Heartworm Pills For Dogs and Prevention Necessary For Dog

On the dog's body there are parasites in the form of worms that can attack the organs of the heart, a worm of this type is very dangerous and if don't immediately treated with heartworm pills for dogs will cause death in the infected dog.

Heartworm in dogs is a disease helminthiasis caused by parasitic worms of the genus Dirofilaria immitis, which invade and multiply in the organs of the heart so it is often called a disease of the heart worm. But worms can also invade the liver, lung and kidney.

A dog can be stricken with the disease of heartworm from the bite of the mosquito Anopheles sp. and Culex sp. infected larvae of worms of the heart (microfilariae). The mosquito carrying the microfilariae then propagated at the time of sucking the dog's blood toward the heart, lungs, kidneys and become adult and breed in these locations.

Heartworm Pills For Dogs

This disease is very dangerous for dogs because it can result in death due to damage of internal organs such as the heart, lungs, liver and kidneys. In addition, due to the number of worms which very much can interfere with the systems circulation of blood in the heart which will be circulated to the entire body, the circulation of blood from other organs back to the heart will be blocked and clogged which is called as a syndrome caval.

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How The Life Cycle Of The Worms Heart ?

The life cycle of heart worm occurs in the body of the vector (mosquito) and hospes or host the main (dog). In the body of the vector starts when the mosquito sucks blood containing the microfilariae from the infected dog.

Furthermore, the microfilariae develop into the larva stage three in a time of 14 days and migrate from the gastrointestinal tract of the mosquito to the head section and the plunger (probosis). Then when the mosquitoes suck the blood of a new dog then the larvae of the third stage will enter into the capillary blood and the develop into stage four within 48 hours.

The larvae stage four is then the migration to the tissues of the body to the arteries of the pulmonary and thrive until the stage of adult. A predilection for the main worm is there in the arteries of the pulmonary and right atrium. Adult worms female issue microfilariae in the blood so that microfilariae are spread into the entire circulation of blood to the capillary vessels or even orgn other.

The cause of the disease :
  • Parasites heart worm Dirofilaria immitis that is spread through the bite of the mosquito Anopheles sp. and Culex sp. at the time of sucking the blood of the dog
  • Clinical symptoms that appear :
  • Usually not accompanied by symptoms if microfilariae are not found in the blood
  • Cough
  • Difficulty in breathing
  • Appetite and drinking declined
  • Weight loss
  • Anemia
  • Sudden death
Heartworm Pills For Dogs

Disease diagnosis :
  • Seen from the history of the incidence of the disease
  • Based on the physical examination
  • X - ray examination and ULTRASOUND to view the damaged organ
  •  Blood examinations to detect microfilariae in blood
  • Examination of stool
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The treatment is carried out :
  • The success of the therapy depends on the severity/damage of the organs affected

  • Using Thiacertasamida (preparation arsena) a dose of 0.2 ml/kg divided into 2 doses deberikan intravenously over 2 – 3 days. Six weeks after treatment continued to use the drug Levamizol HCL 10 mg/kg bw/day for 15 days per oral to kill the microfilariae

  • Can also use the drug class of ivermectin maximum dose of 6 mg/kg bw interval deuteronomy 30 days, but it must be remembered that ivermectin should not be given in dogs Coli

  • Doxycycline is often used also as part of the treatment of an infection of heartworm disease heartworm. This is because doxycycline kills the organism. Wolbachia are trusted by many veterinarians so that an adverse reaction to heartworm is more severe. There is disagreement about the role played Wolfragia.

    in the development of the disease and treatment heartworm. Not all veterinarians support the use of doxycycline as part of the treatment of heartworm. Home care for Dogs that are Treated for Diseases of the Liver Flukes the most important Things to a dog that was treated for the disease of heartworm is a total rest.

  • At 12 weeks after treatment, the test for heartworm should be done again to make sure that the infection is completely gone. If not, the series of treatment may need to be repeated, generally 6 to 8 months after the first
Prevention is done :
  • Control mosquito control Anopheles and Culex is a vector a carrier of microfilariae that cause the disease heart worms (heartworm)
  • Administration of the anthelmintic broad-spectrum every 3 or 4 months.

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