Cold sore or Fever Blister Remedies and Treatment

Cold sore or also called fever blister is a wound that contains a liquid that dibabkan by infection with herpes simplex virus type1. Then how best fever blister remedies / best cold sore remedy ? Type 1 usually causes cold sores, is the type 2 causes genital herpes.

But the second type is the same-the same could cause cold sores in the facial area and genitals. If you ever had a cold sore before, you may feel the appearance of a cold afternoon with the new sign of tingling on the lips. In one or two days, blisters appeared in the side of you.

Cold sores mostly occur on the area around the lips, sometimes on the nostrils, chin or hands, often also grow on the gums and walls of mouth. Cold sore quite different from canker sores. Cold sores are caused by the active back the herpes simplex virus, and infectious.

While thrush is not infectious and canker sores are ulcers that occur the soft tissues inside your mouth, place a cold afternoon sfecara typical will not happen.

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Fever Blister Remedies

Symptoms of cold sore is the appearance of lesions and blisters of small fluid-filled and painful, preceded by pain or tingling or itching, which is called the prodrome, which occurs one or two days before the appear the blisters.

Cold sores usually heal by itself within 10-14 days, however, you should take care to accelerate healing. Blisters will form, break and ooze out. Then formed a yellow crust and eventually peel off and bring up the pink skin that heals without a scar.

The sign may be a new start looks after 20 days from exposure to the herpes virus ssimpleks, but sometimes within about one week of exposure symptoms occur. After the initial infection heal, the virus periodically strikes again near the place appear earlier.

Trigger kambuhnay, among others, fever, menstruation, stress, fatigue and exposed to the hot sun too long. Contact with people suffering from cold sores can be transmit the disease. Its spread among others, can be through eating utensils, razor, towel, or physical contact.

If you suffer from cold sore, avoid close contact with infants, anyone who has eczema (dermatitis atopic) or people with problems of the immune system, like cancer patients, AIDS or transplant due organs. They are high-risk and particularly vulnerable to more severe infections.

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Fever Blister Remedies

How to prevention and treat :
  • Use hot or cold compress to ease the pain

  • Do not squeeze, pinch or wring the wound.

  • Avoid kissing and skin contact with other people while cold you are not completely healed. This Virus can spread easily as long as there is secretion of excess moisture from the blisters.

  • Do not share towels, lip moisturizer or other items that can cause the virus when the cold sore has not healed.

  • Wash hands carefully before touching another person when you are suffering from cold sore.

  •  Carefully menyertuh other parts of your body. The eyes and genital area may be particularly susceptible to the spread of the virus.

  • Avoid the trigger. If possible, try to avoid or prevent conditions that emphasize your body such as stricken with a cold or flu, not cukuk sleep, or stay under the sun for long periods of time without wearing sunscreen.

  • Apply sunscreen to lips and face before prolonged exposure to the rays of the sun.

  • Aloe vera contains geerah gelatin which can help the healing by making the skin elastic and prevent ratak.

  •  A healthy body is always able to mend themselves more quickly. Vitamin C, vitamin E, lysine and zinc can be consumed regularly. Culture yougurt active is also beneficial.

  • Attach a cotton swab soaked in alcohol several times a day also help dry out the cold sore. Alcohol kills viruses and other microbes directly.

  • Use ointments which are sold freely, such as lidocaine, lidocaine or benzocaine (Zilactin) to help ease the discomfort. Do not use benzocaine on children without doctor's supervision.

  •  Drinking a drug free pain reliever, as aspirin, acetaminophen (Tylenol) and ibuprofen(Advil, Motrin). Carefully memberiknan aspirin in children or teenagers.
Cold sores will generally heal by itself without treatment. However you should to the doctor if:
  • You have histories pre-existing diseases that compromise the immune system of the body.
  • Not heal by itself in 1-2 weeks.
  • Appeared severe symptoms
  • Cold sores often recur
  • Experiencing irritation in the eye

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