Estrogen Pills For Women Reviews, Uses, Side Effects and Benefits

Estrogen Pills For Women is a cure to hormone replacement therapy (hormone replacement therapy, HRT), which is given on the condition in which the levels of the hormone estrogen naturally in the body is not adequate.

In addition to as hormone replacement natural estrogen, these drugs can be used to overcome the symptoms that arise during menopause and prevent osteroporosis post-menopause.

In addition, Estrogen Pills For Women also serves to overcome the disorder on the skin of the genital are (atrophy of the vulva) or problems in the ovaries. This drug can also be administered in the treatment of breast cancer as well as prostate cancer in men.

Estrogen Pills For Women

Benefits :
Overcome the symptoms of menopause including osteroporosis post-menopause, skin disorders of the genital, breast cancer, and prostate cancer in men.

Warning :
  • Tell your doctor if You have allergies to medicines, especially drugs that contain estrogen pills over the counter or certain materials.

  • This drug should not be used by children.

  • Please be careful if You have a history of disease or are suffering from diseases of asthma, diabetes, epilepsy or seizures, hypercalcemia or hypocalcemia, cardiac disorders, kidney disease, lupus, tumors of the uterus, headaches, migraine, blood clotting disorders, uterine cancer, breast cancer, bone cancer, hypothyroidism, and vaginal bleeding.

  • Tell your doctor if You are taking any other medicines, including herbal medicines, in order to avoid undesirable interactions.

  • Talk to your doctor about using estrogen before undergoing the operation or examination procedure, such as the examination of thyroid function or blood sugar. This drug can give erroneous results in such tests.

  • If the happening of allergic reactions and overdose after use of estrogen, see your doctor immediately.
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Use of estrogen according to the dosage and the time that has been set by the doctor. If not accidentally miss a schedule drug consumption, immediate consumption of drugs if the pause with the next schedule is not too close. If it is close, ignore and do not double the dose. Check yourself periodically during the use of estrogen to the development of health conditions can be continuously monitored.

Some patients taking the oral estrogen experienced a swollen or bleeding gums. Therefore, it is recommended to always maintain the cleanliness of the teeth and mouth in order to prevent such problems.

Estrogen Pills For Women

The use of estrogen also increase the risk of cancer of the breast, uterus, or ovaries. It is recommended to do the examination regularly, especially if you suspect the presence of lumps unusual.During the use of estrogen, the menstrual periods had stopped before can be active again.

In addition, vaginal bleeding in between the menstrual period may also occur during the first 3 months use of this drug. Nevertheless, do not stop taking the estrogen and see your doctor if bleeding continues or does not experience menstrual more than 45 days since the previous menstrual cycles.

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Side effects and Dangers of Estrogen

Some of the side effects that may arise after the use of estrogen is:
  • A rash or skin irritation.
  • The skin becomes itchy.
  • Fever.
  • Breath becomes short.
  • The face, lips, hands, feet, and eyelids swell.
  • The chest tightness.
  • Dizziness.
  • Eye dry.
  • Stomach cramps.
  • The stomach bloating.
  • Fungal infection in the vagina.
  • Eyes and skin become yellow.

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