Belviq (Lorcaserin) : FDA Approved Diet Pills and Prescription Weight Loss Drugs

The Food and Drug Administration - FDA approved diet pills /  anti obesity named Belviq (Lorcaserin). the drug in production by Arena Pharmaceutical it must be obtained through a doctor's prescription and is intended for long-term weight loss. Although in some clinical studies it is known Belviq only weight loss in the scale of being, but FDA stated that the drug is safe.

According to FDA these pills should only be consumed by adults who are overweight or obese with the complications of the disease, such as diabetes or high cholesterol.

This drug is also mandatory combined with exercise and a healthy diet.  Chairman of the foundation for obesity, Patrick o'neil said he is pushing the FDA approved diet pills due to lifestyle changes alone are not enough to overcome obesity.

Belviq FDA Approved Diet Pills

Although the effects of Belviq in weight loss is not too significant, but experts declare this case could be the first step in the development of therapies to resolve the causes of obesity. In the research proven of patients taking Belviq or the generic version known as lorcaserin, in a period of a year the average managed to lose 3-3,7 percent of initial body weight.

About 47 percent of patients successfully down to 5 percent or more. In 2010, the Arena has actually been filed for Belviq, but the FDA refused to give permission because there was input from scientists who say the existence of the risk of tumors in animals-the experimental animals used in this study.

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Belviq FDA Approved Diet Pills

Best diet pill on the market - However, the Arena re-add the data at the beginning of 2012 that prove the risk of tumors in humans is very small. The FDA also advised that patients stop taking Belviq if they fail fell 5 percent from the original weight in the next three months.

Possible side effects of this drug, among others, depression, migrants, as well as the reduced ability of memory.

The plan, slimming drugs that would be marketed in early 2013. Previously the FDA had approved the slimming drug Xenical from Roche, but the drug is rarely prescribed because of the side effects that interfere with digestion. Belviq is a slimming drug is the first FDA-approved after Xenical was approved 13 years ago.

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