What Tick and Flea Medicine For Dogs ?

What Tick and Flea Medicine For Dogs ? A lot of Flea Medicine For Dogs offered but sometimes have side effects so you should know the right way and safe.Is actually why important we need to eliminate the dog fleas ? fleas dogs coming from flea garden or from the body of the other dog are animals that are very harmful. Flea bites will cause bumps or sores that sometimes make your dog's stress.

lice also cause the dog to scratch agency of their own if it is too long then hair loss will occur in their fur, fleas also are allowed to be in the body of the dog will be carrying the larvae of the tapeworm develops in the body of the dog, this animal can also spread to human hair.

After knowing the ill effects of fleas for dogs and even for humans, then what should we do knowing that our dogs are infected ticks? as many of us know actually a lot of flea medication that we can find in the market, but okdogi times this will give you some tips that you can try at home to kill the fleas without using a flea medication.

You only need to prepare the tools and materials used in this method, all that is required is easy obtained the actual to your home.

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Flea Medicine For Dogs

Here are some Flea Medicine For Dogss that you can try and apply to your beloved dog :

1. Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider fermented to produce alcohol turns out to be quite safe and effective in reducing fleas, because this vinegar will not kill fleas only fleas is not like apple vinegar . Previously, cider juice diluted with water until it tastes sour .

After that, mix 2 teaspoons of a solution of apple cider vinegar with 6 teaspoons of plain water then apply the liquid to the skin into a nest of ticks evenly . Do every day, and for the prevention 2 times a week . This way can also be used for lice in your hair .

2. Dish Soap

This time the Tips quite easily you find that dish soap, it turns out that the soap can eradicate the fleas bully your pet dog because on the chemical composition of dish soap can destroy eksoskeleton or bones outside of the head lice . Use to bathe your pet with a mixture of dish soap and water then rubbed into the skin of your dog. (read: How to Cope with Dog Poisoning)

3. Lemon

How to Eliminate Dog Fleas Fast using lemon. Lemon is used with the spraying results of lemon water. Previous lemon boiled in boiling water then cool water. The water solution can be used to eradicate dog fleas with how to spray on the area that you think there are fleas. But note also, do not get in eyes because it makes the burning eyes of a dog . 

4. Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous earth can help in overcoming the fleas of the dog. This land can penetrate the thin outer layer of the skin the wax from fleas so make lice dehydration lack of water and die. Diatomaceous earth that is the soil that originated the shells of fossil marine plants small function to pesticide-based mineral To its use, you can give diatomaceous earth in areas prone to attacked by ticks, not on dogs but on his place of residence.for example such a cage, where to eat, play and place that is often visited.

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Flea Medicine For Dogs

5. Borax

Borax which is often used from the preserve bodies to illegally preserve the meatballs can be the enemy of fleas. Borax is a natural insecticide another effective that works against fleas, larvae, pupa and eggs. Its use by way of sprinkle borax powder in areas frequented by dogs such as cages, around a place to eat or a place to play .

6. Neem Leaves

Another alternative that can be used as How to Eliminate Dog Fleas Quickly is using neem leaves. Neem latin name Azadirachta indica is a plant known as Indian lilac can be a alternatives in natural materials controller tick – lice dog. The part that is efficacious in neem that is the aroma that helps repel pests which are not desired including ticks. In addition to the scent ,neem oil is also nutritious.

7. Rosemary

This plant is a disinfectant natural ingredients. Dog fleas do not like this plant. Fleas are usually come from the ground and the garden will be reluctant to come out when you plant rosermary in the park or around the park you. The efficacy of flowers of rosemary is similar to lavender for mosquitoes so that deters pests – pests to come close.

8. Slat Cedar Wood

An alternative is to use natural materials of the forest, i.e. wood chips of cedar. Cedar wood is a plant conifers of the genus Cedrus, family Pinaceae which is endemic to the himalayas . Wood chips cedar can control the fleas your dog due to control and prevent fleas approaching or out of the park. Slat cedar wood it secretes a foul odor like rosemary and lavender.

9. Clean up Pet Stuff

How to Eliminate Dog Fleas Quickly by doing the cleaning tool of the animal. Fleas enter the house through the pet, therefore the cleanliness of the dog is the most main. You must frequently clean his cage as if the cage was on the condition of the damp and dirty due to leftover food or other objects, then the potential source of the disease and a source of nest lice appear that can be moved to the dog. The Dog also needs to be checked before bringing them in the house.

10. Shampoo

Shampoo anti-lice can you get in the pet shop nearby, samphoo this can kill fleas and ticks in your Dog. Usage is the same with ordinary shampoo, you can flatten samphoonya throughout the body of the dog and wait 10 minutes before rinsing. Because this material contains a chemical, you need to pay attention to the dosage that you give or also consult the vet .

11. Collar / collar / necklace

This alternative is quite sophisticated because of the relatively rapid and also the form of tool wear which can last 4 to 7 months. Flea Collar in the form of a necklace worn on the neck and effectively repel fleas and ticks, but for puppies is not recommended. The organization of nature lovers The Natural Resources Defense Council was worried about the side effects of this necklace for men.

12. Tablets

One tablet drug used is capstar, this medication can kill within 24 hours. In addition to capstar, you can use brewer's yeast tablets as an alternative to inserting the tablet into the dog food every 1-2 days . The efficacy of this tablet will seep into the dog's skin and out through the pores of the skin so that the skin and fur of a dog blocking the growth of the dog tick. However, before using this medication, you can consult the veterinarian to know the correct dose.

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