Herbal Medicines and Pills That Make You Smarter

During this time circulate some of pills that make you smarter that claimed it could make a person smart. Now researchers have found a drug that can help grow new cells in the brain to improve memory.

In this study, researchers conducted studies on rats, it is expected this study also apply to all mammals including humans to make the brain cells stay active throughout his life.

These drugs help the cells that are still baby still survive and thrive even become brain cells that are functional. "We make new neurons every day in the brain. In addition, the components in the drug is allows the cells to survive," said Andrew Pieper of the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas, as quoted from Reuters.

herbal medicine Pills That Make You Smarter

This compound is called P7C3 which is currently being cultivated by researchers to be more effective. Researchers reveal these pills are fairly safe and can work well. In addition the drug is also thought to be used as the drug of Alzheimer's and can replace the drug that had been there for Alzheimer's. "The results of this study expected can give a better version in the improvement of drugs neuroprotective," said the researchers.

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The results of this study have been reported Pieper in the journal Cell. In this study, researchers gave the drug on mice, and then dissect his brain to see if the mouse already create new cells in the hippocampus. The area in the brain is associated with the process of learning and memory.

When cleaved it is known that there are three times the number of new neurons born in the region of the brain. The drug is made a derivative of P7C3 called A20 that can work better. Obtained in rats given this drug for 2 months give far better results in terms of memory and how they learn.

The Target of this drug can also treat Alzheimer's and other diseases that might destroy brain cells like strokes and diseases amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) or Lou Gehrig's disease.

Herbs are usually used as traditional medicine to overcome a variety of diseases. But, it turns out that herbal concoctions can also make a person become more clever, especially teenagers and children. Because, some herbs can increase the cognitive functions of the brain, so that memory and think of someone for the better. The following herbal concoction that can make You smarter as quoted from Boldsky.

herbal medicine Pills That Make You Smarter

Herb Is Make You Smarter

1. Garlic

Garlic is an herb that is often used for cooking. However, it turns out garlic has other benefits for health. Studies declare that garlic can eliminate the accumulation of fat in the blood vessels of the arteries, so that blood flow to the brain. Therefore, it can also prevent the coagulation of blood in the brain.

2. Ginseng

Ginseng is another herb which is known for improving the cognitive functions of the brain. In addition, ginseng can also prevent disorders and conditions related to memory such as ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) or a developmental disorder in an increase of motor activity of children to cause it is not common and tend to be excessive.

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3. Basil

Basil is an herb that is also known to make the brain cells stronger. In addition, basil can also reduce stress and anxiety, so keep You emotionally healthy.

4. Rosemary

Rosemary is a fragrant herb that is known to nourish brain cells. Therefore, this natural herb can improve concentration and sharpness of the brain.

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