The Best Tick and Flea Medicine For Cats

The Best Tick and Flea Medicine For Cats, Flea is Often referred to as a tick, flea is a parasite not winged that suck the blood of the host cat , from several species of flea, the most common in cats is flea Ctenocephalides felis. There are several flea pill for cats and dogs that may be performed, namely: Flea Collar, Shampoo, Comb, Flea Powder/ pinjal, Spray, Drops the Nape of the neck.

very important knowledge about the life cycle of lice we need to know first in order to understand how to eradicate the flea completely.

Based on the pattern in the life cycle, we will be able to know that there is no treatment or Flea Medicine For Cats review  that just enough is done just once. Most of the insecticides flea just kills flea adults, but does not kill the eggs.

Therefore, if treatment is not repeated, the eggs hatch and become flea adults will come back to bite a cat as well as the spawn back a few hundred eggs pinjal.

Flea Medicine For Cats

Here are some of the ways that will can be practiced to eradicate the flea :

Injections Of Ivermectin

Have been many people who have thought which had been misguided. call injections of ivermectin is a anti fungal. The actual injections of this type can not eradicate the fungus. Ivermectin can be used to eradicate worms and ectoparasites such as fleas ( , ticks and mites).

Like every other drugs, ivermectin only to kill worms/ fleas adults, do not kill the eggs. It is therefore necessary at least 3 times. injections of ivermectin with a distance of 3-4 weeks.

Injection of ivermectin should be done carefully on the cat's age. less than 4 months *. Injections of ivermectin is not recommended in kittens aged less than 2 months, because it can cause poisoning and interfere with the development of the kidneys.

Administration . drugs of any kind (including ivermectin) for the long term, it is not recommended. Therefore, ideally ivermectin given when found lice or nits or if it is recommended your veterinarian.

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Drops & Spray

There are a lot of drops & spray. anti-lice that are sold in petshop-petshop, such as Accurate, Revolution and frontline. Note the rules of use of each drug, usually these drugs are not recommended to use on cats under the age of 2 months. Drops usually dripped on the skin of the base of the head at the back, where the cat can't lick that part. 

Drops Frontline pretty effectively eradicate fleas for 1 month. So completed should be repeated 1 month later. To do prevention (preventive), the provision of drops you can do 2-3 times in the span of one year.

Shampoo, anti-lice

Shampoo anti-tick suitable for use on kittens aged less than two months that can not be treated anti-lice. Some catlovers owners of adult cats also prefer this technique because in addition to eradicate the flea, also makes a cat more clean. At the time of bathing, preferably shampoo is used two times. Wet the cat hair evenly, add the shampoo evenly, wipe and rinse with water (warm water).

And then, the next step after clean,please re-add the shampoo, then roll out, let the + 5-10 minutes and then cleaned. Once clean pat dry with a towel and a hairdryer. So thoroughly should take a shower shampoo, anti-lice repeated two weeks later. After that, for the purpose of prevention, provision of shampoo can be done 1 once a month.

Flea Medicine For Cats

Flea Collar
A necklace that can kill pinjal adult,there are several kinds of how to work flea collar:
  • By emitting high frequency sound waves to repel pinjal.
  • By issuing a poison gas that will repel pinjal.
  • With the issue of insecticides which will be absorbed skin a cat, insecticides in the blood of the cat will enter the body pinjal when pinjal that suck the blood of the cat. 

Flea powder
A powder that is mixed with insecticides, it should be noted that the flea powder dog not all of it can be used on cats as some dog foundation even is poison the cat. The use of this powder also tends to irritate the mucous membranes of the respiratory and digestive tract of the cat so that should sought using other methods.

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Oral treatment
Is the medication tick repellent/ pinjal in the form of a tablet which is applied by way of drunk on the cat. The active content of this drug will be circulating in the blood of cats, pinjal, which suck the blood of the cat that contain this drug will cause the eggs not to hatch. Because these drugs only prevent the eggs pinla hatch then it should be accompanied by other treatments that kill pinjal adult.

As described above, the eggs and the dirt pinjal very possible once fall and hide around the furniture of the house so that in addition to the treatment at kucin his own need coupled with the environmental cleanup of the house. Perform regular cleaning using a vacuum cleaner is recommended.

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