The Most Safe and Effective Dog UTI Home Remedy

Dog urinary tract infection home remedy (UTI) - occur frequently in dogs so it is important to understand that the cause of bladder problems Your dog might not like that look, so need dog uti home remedy more intensive.

A lot of bladder problems pure inflammation and no bacteria related at all so that the administration of antibiotics really won't help and is an “exercise of frustration.”.

For the holistic vet, a UTI usually means inflammation, not infection. This is important in the way we deal with bladder problems, but first of all, let's talk about the signs of the afflictions of the bladder.

Dog UTI Home Remedy

Symptoms of a UTI

The typical symptoms of a bladder infection or inflammation include:
  • Frequent urge to urinate.
  • Urine may or may not contain blood; sometimes there might be only a little blood at the very end, sometimes there may be blood clots, sometimes almost not visible. If You can urinate on top of the white tissue, it's a good way to see if there is blood or not.
  • Licking, sometimes intense, sometimes before Your dog pee and sometimes after he returned to the house.
  •  Frequent urination inappropriate / soiling the house.
  • A general unease.
  • Often wake You up in the middle of the night need to go to the bathroom several times.
  • After Your dog left, he immediately feel like he needs to try again and again and squat / strain several different times.
  • Remedies for Inflammation of the Urinary Tract
After determining that Your dog has one or more of the above symptoms, it's time to choose a remedy. You should do this with the help of veterinarian homeopathy, but this is a short list of the best solution to enter the bladder problem of Your dog.

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Nux vomica
Nux vomica is a good place to start for a number of dogs with complaints of the bladder, especially if there are convulsions, or a history which precedes the bladder problems of something intoxicating - maybe he has a pill or pills heart worm which is granted and five days later she was straining. pee.

In this case, You can consider poisoning as the cause. Because Nux vomica is a remedy for animals that have drunk, it is a good first choice in this scenario.

The indications for Nux vomica include:
  • The exposure of toxins.
  • Your dog cold natural.
  • He's not too cuddly, and maybe even growl at You if You try to mediate too much.
  • He may be experiencing constipation or having GI issues.
  • Strain during urination.
  • Cramps.
  • He may curl up and not lay on the floor, or curl up somewhere alone and in pain.
  • In general, he is also more sensitive to the things around it.
  • Cantharis
  •  If You are looking for inflammation or infection of the urinary tract, You will often see Cantharis appear at the top of the list. But across the board for homeopaths animals, it just didn't work out for most cases of UTIS. So You might want to pass on this medication and trying to find another that is suitable for Your dog.
Dog UTI Home Remedy

Remember, these are homeopathic remedies, so is not toxic like mercury! And it really helps with UTI acute, particularly when Nux vomica does not work.

There are two mercury different - Mercurius vivus and Mercurius solubilis, but most homeopaths consider them is basically the same thing, so choose one or the other and You will do well.

The indications for Mercurius including:
  • Water bloody urine
  • Frequent urination, especially at night. This is the hallmark !!
  • Restless, especially at night
  • The urgency of the
  • Urine smells very strong
  • Thirst for cold water
  • The Strain of the extreme, is good for diarrhea or urine. This is very important for the patient Mercurius.
This is a solution for acute cases. If You see chronic cystitis, You usually have to use a different treatment and You may have to have a good homeopath to help.

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How To Give Remedies

Homeopathic remedy usually will come in the form of a pellet. You will want to find a potency of 30C in the above solution. To prepare the remedy, take about 3 pellets and fold them in a notecard. Crush them into a powder and add to ½ cup purified water in a glass. This may make about 100 doses. Stir for about 30 seconds.

For dosage, You give the “dribbling” from a spoon, or about cc from the syringe. You want to do is moisten the mucous membranes of the mouth. If Your dog is suffering from a very strong attack, repeat the remedy selected every 15 minutes for a total of 3 doses.

To a state less acute / intense, it may be repeated 3 times, and a half hours apart, or 3 times, given one hour apart if it was even less intense than that. Basically, You just want to accumulate some of the dose to give a “boost” on Your dog. After You dose 3 times, stay back and watch for an hour or more.

If the symptoms subside, You may be better. A nap is a good response, especially if followed by a lot of urine later in the day without any problems.

Save the rest of the mixture at room temperature on the table, covered with a napkin, and keep an eye on Your dog. If the symptoms return, stir and give him no dribble. Very important to know what homeopathy is, every dog gets the same dose. No matter if You have Great Dane or a Doxie.

What is most important is the potential that You select (in this case, 30C), and how often You give the cure. So there's a quick guide to treating a UTI at home, without drugs. You should work together with doctors holistic You for this, but with the selected drugs with appropriate, often times do not need to reach out to these antibiotics.

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