Best Over the Counter Fertility Pills For Women Without a Prescription

Fertility pills for women is a valuable drug for those who have difficulty getting a baby. For the millions of women who fight for pregnancy, fertility drugs be the first step. This step will be taken first before moving on to medical care. Best Over the Counter Fertility pills for women had a variety of shapes. There are injected, there is also the intangible oral pill.

But whatever the form, the main purpose of fertility drugs is to stimulate ovulation. Before You decide to take fertility drugs women, it is good to arm yourself with the knowledge of the fertility drugs. After that, then you went to the fertility doctor to ask for advice.

Therefore, the fertility drugs women are different and must be adapted to the case infertilitas.

Fertility Pills For Women

Based on medical standards, there are two kinds of fertility drugs women. They are clomiphene and gonadotropin works in a different way.

Actually, there are kinds of fertility drugs women. However, the standard medical there are two. They are clomiphene citrate or commonly called clomiphene and gonadotropin. They both have a different way of working. Clomiphene stimulates hormones in the brain that triggers egg cells.

Furthermore, the egg cells inside the follicles will be created growing and detach from the ovary so that erjadilah ovulation. Different with clomiphene which stimulate hormone, gonadotropins directly stimulate the ovaries. This stimulation will make the ovaries produce one or even several eggs at once.

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Some women need to combine such medications with intrauterine insemination or reproductive technology the help—just call the ivf program. Women who undergo ivf can taking fertility drugs. The goal is that the lining of the uterus can be prepared before it inhabited the baby. In addition, the taking of fertility drugs can prevent the ovaries from release of the egg too early,

Fertility drugs women can be different consumption and combinations thereof. This difference is motivated by the cause of the problem pregnancy is not the same one with the other.

Every woman can take fertility drugs that is different. No exception with the combination. This difference depends on people with fertility problems and the cause of the problem of her pregnancy.

For example, in women with polycystic ovary syndrome. In normal circumstances, he will respond to clomiphene. But there is also who can not respond. Usually the doctor will give the drug metformin are sensitive to insulin. Metformin this will help stimulate ovulation so back to normal.

Different with women who have hyperprolactinemia. Because of the many levels of the hormone prolactin in the blood, ovulation can be inhibited. Menstruation is not only irregular, but also can be absent.

Therefore, the doctor gives the drug the fertility of a woman named bromocriptine or cabergoline. With such drugs, ovulation will return to normal as before. Symptoms and effects of hyperprolactinemia, such as pituitary tumor, is also minimized because of the role of both the drug earlier.

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Fertility Pills For Women

A lot of fertility drugs women who ended up safe and successful. Even the security and its success has been based on over 40 years experience. But as other fertility treatments, fertility drugs a woman can increase the chances of pregnancy multiple. Lay people call it the pregnancy multiple pregnancy twins.

Pregnancy multiple occur because of fertility drugs women stimulates the production of eggs more than one. Therefore, the process of fertilization can involve more than one egg cell. You must be very happy to get the news of the pregnancy of twins. But what must be understood is the more baby is conceived, the greater the chance of pregnancy at risk. That risk is complications, miscarriage, and birth of a premature baby.

about 10% of women using clomiphene experience pregnancy multiple. Most among them are pregnancy twins. While approximately 30% of women who take gonadotropins to get pregnancy multiple. The same as clomiphene, the majority of the get the baby twins.

make sure fertility drugs women that will be used comes from the recommendation of a doctor. Don't buy it, especially without the advice of an expert. As medicine in general, fertility drugs a woman should be consumed with the right dosage. Any consumption must be adjusted to cause fertility problems.

Also make sure You know the brand of the drug to be purchased. If You want to buy clomiphene, there are klomid or serophene. While gonadotropin commonly known by the brand repronex, menopur, bravelle, follistim, and Gonal-F. the Whole of the drug is a brand-common brands which are usually advised by doctors for Your fertility problems.

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