask the doctor about the use of a cream with the active ingredient hydrocortisone 0.5-1% of which can be purchased at a regular pharmacy. Use this cream on the skin from the leaves of the dog's ears and around the lower part can relieve inflammatory.

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 Be careful, steroids such as the above drugs should not be used simultaneously with certain medications, such as NSAIDS (Nonsteroidal Antiinflammatory Drugs) are particularly given to dogs suffering from inflammatory diseases of the joints. Drinking two types of these drugs simultaneously can cause wounds that harm the stomach, which can lead to bleeding and death

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